10 Of The Best Herbal Affiliate Programs

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Hello all, Michael here and today I want to bring you a look at some of the best herbal affiliate programs for your niche website. These partners are pretty versatile in that they can be used for a wide variety of niche sites.

Tradition medicinal herbs are probably the most common usage for these partners but they would fit well into witchcraft websites as they need many of the same herbs.

A tea website could also benefit from these affiliates with many of these herbs being the basis for many an herbal infusion. A Gardening niche site is also a possibility if your chosen affiliate sells herb seeds so that you can grow your own.

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Check Out These Herbal Affiliate Programs

In order to maximize the potential of these herbal affiliate programs, you have to drive the right kind of traffic to your links. Learn the best ways to get great traffic and build a passive income for yourself.

Starwest Botanicals Affiliate Program

screenshot of the starwest botanicals website

Starwest Botanicals is one of my personal favorite places to shop for herbs, particularly herbs for herbal teas. They have a huge selection of herbs and I have always had a good experience with them.

They are an ideal affiliate program for cooking blogs, tea blogs, general herb blogs as well as more niche blogs like herbal remedies and witchcraft blogs.

They have sea vegetables, bulk herbs, ginseng and ginger and just about anything else you could possibly want. And they top it all off with some outstanding affiliate terms.

They offer a robust 15% commission on qualifying sales made through your affiliate links. It is a very generous commission and one that can really result in some pretty wonderful commissions with a good conversion rate as their products can get pretty expensive in large bulk orders.

The tracking cookie is equally outstanding weighing in at 60-days. 2 full months from the time someone clicks your link to the time they purchase and you still get a commission.

Overall this is one of my favorite herbal affiliates not least of which is because I shop from them as a private individual and enjoy doing business with them.

Herbs Direct Affiliate Program

screenshot of the herbs direct website

Herbs Direct is a large retailer of herb and herbal supplies and can operate as the foundation for your entire herbal website or section of a larger site with herbs as the focus.

The affiliate terms are outstanding. Herbs Direct offers a 15% commission for their affiliate for every qualifying sale made through your affiliate link. It doesn’t get much better than a double-digit commission for an herbal affiliate program.

The tracking cookie duration is rock-solid as well. You’ll have a full 45-day window to promote their products and make a sale and still get credit for that all-important commission.

Herbs Direct has a few other stores that are more focused than this one. They have a store that focuses on Chinese herbs, for example. You can sign up for all of them through ShareASale. They are separate entries because they serve very different parts fo the herbal niche market.

Chinese Herbs Direct Affiliate Program

screenshot of the chinese herbs direct website

Chinese Herbs Direct is part of the Herbs Direct brand. But their focus is on Chinese herbs and herbal products. There is a bit of cross over between these stores and they all share the same affiliate program so you can use them across a wide variety of niches.

Chinese Herbs Direct offers popular herbal brands like Guang Ci Tang, Dr. Shen, Fei Fah, and dozens of other brands focused on Chinese herbs and traditional herbal remedies.

They offer the same outstanding terms as the other stores in the Herb Direct network. A 15% commission and a 45-day tracking cookie work wonders for an herbal niche website.

Botanical Interests Affiliate Program

screenshot of the botanical interest screenshot

Botanical Interest is something a little different on our list. This partner sells the seeds for you to grow herbs in your own garden or home. This makes it a great gardening affiliate program as well as an exceptional herb affiliate.

While it won’t have as broad an appeal as some of the other partners who sell the herbs this could be a way to broaden your audience and the content on your herbal niche site into the gardening arena which is also very lucrative.

The affiliate terms are outstanding as well. The 15% commission puts it in line with most of the other affiliates on our list and the 45-day commission gives you plenty of time to promote them and still earn your commission.

Ayurvedic Herbs Direct Affiliate Program

screenshot of the Ayurvedic Herbs Direct website

Ayurvedic Herbs Direct does just what the name says. It has a wide selection of Ayurvedic herbs for you to promote on your Ayurvedic niche site or a more general healthy living site. This partner program is part of the Herbs Direct brand.

The commission is very good and is in line with the other members of the Herbs Direct brand. They offer a 15% commission and a 45-days tracking cookie for their affiliate partners. You really cannot go wrong with their affiliate terms.

While the herbs might be for an Ayurvedic lifestyle, this affiliate would work on a more general herbal niche site as well. It is definitely something anyone in the herbal remedies niche would want to consider for their affiliate strategy.

Pet Herbs Direct Affiliate Program

Pet Herbs Direct website screenshot

It’s herbs for your pets. I am not sure how much a wide appeal this affiliate will have. You could try and implement it on a pet niche website and use it alongside other pet affiliate programs. It could still work for an herbal niche site as well.

Someone with a better working knowledge of the herbal niche could figure out the best way to deploy this particular affiliate program.

The affiliate terms are a 15% commission and a 45-day tracking cookie. Both in line with the other Herbs Direct stores.

Tattva’s Herbs Affiliate Program

screenshot of tattva's herbs website

Tattva’s herbs is an online store that has a wide selection of herbs and herbal powders from a wide variety of flowers and plants. From the increasingly popular turmeric to ashwagandha root and beyond this affiliate has what your herbal niche site needs.

The affiliate terms for this partner are some of the best I have ever seen. They offer a whopping 30% commission on qualifying sales. It is an unreal commission and one that can earn you a lot of money if you get the conversion rate to a decent level.

The tracking cookie might just be more generous. A full year-long tracking cookie means that if someone is intent on buying something after clicking your link you are going to get a commission. Honestly, this is the tracking cookie that all affiliates should have so its nice to see a duration this robust out in the wild.

Dherbs Affiliate Program

dherbs affiliate program screenshot

Dherbs Seems to focus quite a bit on cleanses and detoxes using  Herbal Remedies. This is going to be a little bit different from some of the other Affiliates on our list. While most of the Affiliates simply focus on the herbal extracts and herbs themselves this affiliate program has programs based around the herbs.

Their signature product and probably the one that you’re going to promote the most is the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse, But they have a bunch of other products that you can promote as well.

The thing about this affiliate program is that it would fit nicely into a weight loss or fitness or a detox type of Niche site as well as a traditional herbal Niche website. So this affiliate gives you a little bit broader appeal and terms of which niches it is going to be of great benefit to.

The affiliate terms are pretty standard for this partner. They offer a 30-day tracking cookie duration. This should be plenty long enough for you to promote their products and make a sale and still get a nice commission out of it.

Speaking of the commission it is a pretty decent 10%. While that might be a little bit lower than many of the others on our list it’s still very respectable and you can really make a good amount of money with a 10% Commission if you can get the conversions at the right levels.

Herbal Academy Affiliate Program

screenshot of the herbal academy website

The Herbal Academy affiliate program is a little bit different than everything else on our list. Instead of having an affiliate program where people go to buy herbs this affiliate program has courses, workshops, and training for herbalists.

 They have courses in botany and wildcrafting as well as training for clinical herbalist and various levels of herbal training courses. It’s certainly not going to have the broad appeal that just buying herbs has for a lot of the audience members of The herbal Niche.

But it is a really interesting good partner to have in order to kind of broaden your monetization options to not only people buying the herbs but people wanting to learn how to be a herbalist.

The affiliate terms are pretty good for this partner program. They give you a very nice 15% Commission on all sales through your affiliate links.  it’s well in line with many of the other affiliate programs on our list even though this particular affiliate is very different from the physical product herbal programs that dominate our list here.

The tracking cookie duration is a little bit weird. It’s only 21 days which should be just fine for most people. It’s still unfortunate that they didn’t hit the 30-day tracking cookie duration that is typically the standard duration for these tracking gaps.

Lost Empire Herbs Affiliate Program

Lost Empire Herbs affiliate program screenshot

Lost Empire Herbs has a decent selection of herbal tinctures and powders that you could promote on your herb niche blog. Here is a small sample of some of the products you could promote from this partner program.

  • Beet Juice Powder
  • Gynostemma Tea
  • Nettle Root Tincture
  • Reishi Mushroom Extract

Unfortunately, the affiliate terms for this partner program weren’t readily available at the time of publication. In order to get a clear look at what type of commission and dragon cookie you were going to get through this affiliate program, you’ll need to sign up first.

It shouldn’t be a problem because affiliate programs are of course free to sign up to but it is a little frustrating that the affiliate terms were not ready to go for potential affiliates.

Final Thoughts On These Herbal Affiliate Programs

These affiliate terms for these affiliates are pretty great. There are a lot of double-digit commission for you to choose from and a wide range of applications for these affiliate programs.

From gardening to herbs for witches spells these affiliate programs can really help monetize an incredible array of diverse niche blogs.

The only real downside for most of these affiliates is that they are probably not that well known for a mainstream audience. It means that you will need to educate your readers on the pros of using these affiliate links over something like Amazon that they will be more comfortable with.

Which brings me to my final point. All the great commission and long-duration cookies don’t do any good if you are getting no conversions.

If Amazon is converting and the smaller affiliate is not you need to change up your strategy. either move everything over to Amazon or try and build a rapport between your readers and these smaller affiliates.

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