10 Of The Top Affiliate Marketing Niches For 2020 And Beyond

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People often tell you when starting your own online business to follow your passion.

That’s great advice.

You need to have a vested interest in the niche you’re going to be spending hours a day working in for the next few years.

But there’s a little more to it than that.

Along with that passion that you have you need to make sure that enough people have the same amount of passion for the subject, product, or niche that you are intending to spend so much time writing and creating content about. 

It becomes a balance between what you love and finding the right audience.

Fortunately, the worlds a big place and you can find like-minded people for just about any niche, but some are just better niches than others.

I have put together some of the most profitable and popular affiliate marketing niches for you to consider for your new online business.

The great thing about these niches is there big enough that you can find these little micro niches to get you started. Now it’s a relatively easy task to connect the dots between your passion and one of these top affiliate marketing niches.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

The Best Evergreen Marketing Niches

One of the things that you want to look for when trying to pick a niche for your affiliate marketing business is how popular is that Mitch going to be in the future. 

Obviously, you can’t predict the future with any degree of certainty but there are no cues as to whether or not this next to that you’ve chosen is going to be around in 5 years in 10 years.

That’s something that you really need to consider when building the foundation for your business and choosing the affiliate marketing niche.

Fads are unsustainable and a lot of your work will go to waste when their popularity wanes.

You want to pick something that has longevity and profitability longterm.

We call these evergreen niches.

These are the foundational affiliate marketing niches that have been around for a long time and will continue to be around for the foreseeable future.

Oftentimes these niches have some kind of personal connection to the people that you’re trying to reach.

Meaning there’s a certain level of passion behind the people who are in this niche. Whether its pets or Fitness or beauty, there’s a real passion for those niches with the people that are going to make up your audience.

And it’s easy to see why these evergreen niches have such a passionate following.

Just look at the pet Niche, for example, which will get into in just a minute and detail. People love their pets.

They’re going to spend money on their pets and they’re going to continue to spend money on their pets. Why wouldn’t you want to get it into that industry?

Let’s get into the bulk of our article here. These are the top affiliate marketing niches for your online business in 2019 and on into the future.

I deliberately put these niches are in no particular order to avoid any look of favoritism from one niche to another. Pick the ones you like the best and do some further research to find the best one for you.

2 puppies sleeping on a bed
Pets Are A Great Marketing Niche

The Pets Niche

I touched on pets a little bit in the introduction. And with good reason. Pets are one of the best affiliate marketing niches you are ever going to find.

It is also one of the absolutely most competitive in the entire industry.

There’s so much money to be made in the pet niche that it seems like everybody wants to jump in and try and get a little piece of that.

The pet industry in itself is huge and makes billions each year. In the US alone the pet industry raked in 86 billion in 2017(source).

If you can grab just a tiny piece of that billion-dollar pie you can do very well for yourself. 

There are a lot of people trying to get that little bit of that money from this niche. So you can’t just wade in without a plan.

The key to breaking into a competitive niche, like pets, is to go small.

You want to go as small as you can with your subject, at least initially, in order to build a foundation while trying to avoid a lot of the bigger competition in the business.

You do this with a pet micro-niche.

There are literally hundreds of different Avenues you can go when you decide to niche down and start a small blog based around a topic that is going to have less traffic but also much less competition.

Let’s take a look at a few micro-niches below.

A Sample Of Micro-Niches For Pets

  • Pet Healthcare
  • Pet Toys
  • Pet Clothes
  • Exotic Pets
  • Pet Food
  • Pet Allergies

That’s just a small taste of the micro-niches that you can start out for a pet blog. For a niche like pets, the possibilities are really endless.

You can dig down incredibly deep into the pet Niche to really find a small sub-niche where you can get yourself started and avoid a lot of the big competition that is going to be present in such a competitive market.

The great thing about starting with a small sub-niche is that you can always grow and add other micro niches to it until you have yourself a Pet Authority site or a pet Niche site based on a certain animal or concept.

More often than not you will find that your chosen pet micro-niche will be sufficient to create the income you really want for your affiliate marketing business.

fashion magazine on a table
Fashion Is As Beautiful As It Is Lucrative For A Blogger

The Fashion Niche

Fashion is a great evergreen niche. One of the best things about fashion is that it’s ever-changing.  While a fashion style might be popular today, it may fade away in the future.

Now that might seem to contradict what I’ve said about Evergreen niches. But we’re talking about individual products and not the niche as a whole.

That being said there is a certain amount of nimbleness that you need to have to be successful in the fashion Niche.

You need to be able to change Direction with the flowing tides of the fashion industry.

If sundresses jump in popularity and you’re running a dress based fashion blog, you need to be able to shift your content to the sundresses for as long as their popularity Is On The Rise.

It’s Just One of the little quirks about this Nach and you’ll see it pop up in a few other affiliate marketing niches along the way.

With all that said this is still one of the absolute best affiliate marketing niches for you to get into with your new blog.  

And because it is so competitive and profitable you are once again going to need to dig down into the micronation world and find a little piece of fashion real estate that you can call your own and build your foundations on.

Here are a few examples.

A Few Great Fashion Sub-Niches

  • Eyewear
  • Suits
  • Sun Dresses
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Tuxedos
  • Tattoos
  • Socks
  • Shoes and Sneakers

Fashion sub-niches come in such a wide variety that you could really find one that never interacts with another area of fashion.

You could build your entire fashion blog on just sunglasses, for example. And never worry about how they intersect with socks and shoes.

Of course, if you want to make that connection you certainly can and it might be a novel way to go about your fashion blog.

The point is that fashion is absolutely enormous and if you create the right content in the right sub-niche you can make yourself a wonderful and profitable business out of just about any micro-niche in the fashion industry and never run into the huge authority sites.

The Beauty Niche

Beauty is another huge Niche that you are definitely going to need to find some great micro-niches in.  

You can check out a more in-depth look at some of these beauty micro-niches in our article right here.

All of these sub-niches in the beauty niche are very visual in nature. This lends themselves well to other media formats.

Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram are fantastic ways to increase your traffic to a beauty blog.

One thing a lot about the micro-niche examples that I listed here is they can be broken down even smaller in many cases and still be profitable.

So if you wanted to target a specific type of hair or specific style of Nail Care,  You could probably do that with a good amount of profitability.

Some Examples Of Beauty Micro-Niches

  • Make-Up
  • Skincare
  • Haircare — Check Our Article for Some Outstanding Hair Product Affiliate programs
  • Body Art
  • Nailcare
  • Hair Styles
  • Hair Coloring

As you can see in our list of micronations for beauty blogs,  There is a wide range of disciplines and subjects that you can tackle.

Beauty is similar to Fashion in this way.

You can have a beauty blog that is specific to one area of beauty and never interacts with any of the other micro niches.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be shoehorned into a smaller than micro mesh for the entirety of your blogs existent, however.

You just want to make sure that you are tangential in your subjects.

So if you have a Nail Care block and you wanted to expand it into a  blog also touches on different styles of nail art, that’s a reasonable extension of your initial blog Niche.

If you were to go from say nailcare to tattoos overnight, that might be a little jarring for your audience.

That’s not to say it can’t be done but you need to ease the content in and start seeding the idea for your audience so that when you do open up a new avenue of content it won’t be jarring off-putting to your readers.

Just something to consider when you are starting your beauty blog.

Have at least a semblance of a plan of where you want to take your blog in the future so that you can start building new relevant content once your initial niche has run its course.

The Fitness Niche

Next up on our list is the fitness niche. This is another enormous niche that is also incredibly competitive.

Fitness seems like one of the first niches that most people go to when they’re trying to figure out a subject for their blog.

And with good reason.

Many people, most people probably, struggle with their overall Fitness at certain points in their life and as a result, are going to be looking online for help in that regard.

Add to that the global fitness club revenue was over 87 billion in 2017(source). And that is just one aspect of the overall fitness niche.

So at any given time people are going to be searching for whatever fitness routine or product they need to get themselves back into shape.

And when you starting out of blog it just seems like a natural place to start because chances are you’ve had Fitness issues as well and you can write about how you overcame them or how you were currently overcoming them.

Fitness is just a great place to build a blog because a lot of times you can draw in your own personal experiences and add that real authentic touch to the advice and the content that your writing for your Fitness blog.

A Few Fitness Micro-Niche Ideas

Regardless of what sub-niche you choose for your fitness blog, you are going to have the potential to create an incredibly profitable passive income with your affiliate marketing business.

There is so much potential content in this niche. There are so many potential customers but even a seemingly tiny micro-niche can draw in thousands of dollars every month.

It certainly doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, affiliate marketing is never easy, to jump into the fitness niche.

There’s a reason why it’s so competitive and there’s a reason why many people fail when they try to get into this particular niche.

The biggest reason is that people set their sights too high too soon. You’re not going to take on the big established Authority sites and beat them in the search rankings.

At least not at first.

You’re going to need to build a good foundation using smaller lower volume keywords and Micro Niche topics in order to really make the most of your Fitness blog in the future.

text on a computer screen
Promoting Software Is Big Business

The Software Niche

Software isn’t a niche in the traditional sense. It’s more of a category or an industry. But I’ve included it on this list because it’s an increasingly important one and one of the most lucrative places to start a blog.

Each individual piece of software really becomes your entire niche.

So if you want to focus on say email marketing software,  That becomes your Niche and you don’t really want to cross over with photography software or digital design software, like AutoCAD, or something along those lines.

When you pick up a little sub-niche in the software business you want to stick to that specific product and build your content around that.

Whether it’s reviews or comparisons or informational support content, you really want to stay focused on the very small software Nest that you’ve chosen for yourself.

 Here are a few Micro Niche ideas that you can use.

Some Ideas For A Software Blog

  • Marketing Funnel Software
  • Email Marketing Software
  • E-commerce Software
  • Digital Design Software
  • Photography Software
  • Affiliate Marketing Software

I think it’s important to add software on to this list. It doesn’t get the kind of recognition that a lot of these other snitches get in the blogging world.

Not exactly sure why that is but it seems to be the case. That does seem to be changing a little bit nowadays. People seem to have found software to be a really lucrative avenue for their blog.

The one last thing that I’ll add about software is that a lot of digital products have very very good commissions. Some of them ranging upwards of 50% and even close to 70% per sale.

You’re not going to find those type of missions with physical products, but digital products tend to be a little bit more difficult to sell as a result. So it’s a little bit of a balance.

If you have any interest in software or the individual products that you could promote with your software Blog then this is a great choice for you.

You simply get to write about what you love and you can make quite a bit of money and doing it.

3 crypto coins on a table
Cryptocurrency Is Poised To Really Take Off

The Cryptocurrency Niche

Now, this is an emerging niche that is near and dear to my heart. Cryptocurrency is poised to explode over the next two, three, four years.

What we’re seeing is a new asset class being born right before our eyes and one that is really going to change the way we view money and how money is moved around the world.

It really goes far behind affiliate marketing and touches on a lot of the social aspects of finance and monetary policy around the world.

The social implications are going to be huge and anyone that can tap into that with a blog or YouTube channel is going to be well-positioned to reap some of the benefits of this changing economic landscape.

Because it is such a new industry it might be a little tough to find a good Micro Niche to start your blog in.

There are tons of General cryptocurrency news outlets. They simply find the news of the day and repost it in a lot of cases.  

Basically, a curated blog seems to be the most popular way to do cryptocurrency blogs these days.

So if you can create your own brand new content and really get it out there you’ve got a chance of not only getting people to come and read your articles but having other outlets take your articles link them back to your website.

So while General cryptocurrency news can be your sub-niche,  it might be better to find something more specific to a certain coin or group of coins that you can write about and build a foundation from that.

Here are a few examples.

Micro-Niche Ideas For You Crypto Blog

  • General Crypto News
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • XRP
  • Alt-Coins
  • Proof Of Work Coins
  • Consensus Coins

The three specific coins that I listed are the top 3 according to their market cap. There are literally thousands of others that you could choose from.

Bearing in mind that many of them aren’t very popular or don’t have a big following so it would be an uphill battle to get enough traffic to make it really worth your while.

A better way to approach altcoins is to find a group of them that you really are interested in. Tokens that you think might have some utility in the future and become popular.

In that case, you can really start to build an audience from the ground up around these specific crypto assets.

If they do pop you’ll be the authority because you had the foresight to build when no one was looking.

potted flowers ona bench
Gardening Is Growing Quickly As A Blogging Niche

The Gardening Niche

I’m done a more in-depth look at the gardening niche in general in a separate article. You can find that article right here.

But for this article, I want to touch on why gardening is becoming an evergreen affiliate marketing Niche right before our eyes.

In the past gardening was seen as kind of a hobby is something that you do on the weekend you go out of your plant your flowers you clip your plants and you pull your weed.

But in recent years gardening is taken on a whole new life of its own in the form of farming and growing your own vegetables, herbs, and spices.

And well this might have been something that happens all the time out in the country this is beginning to really take root in urban areas.

One of the chief reasons why gardening is taking off as a really great marketing niche is urban farming.

There are tons of micro-niches within Urban farming and gardening in general that you can build upon to really make a great foundation for yourself in gardening.

Check out this YouTube video of someone who used project 24, you can read my full review right here, to build an incredibly profitable succulent based gardening Niche website.

Project 24 Success Story In The Gardening Niche

 For now, let’s take a look at some Micro Niche ideas for your gardening website.

Micro Niche Ideas For Your Gardening Website

So there’s another great Evergreen Niche for you to consider.


It is really going to be one of the best places to blog in the future, I believe.

I can be really lucrative for you if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.  and I mean that literally. Because one of the best types of content to start generating for a gardening blog or a gardening affiliate marketing website is creating videos.

creating videos of you actually doing the work, actually doing the gardening is going to be a traffic Goldmine for your blog and your YouTube channel if you can Interlink the two successfully.

So if you looking for a niche for your blog and a great hobby that you can use in the real world, gardening might just be a place for you.

doctors equipment on a table
Health And Diets Are A Tough Niche To Be In, But Worth It

The Health And Diet Niche

Really they should be two completely separate and itches. And when you’re looking for somewhere to start your blog you should really treat them as two separate niches.

For this article, I’m going to combine the two because they are both very very close to each other in terms of what types of content and the types of people that you’re going to want to draw to your audience.

Healthcare and dieting are some of the most competitive niches.  

There’s really no other way to State it if you are getting into the health and dieting niches then you need to be prepared to put in more work than you need it would need to in some of the other smaller niches.

In addition, recent algorithm updates by Google have made it more difficult for people to enter the health and diet Niche.

That is because they want people with expertise in these Pacific areas of healthcare in order to limit the amount of bad information that gets out there.

Google’s under a lot of pressure with privacy issues and with fake news issues that have been percolating for years now.

They are really starting to panic and the first real evidence of this was one of the recent algorithm updates that basically destroyed a lot of Health based blocks.

So you might be asking, why would I put this on an evergreen list if Google is really cracking down on these Healthcare blocks.

And answer that I will simply say this. Google is not the only game in town. Yes, they are the biggest and yes they are a place that you really need to get a lot of your traffic from.

But they are not the end-all-be-all of traffic. You can have a very successful Healthcare website just using Pinterest or just using YouTube.

It might sound weird because Google owns YouTube but they do not care about Authority or expertise on YouTube.

As long as you throw a disclaimer up then you can put whatever you want out there for the most part. It still has to be based in reality but YouTube is the wild west right now.

The one thing I’ll add about YouTube in the healthcare business is it’s not going to be the wild west Forever.

YouTube is an unsustainable business model right now with the way they handle their advertising.

You really want to focus on affiliate marketing in conjunction with YouTube and not try and base your income off their ridiculous advertising algorithms.

I realize I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent here but it just illustrates how bloggers are at the mercy of Google a lot of the time.

The point is if you’re getting into the healthcare Niche you need to find other traffic sources to be successful.

But let’s get back on track here and here are a few great micro niches that you can use to get into this crowded but lucrative industry.

Health And Diet Micro-Niche Ideas

  • Specific Diets ie. Keto, Atkins, etc.
  • Health Insurance
  • Specific Illnesses and Ailments ie. Diabetes, Dandruff, etc.
  • Home Remedies
  • Hair Loss Remedies
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Supplements
  • Fasting

For a larger list of some great weight loss micro-niche ideas, you can check out my article here.

I tried to be as positive as I could about the healthcare and dieting niches, but there’s no way around the fact that they are becoming increasingly difficult to get a foothold in.

Especially if your primary form of traffic is Google and for most blogs, Google is the primary form of traffic.

But don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a try if you’re really passionate about your Healthcare subject. 

For example, I practice intermittent fasting. I absolutely love it. Anytime someone asked me about it, I love telling him how great it’s been for me as a lifestyle choice.

Now if you were to start an intermittent fasting blog you might run into some of Google’s nonsense.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start that blog because you have something to say about a subject and it needs to be heard by other people who are going to share that same opinion.

You should never let some giant corporate bully tell you what you can and can’t write about. They can limit who sees it with their search engine but they can’t limit everything on the internet because it’s free and it’s open.

So I’m going to keep Healthcare and diets as one of my major Evergreen niches despite all the stuff that Google trying to do to squash them.

You just have to be creative in your content, in your keyword selection, and in your traffic sources and you can make an incredibly successful Healthcare or Diet blog.

toy globe on the beach
Travel Blogs Are Among The Most Rewarding

The Travel Niche

I’m going to finish off this look at the best affiliate marketing niches with the travel niche.

Chances are if you’ve done any traveling you’ve come across some of these great blogs designed around traveling to very exotic and wonderful places.

But every one of these great travel blogs started as a little idea in someone’s head. That’s all it takes. And now they’re paying for their travels with their travel blog.

Travel is an incredible niche to be in but like everything else on this list, it’s incredibly competitive You’re going to need to find a tiny little Micro Niche to get a foundation for it just like you would any of these other giant niches.

What makes the travel Niche a little bit different from these other ones is that there is going to be some cost to traveling to these places.

If you’re just starting out on your new blog you might not have the money to go traveling all these exotic places.

But if you have a car and you can make it to a local place that has some travel value then you can start there.

It might just be downtown in your local area. Most Urban centers have a kind of old Main Street type of place.

That is a great place to start a travel blog. Maybe highlight an antique store in your local Historic downtown area.

And then you can build out into a larger travel industry blog.

And eventually, you can make enough money that you can use your earnings from your website to facilitate more travel and expand the blog even more.

Keep in mind this is not going to happen overnight this is going to take years of hard work in order to get it to the point where you can pay for everything you need just from your blog content.

So let’s take a look at a couple of Micro Niche ideas that you can use to start your travel blog with.

Micro-Niche Ideas For A Travel Blog

The list of possible micro niches for a travel blog goes on and on. There are so many specific little areas that you could create content around that can make up the majority of your entire blog.

So even if you go into one of something in that I mentioned like specific countries. Each country could be its own Micro Niche and can support an entire blog forever.

Just think of how many travel opportunities there are in France or Britain or Germany, every little aspect every little Museum or attraction is its own piece of content for that specific country.

This is an incredibly broad and Incredibly profitable blogging Niche.

The best travel bloggers are the ones that are traveling to these places and creating their content on the road.

That’s going to take a little bit of time to get to that point. Unless you have a lot of seed money, to begin with because traveling isn’t cheap.

A lot of the big travel bloggers pay for their Travels by writing about their travels. It’s an incredible business model and one that is only possible because of that digital Nomad lifestyle.

So if you want to make a travel Niche blog be prepared to put in a lot of work and a lot of hours upfront before you can really get into the full digital Nomad travel blogging persona.

passion led us here written on the sidewalk
Passion Is One Of The Key Ingredients To Success In Blogging

Wrapping Up These Great Affiliate Niches

And that brings us to the end of our look at ten of the best affiliate marketing niches that you can use to build yourself a profitable passive income blog.

To start all you really need is four key ingredients.

You need a niche.

You need passion.

You need a bit of time and patience.

You need a lot of hard work.

Certainly, there are the technical issues that are going to need to be overcome when you start your blog.

You’re going to need to find great web hosting and you’re going to need to pick a good domain name.

If you really want to do it right from the start you’re going to want to find some training that you can use to avoid a lot of the pitfalls that are going to be coming your way as a new affiliate marketer.

The good news is that doesn’t really cost that much when you look at the grand scheme of things.

Web hosting is a few dollars a month, A domain costs around $15 a year, and great affiliate marketing training can run you a couple of hundred dollars to $500.

While this is a lot of money, think of it more as an investment, not an expenditure. Because the return on the investment that you make now is going to be many times what you would get from other places.

Starting a blog is not easy.

Affiliate marketing is not easy.

That’s when most people fail at it. Most people give up on it. Most people who start their blog quit before they really get going(source). What that means, is for those of us that stay around and work at it we reap the rewards in the future.

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.

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