Niche Insights: Start Your Own American Football Blog

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You love the gridiron.

You want to share your passion and knowledge for American football with the masses?  But how do you do it and who would care?  Do I have the answers for you?  You start an American Football Blog.

You get up every day, research and write about the sport you love and in the process, you make a nice little side income for yourself.  Sounds too good to be true, but thousands of people have turned their passions into profits and the loves int the blogs each and every day.

The first step is always the toughest.  Making the decision to actually sit down and create your new blogging website and then picking your niche.  It isn’t easy and it takes some time and hard work but you can do it.

So with this article, I am going to dig into the American football niche.

The niche is huge and encompasses all aspects of American football.  Professional football in the United States is the largest sports league in the world by some distance.  The revenue generated by The NFL is staggering and well ahead of other leagues.

From college to the pros, gambling to fantasy football and everything surrounding football, there are dozens of potential micro-niches you can choose to start your own blog.

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American Football Niche Quick Look

  • Niche: Sports
  • Sub-Niche: Football
  • Popularity: 8/10
  • Profitability: 7/10
  • Growth Potential: 5/10

Why Start An American Football Blog?

There are plenty of reasons why you should start a football blog.  But the first factor must be your love of the game.  You really need to be passionate about the sport to have a good chance of building a successful online business around American football.

You can start out in a very narrow micro-niche like a fan blog for your favorite college team and then expand into a full blow college football blog, however, staying in those smaller micro-niches can be very profitable in their own right just given the huge popularity of the sport.

As you can see in the Google Trends analysis below the interest in football jumps at the start of a new season.  And then drops after the championship games in college and professional football.  This should not be a cause for concern, however.

Google Trends tracks interest not overall volume.  So while the search volume drops to about 25% of its max during the offseason the overall search volume is still very high.  We will take a deeper look at football related keyword volume a little later in this article.

Bottom line is this though, you can have a football blog that consistently produces income for you year round.

How Do You Monetize This Niche?

The two major ways to monetize a football blog are advertising and affiliate marketing.  I don’t think and informational product really fits well with this sort of niche.  Football is primarily an informational and conversational niche.  Info products work best when you are teaching something like painting or photography for example.


For advertising, you have plenty of options to choose from.  Adsense is the biggest but they are also one of the strictest.  Any unexplained spike in clicks or traffic can lead to you being banned from their service and the bans are a lifetime.  Rarely do the appeals work.  So tread lightly if you work with Adsense.

Other Ad services you could choose are and Chitika.  Both will provide contextual ads for your football blog.  In the article and elsewhere on the site.  When adding ads to any blog it must be done carefully or your site will become spammed with ad banners, this will drive away potential readers at times.

However, football fans are pretty used to a ton of advertising around their sport so advertising on your blog makes a lot of sense from that perspective.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another great way to monetize any blog, but particularly a football blog.  There are tons of affiliate programs you can choose from that will fit seamlessly into your blog content or as banners around your site.

No matter what micro niche you are in there are plenty of affiliate programs specifically designed for your particular blog.  Fantasy football partner programs to team stores for your specific college team all have some very good affiliate program for you to utilize on your blog.

Can It Grow?

There is always room for your football blog to grow.

The overall popularity of football will ebb and flow from time to time but it will not drop off significantly any time in the near future.  This gives the entire American football niche a sense of security that not all bloggers have.

You will need to evolve within your individual micro-niche in order to maintain your income and traffic at times, however.

A great example of this is the rise of daily fantasy games a few years back.  People in the fantasy football niche had to readjust their blogs to incorporate these daily games as they started to surpass the season-long fantasy football games.

As long as you are producing great content for your football blog you will be able to take it in any direction you want.  Add other micro-niches to your blog in order to expand into other areas of the overall American football niche.

Have a fan-site for your favorite college team?  Add a fantasy football section and keep your readers engaged in competitive games within your community.  Always keep an eye out for any new expansion and content opportunities.

A Quick Look At Keyword Research

While the trend for football interest is for it to spike at the start of a new season, the overall volume of searches for football is incredibly high year round.  In fact, trying to rank for the major head keywords of football is going to be pretty tough.

A look at Jaaxy gives us a huge volume and some even bigger competition for the football keyword.  You must find and use long-tail keywords for your micro-niche in order to be successful.

jaaxy football research

So let’s break it down into a few micro-niche examples just to give you an idea of what to look for in a long-tail keyword.  We’ll go with 5 micro-niche examples.  They are as follows.

  • Fantasy Football
  • Football Coaching Tactics
  • Favorite Team Blogs
  • College Football Blogs
  • Pro Football Blogs

Let’s take one of these micro-niches and really get into the keyword research using Jaaxy.  In this case, we will take an aspect of the fantasy football micro-niche.  Check it out below.

Daily Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is one of the biggest micro-niches you can find in American football.  Daily Fantasy Games are currently the biggest draw within the micro-niche.  So let’s take a look at some long-tail keywords you can use to generate great traffic and limit direct competition.

Set aside the first result as that has the brand name Yahoo in it.  But the others are all great opportunities to build great content around these long-tail keywords.  In this case, the exact keyword we are researching is “Daily Fantasy Football”jaaxy daily fantasy football research.

The list goes on even for this single keyword.  A few more quick searches yield us 10 or so more great keywords.  Each one can be used to create a wonderful piece of traffic-generating content.  And this is just one concept of the fantasy football micro-niche.

The same tactics can be used for any area of the football niche.  Or any niche in general really.  The long-tail keywords are the key to early success in blogging.

Jaaxy composite research Fantasy football

The possibilities are limitless not just for this micro-niche but for all of them in the American Football Niche.

Putting It All Together

Wrapping things up you can see just how popular this niche really is.  The interest, especially during the season, combined with the sheer volume of searches and the abundance of long-tail keywords really sets this niche up for a great income generating website.

The number of profitable micro-niches within the football niche can also help you get your new blog off the ground without having to try and outrank the big boys when you are just starting out.  This is crucial for a successful start to a new blog.

Overall, if you have the passion for football and think that you can generate the great content needed to build a long-lasting football blogging dynasty then now is a great time to get started.  You can do it with a little hard work and some patience.

I wish you good luck with your new football blog and know you will build it into a successful powerhouse of a blog.  If you need any help getting started, have a look at the review in the link below.  Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

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