50+ Pet Blog Ideas To Build Your Marketing Business Around

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Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

Sometimes just finding out what you want to do can be an incredibly daunting task. In this case, you are looking for a blog niche that you love and want to write about, day-in and day-out.

You have decided that you want to be in the pet Niche. You love pets. You’re passionate about pets and animals in general. And you want to take that love and expertise that you have an Express it to the world. 

The problem is trying to jump into such a competitive blogging Niche is going to be tough. You can’t take it head-on. There are just too many large Authority sites that are going to be ranked ahead of you when you’re starting out.

So what’s the answer. You got to dig down, you have to niche down and find the small profitable little micro niches that you can start your login.

That you’re not going to get as much traffic from these little niches. But you’re not going to face the unrelenting competition that a lot of the bigger search terms have.

So thank you for joining us today and read on to find out 50+ pet blog ideas that you can use to start your own passive income business. Hopefully, you’re going to find that perfect little sub Niche for you to start your blog in. But remember that’s only the first step.

The best way to get started is to find some training that is going to smooth the path for you and help you avoid the pitfalls that so many other affiliate marketers have fallen victim to before you. 

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

Evergreen Pet Niches To Build Your Blog

These descriptions are not going to be in-depth descriptions of each sub Niche that would take far too long. So these are just quick little blurb about what makes it a good micro needs to consider for your pet blog.

I’ve also decided to break things down into various categories to make it a little bit easier to navigate. So you’ll find the micro-niches under the subtopic headings. With all that out of the way, let’s get into it and find you a perfect micro-niche to start your new online passive income business in.

Dog Sub Niche Ideas

The first category we’re going to tackle for pet sub-niches is the dog stop sub-niche. Dogs are going to be your biggest and most profitable niche for a pet blog. But also your most competitive.

And they’re probably going to have the most amount of viable micro niches that you can build your blog on. Here are the ones that I can think of and I will continuously add more as I come across them.

1. Specific Dog Breed Blog

This micro-niche is actually hundreds of potential niches. Choose a popular breed of dog and then build your niche blog around that breed.

You want to include everything you can think of when it comes to the breed you are writing about and become the authority of that breed.

2. Dog Food/Dog Treat Blog

Pet food is big business(source). And dog food and dog treats are one of the biggest contributors to that overall revenue.

Rating and review individual dog foods and informational posts on how the best foods are made are going to provide your readers with helpful and interesting content for years.

It is also a great starting point to expand into the larger dog niche as well as into general pet food as well.

3. A Dog Healthcare Blog

Yes, Dog Health Care coverage is definitely a thing these days. And there are plenty of affiliate programs out there that you’re able to leverage for this specific Niche.

Any health-related informational topic could be used to create content for this Broad and interesting and ultimately very important micro-niche.

4. Dog Clothing Blog

Dressing up your dog is a huge business. There are plenty of ways to incorporate this little niche into a pet site. And you could even make your entire site about dog clothing in and of itself.

It’s such a popular micro-niche, that I wrote an entire article based solely around how to make money from dog clothing using affiliate marketing. You can find that article right here.

5. Dog Collars And Accessories

This idea of pairs up well with the previous one.  Dog collars are very very important and a very profitable little niche that you can build your blog around.

There are even affiliate programs, like Muttropolis Dog store, that have very expensive designer collars that you can promote and make quite a nice Commission on.

6. Dog Grooming Blog

Dog grooming is another lucrative business that you can turn into a profitable blogging Niche.

Whether you talk about the types and techniques of dog grooming or simply a more visual blog on the finished product that you’ve used to groom your dog.

Either way, you can create a bunch of content that’ll be helpful interesting to your audience with this Micro Niche

7. Dog Allergy Blog

This is actually had dog Healthcare Niche that you can break down even farther into a smaller micro-niche.

Dog allergies are a huge issue for many dog owners. Providing a resource to help deal with each of these allergies could provide great help and make a very good affiliate marketing website.

8. Puppy Blog

Who doesn’t love puppies?

Building an entire Niche blog around just puppies is going to be a very good and profitable avenue for you to take with your Niche blog.

And you can take a variety of angles for this type of Niche.

Whether you want to focus on Pinterest Instagram or YouTube puppies are going to really draw traffic no matter what medium you put them on.

9. Dog Toys Blog

Another great product based Micro Niche that you can use for the pet industry is dog toys.

Showing your dog playing with his toys in YouTube videos and writing about the products in reviews is going to be a great source of content and a really fun and interesting Niche choice.

10. Dog Training Niche

Dog training is another Niche that you can look at to start your pet blog. It’s a little more in-depth than some of the other micro niches that are on this list.

You really need to have great techniques and great information for dog training, or at least great products that you can promote that really work.

11. Dog Art

I would consider as both a pet Niche and an art niche.

If you can take your love of dogs and paint or draw unique and interesting pieces of art around your dogs.

Then you have yourself a wonderful niche website that is going to have a great chance at drawing a lot of traffic from a wide variety of people.

Art lovers and dog lovers are going to be your target demographic.

You can grab both of them with good content and some video showing how you draw or paint or create the art for the dogs.

12. Dog Photography

Another combination art and pet niche you can create stunning photographs of your dogs and then post them in articles about how you created the look or about the breeds themselves.

You can also create great Pinterest pins and Instagram post from the unique photography of the dogs that you’ve created.

13. Dog Houses

This is yet another combination Niche that you can use to start your pet blog. Dog houses are a great little niche and you can promote someone else’s dog Haus products.

But you can also create a crafting blog about the creation and building of these dog houses. It fits right into a woodworking niche, find more info here, and a pet niche.

14. Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs in interesting Micro Niche.

If you could partner up with some local rescue dog charity or business  Then you could really help out and bringing awareness to these dogs through your blog.

It may not be the most lucrative way to go in the pet Niche but it’s going to be one of the most rewarding knowing that you have found loving homes for a lot of these rescued animals.

15. Dog Adoption

Dog adoption is a huge business these days. People want to find that perfect pup for themselves and their family in one that’s going to fit into their lifestyle.

With a Blog based around dog adoption, you can help people do that. And ultimately that’s what you want to do with affiliate marketing is to help people.

16. Breeding Dogs

This is going to be a tricky one for a Blog, but I decided to add it in here anyway just because I think it might be a good one to try if you have the expertise.

You going to need to be spot-on with your information about breeding each specific dog breed. and then maybe laws and regulations in your area about what is permissible when breeding dogs.

You need to really dig deep into your local area’s rules and regulations and figure out if this might be something you want to do.

I think this is a very small Niche that not a lot of people are going to want to touch. But if you have the expertise there’s a good opportunity here.

Cat Sub Niche Ideas

The next category that I’m going to tackle is cats. This is probably the second most popular pet behind dogs and they have a lot of the same or similar types of sub-niches that you can tackle  with your new pet blog

Even though they may be slightly behind dogs in terms of popularity cats are hugely popular all over the internet.

In fact, some people have created an entire business around funny cat videos or funny cat pictures.

Now, I’m not going to include funny cats as one of my micro-niches because I think it might be a little bit too oversaturated at this point.

But hopefully cat lovers out there we’ll find something they can write about and be passionate about in This list.

1. Cat Food

Just as you had the dog food blond a cat food blog can really be a great foundation for a larger pet industry blog.

Starting out with something is ubiquitous and necessary as cat food is a great way to get your foot in the door and I nice way to get your feet wet into the world of affiliate marketing.

2. Cat Healthcare

Healthcare for All Pets is increasingly important and increasingly profitable for an affiliate marketer. And cats are no exception.

People want to have that sense of confidence that if they’re paid gets sick they’re going to be able to take them to the vet without having to Shell out thousands of dollars out-of-pocket that could cause them financial difficulties.

And being able to provide information on the insurers and on common ailments that cats may suffer from is going to provide a lot of content for your blog.

3. Breed Specific Blog

Picking a specific breed of cat is another great way to get your foot in the door into the larger pet industry.

You want to come to find a balance between very popular breeds and ones that are going to face a little bit less competition, especially when starting out.

The great thing about a website like this is once you exhaust all the information you can think of for one breed you can easily build it out to include additional breeds of cats.

4. Cat Photography

Our first combination Niche for the cat bloggers out there.  creating photographs around cats is going to be a great way to generate content for your blog.

This niche also has the added benefit of being able to generate some income from actually selling those pictures to either stock photo galleries or other online Outlets that buy photographs of all types.

Just a little something to think about when you’re picking a niche, you want to see if there are any alternative ways to make a little bit of money well not adding a whole lot of extra work.

5. Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are big enough topic that they can get their own micro-niche blog built around them.

Now the long-term viability of such a small Niche might not be the best. But this is a great place to start your cat blog and then build out from there.

6. Cat Toys And Enrichments

This sub-niche can really be considered an extension of the scratching post and it’s that we talked about in the last section.

You can base your blog on a whole array of cat toys and enrichment that you can review and provide great informational content about.

Educating your readers on which toys are the best for which specific type of cat and the ones that they should avoid.

This is a really fun micro-niche for anyone looking to get into the cat business. Works exceptionally well as a YouTube Channel.

7. Cat Art

Pick an art medium and start creating wondrous works of art around cats.

Another combination Niche that can either be an art Niche and draw an audience from that or a cat niche blog and drawing an audience from that group of people.

You can even use YouTube to create the art in real-time and have your audience there right along with you through the whole process. A real versatile blogging niche.

8. Kittens

Last but not least the final micro-niche in the cat blogging world is going to be kittens. An entire block based around these adorable little kittens.

At the angle you take on what type of content you want to create around kittens is going to take some doing.

Do you want to create content on how to care for and raise kittens properly? Or do you want to make funny kitten videos? See, I did manage to get that little micro-niche in here.

Reptile Sub Niche Ideas

Reptiles are not the biggest pet niche but they have some of the most passionate fans around. This will help balance out the traffic to profit paradigm.

You will need to take extra care in choosing your keywords and topics and find ones popular enough to generate the traffic you need for success.

1. Snakes Specific Blog

This will be one of the most popular micro-niches in the reptile blogging world. You can pick a specific snake species to write about.

One great example is a Ball Python, you can read out niche insights here. They are incredibly popular and you can build an entire blog around a popular snake like the ball python.

2. Lizards Specific Blog

Lizards are right behind snakes in their popularity. However, some of the specific species are some of the most popular reptiles are lizards.

Geckos and Iguanas are incredibly popular and well suited for a blog topic. You could get hundreds of articles out of just a bearded gecko, for example.

3. Turtles Specific Blog

The last specific reptile that I am going to add to this list is turtles. This micro-niche might skew a little younger than snakes and lizards.

Many children have box turtles or the like as pets. That could be a good angle to take on this micro-niche.

4. Terrarium Customization

Whether you are customizing your reptiles home for looks or practicality, there are hundreds of content ideas that you can use for this micro-niche.

Building an entire terrarium for a specific reptile and filming it on youtube could give you dozens of 10 minute+ videos. Then tie it in with a step by step how-to on your blog.

5. Habitat Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment for your reptiles is going to be a huge topic. By crafting content around the proper products and techniques for cleaning and maintaining your habitats.

You can get good traffic and promote some products that can generate a good commission.

6. General Reptile Blog

Instead of focusing on a specific species, you can make a general reptile blog. Even though Reptiles are a smaller niche but you will still need to develop a ton of content if you want to go with a general reptile blog.

7. Reptile Breeding

Breeding reptiles is a pretty big business. There are already many websites that deal with breeding various snakes and lizards.

Ball pythons are particularly popular. There are dozens of morphs that you can discuss in your blog.

8. Reptile Art

Painting or drawing art based around your reptilian pets is another great idea for a niche. It is a combo niche. Pets and Art but you can definitely make it work for both audiences.

9. Reptile Photography

Depending on where you live you can just wander outside and snap some unique shots of the local lizards and maybe even a snake or two. In addition to photographing your own reptile pets.

You will draw in photography enthusiasts as well as people who have reptiles as pets.

Bird Micro-Niche Ideas

Birds are another large niche that you can use to start your own pet blog. A general bird blog is probably going to be too much for one person to tackle so finding a good sub-niche is an absolute must.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to build a foundation for your pet bird blog.

1. Bird Feeding

Focusing on the specific diets of a variety of birds can be a very nice way to get your feet wet in the bird niche.

Traffic for this one might be a little low at first and you will need to pick some good topics, but once you get the foundation built you can expand into a variety of other bird-related topics.

2. Bird Houses

This niche works as both a crafting niche and a pet niche. You can teach people how to create wonderful habitats for their birds indoors or you can teach them how to build incredibly birdhouses to hand outside.

It can work as both, but it might be more of a crafting or woodworking niche really. You can find more info on the woodworking niche in our article here.

3. Specific Bird Species

You can build your entire blog around a specific species of bird. Just pick a popular bird and create as much content around it as you possibly can.

When you exhaust all the content around a particular bird then you can start a new category around another species. Rinse and repeat and before you know it you have yourself an authority blog for pet birds.

4. Proper Care For Birds

Proper care for any pet is going to be a great blog niche. People are constantly looking online for tips and tricks to make their pets’ lives that much more enjoyable.

Birds are no exception. They need specific care and there is a wide variety of bird only issues that every bird owner is going to need to know and work through.

You can help them do that with a bird blog based on how to properly care for any given bird.

5. Bird Training

Does Polly want a cracker? It just doesn’t happen. You need to have the proper training for your avian pets. If you can provide this for your readers then you can really create a fun and helpful blog or youtube channel on the subject.

fish in aquarium
Fish And Aquariums Are A Huge Pet Niche

Fish And Aquarium Sub-Niche Ideas

Aquariums by themselves are a viable blog niche. You can find some of the best affiliate programs specifically for aquariums in our article on the subject.

When you add in fish and other sea life you have an unlimited well of knowledge to draw content from.

The issue will be just how popular is each topic. Traffic might be an issue if you niche down too far.

1. Aquarium Care

People kill their fish constantly. This is mainly due to poor upkeep of their aquariums, poor water quality, unclean habitat, etc.

Providing a resource that can help people keep their fish alive is going to be a great place to build an online business. You are helping people keep their pets alive and save money in the process.

2. Specific Fish Blogs

You will want to pick a few types of fish for this niche. Build 10 or so pieces of content around each species and build your blog around that.

Each category, each species is its own micro-niche and you can build a huge website based on this technique.

3. Tropical Fish Specific Blog

Focusing on tropical fish can be a very lucrative area to build your blog in. The traffic will be a little more robust than if you were to focus on specific species as I suggested in the previous topic.

Keywords and topics can really make or break this type of blog, you need to find enough traffic with your content.

4. Other Aquatic Life For Your Aquarium

In addition to fish, you can take a different approach to your pet blog. Shrimp and seahorses are just two of the other pets that you can create content around for your aquarium based blog.

5. Freshwater Aquatics

Basing your Aquatics or fish blog around freshwater life is a great way to break it into the fish niche. Your content can be about a whole variety of things specific to the care and needs of freshwater fish and Other Aquatic Life.There are plenty of affiliate programs that you can use to make this very specific Micro Niche profitable for yourself.

6. Saltwater Aquatics

On the flip side, you have saltwater Aquatics. You can take the same approach that you do with a freshwater blog and apply it to a saltwater blog.

The big difference is going to be the types of animals and plants that you need to get a proper ecosystem for your saltwater fish.

The might be some differences between upkeep in aquariums as saltwater seems to be a little bit more corrosive than regular freshwater and you’ll need to get that balance right so that your fish have a happy home.

Ferret Niche Ideas

Ferrets are not the most popular pets, but they are a blast to have around. Some areas of the world, including a few states in the US, have banned owning ferrets as pets.

So your potential traffic sources might be a little less than some of the other pet niches. You can make a general ferret niche blog and use the following micro-niches as categories for that blog.

There is always room to grow into other pets as well.

1. Proper care and Feeding

Feeding and care for a ferret can be a little bit complicated for new owners. Building a proper habitat is also going to be something you will need to address. They need specific bedding and training that can be used to craft a ton of content.

2. Ferret Enrichments

Ferrets are as intelligent as they are mischievous. So ferret owners going to need to know some great ways to keep their little guys’ mind occupied if you can’t play with them constantly.

Building a Blog around these enrichments and the need for them and how to get the most out of them is a great place to start in the pet business.  

You can, of course, expand out to the larger Fair Niche once you get a few pieces of content specific to enrichments.

3. General Ferret Blog

Ferrets might be a small enough niche that you can build a general ferret blog around them. You can build your blog out when need if you get to big for just the ferret niche.

Some Other Micro-Niche Ideas For Your Pet Blogs

These are simply some ideas that you can investigate. They may have the traffic to be a successful blog topic, but most likely you will want to combine multiple topics into one blog.

  1. Pigs as Pets
  2. Horses
  3. Ant Farms
  4. Insects as Pets
  5. Beekeeping
  6. Exotic Animals
  7. Guinea Pigs
  8. Hamsters
  9. Other Small Mammals
  10. Chinchillas
  11. Rabbits
  12. Hedgehogs

So Many Great Pet Blog Ideas So Little Time

That brings us to the end of our look into some great Micro Niche ideas for your pet website.  There’s no doubt that I’ve missed tons of potential Micro Niche ideas.

Every species or breed you could build a website around a specific issue that that breeder species might have.

The thing you need to be careful of when choosing a Micro Niche is not to get too small.

Yes, you want to get small with your Niche to avoid a lot of the bigger competition, but you don’t want to go too small that you sap all the traffic potential of your blog.

And keep in mind. That micromanage describes your content, not your website. So if you start a blog in the dog clothes micro-niche,  that is simply a category on your website as long as you plan ahead and don’t pigeonhole your domain name.

You can always expand out into the larger Niche whenever you need to. And even into the large industry niches if you put enough time and content into a.

Just because you started as a dog clothing blog doesn’t mean that one day you can be a full-fledged pet blog that deals with Health Care for pets and pet food and any other aspect of owning a pet that you can think of. 

That’s going to take a lot of work and it’s probably going to take a team of writers to build that much content.

It’s always possible and it’s something that you might keep in mind when deciding on what to name your website and how to build the content around your website.

I always suggest building your content in categories so that when you do expand you have everything neat and tidy and ready to go when you start to build for bigger things.

The way to think of it these days is each category can be its own Micro Niche and you build each one of these micro-niches as large as you want and then move on to another related micro-niche.

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

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 Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.