A Look At 10 Great Cycling Affiliate Programs

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Whether you are careening down the side of a mountain or weaving through city traffic cycling has always been a popular pastime.  Where the is something popular there is an opportunity for a good blogger to make themselves a successful online business.

Cycling is prime for the taking in the blogging world.  It is not overly competitive but still has the search and interest to support the niche.

In fact, you could break it down into quite a few micro-niches such as mountain biking or stationary bikes and still have the audience to make a very nice income.

But the question I hear often is how much growth is there really in bicycles?  It doesn’t seem like a growth industry.  But the estimated growth of the global bicycle market is expected to hit 62 billion dollars by 2024.

It is staggering.  And it is not considered a highly competitive niche.  You can really make a name for yourself in the cycling niche and prepare for the great predicted growth that is coming to this wonderful niche.

But in order to get that nice income from your cycling blog, you have got to monetize it somehow.

Advertisements are great but the best way to do that is to find some great cycling affiliate programs and promote them to your readers.

You are in luck.  I have put together a list of 10 great partner programs for your enjoyment.  While the commissions are not the highest in the affiliate marketing industry, the volume and interest can help make up for it.

So without further adieu, let’s get into these fine affiliate partner programs for your cycling blog.

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What Are Cycling Affiliate Programs

Cycling affiliate programs are programs that allow individuals to promote the cycling affiliate program and receive commissions from the sale that result from their promotion.

When someone clicks on an affiliate link supplied by one of the cycling affiliate programs and then makes a purchase from the affiliate partner the affiliate marketer gets a commission for their work promoting the product or service.

A Quick Look at The Affiliate Programs

Trek Bicycle Affiliate Program

  • Company Name:  Trek Bicycle
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network: AvantLink
  • Sales Commission:  8%
  • Tracking Cookie:  30-days
  • Website URLhttps://www.trekbikes.com
  • Niche:  Sports
  • Auto-Approval?:  No
trek title card

Trek Bikes are some of the best and most respected in the entire industry.  They are incredibly well made.  The partner program is the best in the entire cycling niche.  Almost everything about it is outstanding.

The selection of their storefront is remarkable. They have bike apparel and equipment and anything else you could possibly want for cycling. The commissions do not apply to the bikes themselves.

Road bikes and mountain bikes everything is accounted for.  If you have a cycling blog then this is a must-have.  It can be the centerpiece of your affiliate marketing strategy in regards to parts and accessories.

The Affiliate Terms

Trek Bicycle offers a decent 8% commission for its affiliate partners.  While I would like to see this a few percentage points higher, the commission is fine given the type of products that Trek Bicycle sells.

And as you will see 8% is actually pretty great for this niche.

The cookie is a standard 30-day tracking cookie.  No issues here.  While this duration is probably the most common one, it is still long enough for a marketer to get their well-earned commission.  The trend seems to be downward for cookie durations, however.

So anything 30-days plus is welcomed.

That’s A Wrap

A great commission for this niche.  The cookie isn’t bad either.  But it is the comprehensive bike parts and accessories selection that sets this program out as a great option in the cycling niche.  A great affiliate program backing up a great company.

Grab this one.

Competitive Cyclist Affiliate Program

comp cycle icon

This partner program is a very good one.  They have a good selection of bikes of all types and could be used as an alternative to Trek bikes if you needed one.  However, this partner works best as a complimentary affiliate to Trek or Amazon.

While they have a good selection it is not quite as robust as the other larger affiliates.  Still, this program is good from top to bottom and should definitely warrant a spot in your partner portfolio.

The Terms

The affiliate terms for the Competetive Cyclist affiliate program are pretty standard for this niche.  As we’ll see the 5% commission offered here is about the standard.  Anything above that is great and I don’t think anything quite hits double digits.

The tracking cookie is also standard fare.  It clocks in a 30-days.  Satisfactory is the best way to describe the tracking cookie.

The Wrap

Competitive Cyclist is a good store with a good affiliate program.  It falls behind Trek because of its lower commission and less selection.  But that does not mean it should be ignored.  If your audience feels more comfortable with this store then you will want to promote them.

Ultimately it comes down to which one converts the best for your specific readership.

BikeWagon Affiliate Program

  • Company Name:  BikeWagon
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network: AvantLink
  • Sales Commission:  5%
  • Tracking Cookie:  30-days
  • Website URLhttps://www.bikewagon.com
  • Niche:  Sports
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

BikeWagon is another great alternative for your primary affiliate partner in the cycling niche.  They have a great selection of bikes, equipment, and apparel.  Their terms, which we will get to later, are competitive with all the other partners in the niche.

It really comes down to how they convert for your readers.  Even if another program has a better commission if this one converts at a higher rate, then this is the affiliate to go with.

The Affiliate Terms

There is a trend starting to develop here.  Bikewagon offers a 5% commission.  This is not much better than Amazon.  So if you convert better with Amazon it might be better to use that.  Although the basic tracking cookie is much better for this affiliate program.

The cookie weighs in at 30-days as opposed to Amazon 20-hour basic cookie.

The Wrap-Up

A decent commission and a standard cookie are the only things that keep this affiliate program from being great.  There products and selection are fantastic and their store is well laid out and easy to navigate.  That is always important for conversions.

If someone uses your affiliate link and the store on the other end is a mess it will lead to far fewer conversions.  Always check out the store before promoting the partner program.  That is why I always put the store link in the quick look box below.

ICAN Affiliate Program

  • Company Name: ICAN Sports Equipment
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  ShareASale
  • Sales Commission:  5%
  • Tracking Cookie:  30-days
  • Website URLwww.icancycling.com
  • Niche:  Sports
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

ICAN is another very good bike retailer that you can choose to promote on your cycling blog.  They have all your popular varieties of bicycles chassis.  They also have many accessories and a great selection of wheelsets for their bicycles.

This partner is a little bit different in their product selection.  you will need to educate your audience about their products a little more since they are very specific and high-end bicycle components.  This does limit the number of conversions a little bit unless you create outstanding content around their offerings.

The Affiliate Terms

Want to take a wild guess at what the commission is for this bicycle store?  If you guessed 5% pat yourself on the back.  The cookie is also standard at 30-days.  Not much else to say about the terms for this partner.  But the stats look quite nice.

30-day ShareASale Stats

Speaking of the 30-day stats…

  • The $208.20 Average Sale is fantastic.
  • An average commission of $10.41 is right where you would expect it to be.
  • The earnings per click are pretty good at $23.22 EPC.
  • A 2.23% Conversion Rate is very good.


Another affiliate with a standard commission and cookie.  But their products are extremely high-quality and should convert well if you provide great content in your promotion of them.  A great secondary partner program to add to your cycling blog.

Arkel Inc Affiliate Program

  • Company Name:  Arkel Inc.
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  ShareASale
  • Sales Commission:  5%
  • Tracking Cookie:  30-days
  • Website URLwww.arkel-od.com
  • Niche:  Sports
  • Auto-Approval?:  Yes

Arkel sells premium handlebar bags and panniers.  this is a great example of having a diverse affiliate strategy.  It might not even cross your mind to have an affiliate like this.  but you would be missing out on a good deal of traffic and commissions if you neglect it.

The products offered by Arkel are the highest-quality.  Some of the bags and panniers can run well into the hundreds of dollars making this a potentially great partner program for a cycling blog.  It offers something different and has the potential to generate a good amount of content as you review the products and explain what they are for and how they work.

The Commission

Once again the commission is a very average 5% for this affiliate program.  There will be some better commission later on, but don’t dismiss this affiliate out of hand.  Even the lower commission partners have a lot of value if they convert well with your specific audience.

The tracking cookie is a standard 30-days.

The Stats

The 30-day ShareASale Stats look very nice for this partner program.

  • A 189.99 average sale is great for this affiliate program.
  • The earnings per click are $20.26 EPC
  • The average commission of $9.50 is very nice.
  • The 0.00% reversal rate is perfect.
  • A good 2.13% conversion rate.

The Wrap-Up

This is a great partner program that you can add to your existing stable of affiliates.  It complements your bike sellers and equipment retailers perfectly by offering high-quality accessories for cyclists.

These are the types of partner programs that many people overlook when they are starting their blogs. 

People tend to go for the Amazon affiliate programs and maybe another niche-specific one.  But the real money and the really great content ideas can be found in these smaller partner programs.

An argument could be made that this affiliate could be a micro-niche of its own.  you would have no problem generating plenty of content about bike bags and related accessories.  Just something to think about.

Regardless this is a great affiliate for just about any cycling blog.

Eliel Cycling Affiliate Program

  • Company Name:  Eliel Cycling
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network: AvantLink
  • Sales Commission:  10%
  • Tracking Cookie:  90-days
  • Website URLhttps://www.elielcycling.com
  • Niche:  Sports
  • Auto-Approval?:  No
eliel title card

Eliel Cycling specializes in cycling apparel.  From speed suits to cycling jerseys this affiliate can provide your readers with everything they need to wear when they go for a ride.  Whether it is just for fun or something more competitive.

They have a nice, but not overwhelming, selection of apparel options.  One important thing to note is that these are not cheap options.  Their suits and apparel can run well over 100 dollars.  As we will see in the affiliate terms this makes their cookie and commission that much more valuable.

The Affiliate Terms

Speaking of the affiliate terms…

Eliel Cycling offers its partners a great 10% commission for all sales through your affiliate link.  The commission is much higher than most of the others due to their product selection.  As detailed in the previous section.

The tracking cookie is great.  They give your readers a full 90-days to decide on their purchase.  This gives you plenty of time to get the commission you earned.

The Wrap-Up

A very nice affiliate program for a cycling blog.  It complements your primary partner very well.  After your readers buy their bike you can send them here for some great cycling apparel.  The products are mid-ticket items and the commission and the cookie are some of the best in the niche.

Triathlete Sports Affiliate Program

  • Company Name:  Triathlete Sports
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  ShareASale
  • Sales Commission:  5%
  • Tracking Cookie:  30-days
  • Website URLwww.triathletesports.com
  • Niche:  Sports
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

This partner program is a little bit different than the bicycle-specific partners that make up the bulk of this list. 

Triathlete Sports has a wide range of biking equipment and accessories but they also have a huge selection of running and swimming gear available as well.

While certainly not a necessity it is always a good idea to have one of these more general affiliates for your blog.  Most of the time you could just use Amazon to fill that void but Triathlete Sports is a very good alternative.

The Cookie and the Commission

Triathlete Sports offers the standard 5% commission and a 30-day cookie for all their affiliate partners. 

While it may seem like a broken record this is pretty common in this niche.  That being said the broad product selection is definitely a plus for this affiliate partner.

The 30-day Statistics

The ShareASale stats look pretty good as well.

  • The average sale of $221.66 is outstanding.
  • The $9.59 average commission is great to see.
  • An earnings per click of $18.43 EPC.
  • The 1.92% conversion rate is decent.

The Final Word

An average commission and cookie.  It is the diversity of their products that really sets this partner apart from the rest of this list. 

Their offering goes beyond just cycling across into some related fields that can add to the value of this affiliate.

Not a must-have but certainly, a good one to keep in mind if you need a general sporting retailer that has a great selection of cycling gear.

Ecotric Affiliate Program

  • Company Name:  Ecotric
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  ShareASale
  • Sales Commission:  8%
  • Tracking Cookie:  90-days
  • Website URLwww.ecotric.com
  • Niche:  Sports
  • Auto-Approval?:  Yes

Ecotric sells e-bikes.  These are bicycles that are equipped with electric motors.  This is a small niche at the moment but it may grow very quickly.  This partner program makes the list for its future potential.

The bikes themselves are well made and are high-ticket items that can run into the 1000’s.  The high-ticket items are always good to have in your affiliate marketing strategy.

The Terms

The 8% commission offered by the Ecotric affiliate program is one of the best in this niche.  But it comes with some caveats that I will get to in the statistics section.  They also have a wonderful 90-day tracking cookie.  Everything looks great with the base terms.

But, the stats…

The 30-day Stats

  • A $725.26 average sale is outstanding
  • The $58.02 average commission is great.
  • The 0.23 Conversion Rate is concerning.  If this is a trend and not a blip then this affiliate will be tough to make any money with the conversion is simply too low.  Keep an eye on it.

This is a great example of why the commission percentage is not the end all be all of the affiliate programs.  If that quoted conversion rate is accurate over a long period of time then this affiliate will not be a huge earner.  Despite a good commission and high-ticket items.

Always get a look at the underlying numbers if at all possible before putting a lot of time into an affiliate program.

The Wrap-Up

The product is solid and the commission is very nice.  The cookie is good as well.  so what is the issue with this product?  It has a very limited appeal.  For now.  The real problem is that Ecotric might be just a little ahead of the curve in terms of e-bikes.

Still, if you can get this affiliate to convert you have yourself a real winner here.

Eastern Mountain Sports Affiliate Program

  • Company Name:  Eastern Mountain Sports
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  ShareASale
  • Sales Commission:  7%
  • Tracking Cookie:  15-days
  • Website URLhttps://www.ems.com/
  • Niche:  Sports
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

Eastern Mountain Sports is a retailer of outdoor sporting equipment.  They make this list for their great selection of bikes, bike apparel, and bicycle equipment.  The selection is top-notch.  As a bonus, they also offer many other items related to outdoor activities such and hiking and running.

Many of the bicycles could be considered high-ticket items that you can promote for very nice commissions.  This is one of the best partner programs for this entire niche.

The Affiliate Terms

Eastern Mountain Sports ups the commission a little and gives their affiliate partners a decent 7% for all sales through their links.  It is very nice to see something other than 5% in this niche.  The added bonus of products outside of cycling simply adds to the value of this partner.

The cookie, on the other hand, is a bit lower than you would like to see.  At 15-days it is about half the standard tracking cookie.  However, this should not be a huge deal since the products tend to be mid-ticket items.  So 15-days is fine.

The 30-day Statistics

  • The Average sale is 103.92.  Very nice to see.
  • The $8.16 average commission is right where you would expect to see it.
  • An earnings per click of $49.24 EPC.
  • A conversion rate of 6.04% is remarkable.  It makes this one of the best partner on the list for the conversion rate alone.
  • The 0.23 Reversal Rate is incredibly low.  Promote with confidence.

The Wrap-Up

One of the best affiliates on this list and in the entire niche.  The commission is a couple of percentage points above most of the other programs.  The product selection is great.  The only downside is their shorter than the average cookie.

Pactimo Affiliate Program

  • Company Name:  Pactimo
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network: AvantLink
  • Sales Commission:  8%
  • Tracking Cookie:  90-days
  • Website URLhttps://www.pactimo.com
  • Niche:  Sports
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

Our second primarily apparel retailer on this list.  Choosing between this and Eliel is going to come down to your audience.  Their product selection is similar as is the pricing or their products.  Choose the one that converts best even it that one has a lower commission.

Either way, Pactimo is a great choice for your cycling apparel partner program.

The Affiliate Terms

The tracking cookie offered up by the Pactimo Partner program is outstanding.  3 times the standard tracking cookie.

The commission is also very nice at 8%.  But bear in mind this is a bike apparel retailer, not a bike equipment one.  Therefore the commission is expected to be a bit higher than most of the programs on this list.

The Big Finish

A great commission and a great cookie.  Add that to some great products and good pricing and you have one of the best cycling apparel affiliates in the niche.  Check it out if you still need one for your cycling blog.

The Last Word On These Cycling Affiliate Programs

Ten great options for your cycling blog.  The diversity of your affiliate programs is important for any niche including this one. 

Try and get as many relevant ones as you can without spreading yourself too thin with your content.

In my opinion, Trek is one of the best partners to have in this niche and I would make it a priority to get accepted by them in order to start your promotions.  That said, there are many great alternatives on this list.

Lastly, because the commission structure in the cycling niche tends to be a little low,  Amazon is a perfectly fine alternative for the cycling niche.

I tend to stay away from Amazon because they have a low commission but in this case, it might work for you.

Hopefully, this list has given you some good leads and ideas on what affiliates you want to promote for your cycling blog. 

I wish you the best of luck with your new business endeavor and hope you come back anytime you need affiliate resources.

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As always have a wonderful day.

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