12 Ideas To Start Earning Extra Money On A Computer In South Africa

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The internet has opened up hundreds of thousands of opportunities for people around the world. Yet some countries are still left out of many of these opportunities.

But that is rapidly changing and today we are going to look at a few ways to earn extra money from your computer in South Africa.

This list is made up of a wide range of money-making ideas. From surveys that you can earn $5-$10 dollars a day from to programs that teach you how to build a full-time online income.

There is something for anyone, on any budget regardless of how much extra time you have. You can earn a little bit of extra money online.

Let’s get into it. These are in no particular order.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

1. Savage Affiliates South Africa

Savage Affiliates is a training program that teaches you how to build your own passive income business with affiliate marketing.

It is the first of 3 similar programs on our list and it is one of the best A to Z training programs for learning affiliate marketing.

If you are a complete beginner in affiliate marketing then this is a great choice to consider for learning how to do it properly.

This is a paid service so it does require a little upfront investment but the price is reasonable and well worth it in the long run. You can check out my full review of Savage Affiliate here.

2. Bitcoin Trading

There are plenty of ways to get into Bitcoin trading from South Africa. The first step is to get an account at one of the many crypto exchanges. Binance is one of the largest around. Personally, my favorite is a newer exchange called Bitrue.

There are also some many other exchanges and cooperatives where you can try out your strategies for trading crypto.

There are also some automated trading programs but you will need to be cautious with them, here is one to consider that is open to South African residents and a few other countries. A different offer will show up if your country is not supported.

Cryptocurrency trading is highly volatile and not for the faint of heart. You can just as easily lose your money as make it.

Be sure to do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose. This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.

Cryptocurrency Is A Volatile Way To Make Money

3. Swagbucks South Africa

Swagbucks is a free survey website that you can join to earn a little bit of extra cash. South Africa is a supported country for Swagbucks so you can enjoy the benefits offered on the website.

All you need to do is create an account with a valid email address and you are on your way to making some extra money just by answering survey questions.

You will not make a huge amount from these surveys but you can easily add 3 or 4 dollars a day to your income for very little work. Plus it is completely free to join and you can take the surveys of your smartphone.

4. Income School’s Project 24

Project 24 is an online training program for affiliate marketers. It is one of the most complete training programs for building a profitable online business that I have come across in a long time.

They have a wonderful 60-step program that will get you up and running and earning money relatively quickly.

Bearing in mind that affiliate marketing takes a while to get going regardless of the training you receive.

You can check out my full review for Project 24 here.

5. Inbox Dollars South Africa

Inbox Dollars is another huge survey site. They offer a few other ways to earn money online but the surveys are the biggest draw for many people.

All you need to sign up is a valid email address along with your name and you on your way to earning a nic4e bit of extra money online.

South Africa is on its list of supported countries so you can get started right away. Sign up for free right here.

6. Survey Junkie South Africa

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites on the internet. South Africa is on their list of supported countries so you can join today and start earning a little extra spending cash right this minute.

Survey Junkie is free to join with a valid email address. Like the other survey companies, you won’t earn a huge amount of money but you will earn a little extra money right from your computer if you answer a few surveys every week.

7. Wealthy Affiliate South Africa

Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one affiliate marketing training solution. It is a monthly subscription service but it includes training, web hosting, live 24/7 chat and support and well as new webinars each week.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the free starter membership. You can join with just an email and check out what they have to offer to see if it is something you might enjoy using.

You can use the free service as long as you like. The premium service does have quite a bit extra if you are ok with the monthly fee. Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.

8. Qmee In South Africa

QMEE is one of my favorite places to take online surveys. The payouts are pretty good and the surveys are usually fun and not too long.

Their website supports South Africa residents so you can sign up right away.

The best thing about QMEE is the instant PayPal payout with no minimum amount needed to cash out.

Whether you have 10cents or $10 dollars you can easily cash out your earnings every day and put that money to use as quickly as possible. Signup for QMEE right here.

9. Amway South Africa

Amway is a very popular multi-level marketing country around the world. It is particularly popular in South Africa where they have a robust business presence.

They offer a wide variety of health and beauty products that you can sell for a profit. The issue with this type of network marketing is that it can be expensive and time-consuming to really get going in.

There is money to be made here but I personally prefer affiliate marketing to network marketing. Still, if you are interested you can find more information here.

10. Forex Trading

Like crypto trading, forex is highly volatile and risky. You can make money but you need to find sound strategies to make the most out of your time trading.

Research the market thoroughly before entering into this high stakes world of international monetary trading.

Choose the platform that fits your needs and is available in South Africa. ForexTime is one of the most popular in South Africa.

Only invest what you can afford to lose. This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.

11. General Blogging South Africa

Blogging on free sources like medium, Wix, or WordPress.com can be a way to earn a little extra cash if you put affiliate links in your articles.

Getting traffic is a little tricky with these free solutions but it can be done if you use forums, Pinterest and Quora traffic.

Pick a niche and start creating content around that niche. Pick something you love doing or discussing and you can build your own online business around something you love.

Eventually, you will need to register your own domain they typically cost around $15 US/191 ZAR based on the exchange rates at the time of publication.

One of the best domain and web hosting services around is Bluehost, you can check them out here.

12. Start A Youtube Channel

You can start a Youtube channel from just about anywhere. The big difference is the monetization of that channel through Google ads. Typically the fees are going to be less in countries like South Africa.

The way around this is by doing affiliate marketing in conjunction with your youtube channel.

By promoting and placing affiliate links in the description of your videos you can make a very nice living with relatively few subscribers and viewers especially compared to the advertising revenue.

Here is a short example of the types of videos you could create. I am not sure about the authenticity of the food features but this is just an example.

There are thousands of niches to choose from for a youtube channel. South African tourism would be a great idea as well as a channel teaching people how to make South African cuisine.

The possibilities are endless and the best part is Youtube channels are free to create, so you don’t need upfront cash to get started. Just a smartphone and a good idea. You can always upgrade your equipment later.

The Wrap Up

That brings us to the end of our look at some great ways to earn a little bit of extra money from South Africa.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a few extra dollars  I’m spending money or looking to create your own long-term passive income business there’s something on this list for you.

Research each one thoroughly before you make any commitment to him, especially the paid services that are on the list.

For each of these websites and programs on the list take some time and some effort to get the most out of them.

You can spend a couple of hours a day on survey sites and make a few extra bucks or you can spend three or four hours a day building your own passive income website using affiliate marketing and turn into a full-time career.

Passive income is going to become increasingly important in the future as the world economy changes in the long-term. In the short-term, it’s these types of money-making ideas that can really benefit you in turbulent times which it appears we’re entering into with the global economy.

So I hope you found something on this list that’ll work for you. I wish you the best of luck and as always have a wonderful day.

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