Does Mountain Rose Herbs Have An Affiliate Program?

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Welcome, welcome, everybody. Michael here and today we are going to be taking a look at the Mountain Rose Herbs affiliate program and a couple of alternatives that you can use instead.

Does Mountain Rose Herbs Have An Affiliate Program? Unfortunately, Mountain Rose Herbs does not have An Affiliate Program at the time of publication. They have had one in the past and if they decide to bring it back I will update this article.

However, there are some great alternatives for an herb affiliate program that we can take a look at instead. Let’s take a look at a couple of the best Mountain Rose Herbs affiliate program alternatives for your niche blog.

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2 Amazing Mountain Rose Herbs Affiliate Program Alternatives

So Mountain Rose Herbs doesn’t have an affiliate program at this time. Don’t Despair because we have you covered with a couple of great alternatives for you to check out. In addition to these 2 partners, you can always use Amazon Associates as a fallback option for herbal supplies.

Herbs Direct Affiliate Program

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Herb’s Direct is a large supplier of all types of herbs for a variety of uses. Whether you are looking for herbs for traditional medicine or to make tonics and tinctures they probably have what you need.

The variety of herbs makes this an outstanding alternative to Mountain Rose Herbs as they carry many of the same types of herbs. They are a great option for a wide variety of herbal based niches.

Whether it is the aforementioned traditional herbal remedies or a website dedicated to witchcraft and spells, a lot of these same herbs work for both, making this a versatile affiliate program.

They have an array of sub-stores that are themed to regional herbs, such as their Chinese Herbs Direct Store. If you cannot find the herb on their main website, check the other stores and you will probably find it there. Signing up for the main Herbs Direct Affiliate Program will give you access to these other stores as well.

The Commission

The affiliate commission for the Herbs Direct affiliate program is fantastic. They offer a 15% commission on all qualifying sales made through your affiliate links. A double-digit commission seems to be pretty common in the herbal niche, but you should never take a 15% commission for granted.

With the right content and promotion, a 15% commission can be the foundation for your entire passive income business.

The Tracking Cookie

Herbs Direct offers a better than average 45-day tracking gap for their affiliates. 45-day is a great duration that gives you plenty of time to promote these products and still get credit for a sale.

Wrapping Up

Herbs Direct will make a fine alternative to Mountain Rose Herbs. They have a huge selection coupled with some fantastic affiliate terms. This could be the foundation for your entire herbal niche site if you choose to go that route.

Botanical Interests Affiliate Program

screenshot of the botanical interest website

While Herbs Direct is going to take care of most of your dried herb needs this affiliate program will empower your readers to grow their own herbs if they are so inclined. An affiliate program like this is invaluable for your herbal website because it can cross over into gardening and related niches.

This expands your sources for content and can eventually begin to grow your audience if that is the direction you want to take with your niche blog.

The Commission

The commission for the Botanical interests affiliate program is pretty much in line with a lot of the other herbal affiliate programs that you tend to see. They offer a full 15% commission on sales through your affiliate link.

Double-digit commissions for physical products are fantastic. It’s something that you should always try and get with every affiliate program that deals with physical products. Digital product affiliate programs are going to have much higher commissions because they have much less overhead.

So the 15% Commission for this affiliate program really gives you an opportunity to use it as a foundational partner program for your entire passive income online business.  There’s enough money to be made from this type of commission to really sustain your blog as a full-time career.

The Cookie

The tracking cookie duration is a rock-solid 45-days. This is great for getting a sale and still getting credit for you promotional efforts. A Longer duration typically translates into a better conversion rate as a general rule.

The Wrap Up

Botanical Interests in a little bit more out of the box as an alternative. This could be used for an herb niche blog or for a more general gardening niche blog. It is definitely a good alternative to have that will bring in a different type of potential customer.

This particular herbal affiliate program can also double as a gardening affiliate program which makes it a little more versatile than some of the other Mountain Rose herb affiliate alternatives.

No Mountain Rose Herbs Affiliate Program? No Problem.

It is unfortunate that a store as big and popular as Mountain Rose Herbs doesn’t have an affiliate program at this time. But there are dozens of factors as to why they would not have one. So we have to move on.

The good news is that there are dozens of alternatives for you to choose from. The 2 alternatives in our article here today are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to herb affiliate programs.

These alternatives might take a little bit more time and promotion for your audience to feel comfortable with them as a replacement but you should be able to make these affiliate appealing to your specific audience.

Lastly, you can always use Amazon Associates as an herbal affiliate program if you need to, but be aware that their affiliate commission and tracking cookie are far below what a smaller herbal affiliate will give you.

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Good luck with your herbal niche website.

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