Affiliate Marketing Niche Research: Tea Niche

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Tea is one of the world’s most popular beverages.

The 2nd most popular drink behind water.

According to the Tea Association of the USA Inc.,  Americans consumed 84 billion servings of tea in 2017.

A good blog can tap into some of those consumers and make a good income off of it.

There are a lot of affiliate programs for the tea niche that you can choose to promote.

When doing any type of affiliate marketing niche research you need to look at a variety of factors for a given niche.

Popularity, profitability, the health of the overall industry, and competition.

This will give you a general idea of where you can position yourself, to begin with.

And a ton of different teas and concepts based around tea that you can use to generate a huge amount of content for your blog.

Reviews for individual teas.  Health benefits of teas.  Branch out into herbal teas.

All of these are greats ways to build and expand your blog and maximize your potential profits.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

Why Tea?

Why Tea?  Because it is delicious.

And Nutritious.  Tea is a great choice for a blog niche for a variety of reasons.  It is popular the world over.  Which means your potential customers are worldwide.

It isn’t confined to a certain region.

Tea has a huge number of health benefits.

So even if you are running a health blog, some of this information could be incorporated into your blog and the affiliate programs and potential sales commission right along with it.

Tea is also very easy to write about.  Need to review a type of tea?  It will only cost you a couple of bucks to get a sample to write about.

Affiliate marketing, in general, is really a path to freedom and the tea niche is a great way to get there.

Some other niche products cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to review the products.

This makes it one of the best niches to try and break into the blogging profession.

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How Do You Make Money In The Tea Niche?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money with a tea blog.  Organic traffic is really the most consistent and profitable way to monetize your tea blog.

Advertisements can add to the income but they could also draw away potential sales if your ads are advertising tea.

PPC ad campaigns are not a great idea because each commission is going to be rather small, but they add up quickly.

In a PPC campaign, you need high earners per sale for it to be really worth it.

So organic traffic is the way forward for this niche.  Generating content should be fairly straightforward.

A good balance between review content and fact-based information content like “Health Benefits of Tea”, is needed to keep that organic traffic rolling in.

Tea’s Potential in the Future?

The tea niche will continue to grow at a steady pace.  More and more people are drinking tea every year.

More importantly, people are buying tea and tea-related products online.  This is where you come in with your tea blog.

You can tap into this excellent growth potential with a constant stream of great content.

As the tea industry continues to grow you need to be positioned to reap the benefits of that overall growth.

The potential is there and you have to meet it at the summit.  Onward and upward.

A Sought After Niche

The tea niche is a fairly competitive niche for an affiliate marketing blog.

But surprisingly not an overwhelming niche to break into, given teas popularity.

But, if you think there is too much competition for the overall tea niche you can break it down into micro-niches.

Micro-niches for a tea blog are pretty simple.

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There is enough traffic for each individual type of tea.  Black Tea.  Green Tea.  White Tea.  And Oolong Tea.

All of them have enough search traffic to support a tea blog for quite a while.

After building your blog in one of these micro-niches you can expand it out to the larger tea niche in general.

This might be a great way to start out in the tea niche.

Finding Affiliate Partners
Teacup 1

The number of affiliate programs for the tea niche is quite staggering.  There are plenty of decent commissions to be found among them.

Finding the right tea affiliate program is always a crucial choice.

The best way to go about it is by choosing some that look promising and run some tests to see how they convert with your audience.

Always start with a broader affiliate program and start to add in the more focused tea affiliates as you go along.

If they don’t convert, if your audience doesn’t respond to the new affiliates then move on from them.

Don’t get emotionally attached to an affiliate especially if you love their products.

Spend time promoting the programs that your audience love, because that is who you are writing for.

Choosing a Home

tea with mint
Tea is a Booming Niche

You will want to brand your blog with something that ties it directly to the tea you are promoting.  If you want to start a green tea blog, put some variations of that in the domain name.

But make sure to plan ahead a bit.

If you start with a green tea blog but want to expand into other teas later on, make your domain a little more applicable to the larger tea niche in general.

I get asked this a lot.

“Does your domain have to be the exact same as the title of your blog”

The answer is not necessarily.  It should be in an ideal world.

But there can be some deviation between the two.  Just be sure that no one has taken the blog name for themselves.

This helps avoid any issues down the line once your blog starts to generate income and traffic.

A Niche Fit To A Tea

Tea is the world’s second most popular beverage.  Only trailing water.

The whole tea industry is ever-growing.  Tea as a niche is evergreen.

Make the most of your tea blog.  Grow with the industry and reap the benefits of all that great content you are creating.

Overall Tea is a wonderful place to start a blog.

So dig in and start crafting that killer content.  Start working on your attractive website and work hard.

You can turn your love of tea into a great added income for you and your family.

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Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.