5 Great Lottery Affiliate Programs

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This is just further proof that you can find affiliate programs for just about any niche or product or program on the planet.

Affiliate programs come in all shapes and sizes and you should not overlook any of them just because they seem a little out of the ordinary.

Who knew that Lottery affiliate programs even existed?

They do and they are little diamonds in the rough in the affiliate marketing world.

These partner programs work in a wide variety of niches and even work wonderfully as simple banner ads placed in your content.

So let’s take a look at 5 of the best Lottery affiliate programs that you can join right now to start to increase your profits and help build out your passive income business even further.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

Check Out These Lottery Affiliates

1. MyLotto.Com Affiliate Program

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  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  Independent
  • Sales Commission:  Variable
  • Tracking Cookie:  Not Listed
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

2. LottoLand Affiliate Program

lottoland icon screenshot
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  Independent
  • Sales Commission:  Variable
  • Tracking Cookie:  Not Listed
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

3. Lotto Elite Affiliate Program

lottoelite screenshot
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  Independent
  • Sales Commission:  Variable CPA
  • Tracking Cookie:  Variable
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

4. The Lotter Affiliate Program

lotter icon screenshot
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  Independent
  • Sales Commission:  Variable CPA
  • Tracking Cookie:  Variable
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

5. 24Monetize Affiliate Program

24monetize icon
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network:  Independent
  • Sales Commission:  CPA
  • Tracking Cookie:  Not Listed
  • Auto-Approval?:  No

Important Factors For Lottery Affiliate Programs

Gelateria affiliate programs there are only three factors that I really look at when deciding on which one to use for any given promotion.

Typically for affiliate programs that are five factors that include products and popularity of the manufacturer or the brand.

With Lottery affiliate programs you don’t really have Brands per se and the products are pretty straightforward.

That being said you always want to make sure that the affiliate programs are aboveboard and legitimate especially in a niche like lotteries.

So let’s have a look at the three most important factors when deciding on a lottery affiliate program.

#1 Conversion Rate Is King

The first factor that I’m going to look at is the conversion rate. I place it first because I think it’s slightly more important than just the raw commission number.

However, they are both incredibly important and are the building blocks of a successful affiliate program in the lottery Niche.

The conversion rate is simply how well the product converts after someone clicks on your affiliate link.

So for a lottery affiliate program, someone would click on an affiliate link and then put their information in and maybe buy some lottery tickets.  

That’s a conversion and that’s exactly what you want when you are promoting these partner products.

What makes the conversion rate so important is that it’s the Catalyst for everything else that happens with your lottery affiliate programs.

With poor conversion rate, it doesn’t matter how great your commission is because you’re not going to get enough people clicking through to your promotions to make a reasonable amount of money.

The conversion rates themselves are going to vary from I feel that to affiliate and are influenced by a ton of factors including some that are going to be very specific to your audience.

So you’ll have to take the data that you received from doing tests with various affiliate programs and find out which one’s are the best converting for your specific audience.

lottery ticket on table

#2 Commission Is Incredibly Important

Next up is the Commission in this is the one that everybody looks at when they’re choosing an affiliate program.

It’s no different in the lottery Niche the commission is and Incredibly important part of the overall affiliate program.

I put a second on this list because I think the conversion rate is slightly more important to the overall health of the affiliate program.

But conversion rates are difficult to express without testing for a very specific audience.

So most affiliate programs don’t list conversion rates or if they do is typically click-through rate and sometimes it’s cherry-picked to make those numbers look better.

So the bottom line here is you want to find great commissions but you also want to make sure that you get good conversions with the affiliate programs.

The interesting thing about Lottery affiliate programs is that most of them are not percentage-based commissions and many of them don’t list a static Mission like you would find in many other affiliate Partners.

The reason for this is they are CPA or click per action Affiliates of for the most part. 

What this means is there’s a variety of ways for you to earn a commission either from someone filling out a form and you get a small lead generation commissioned or a flat fee for someone signing up and buying lottery products for example.

Typically with CPA Affiliates, flat fees are the way that they pay on to their partners and frankly, it’s a pretty good way to do it.

You know exactly how much you’re getting regardless of how much the customer is going to spend.

Another aspect of CPA affiliate is that the commission can vary wildly depending on what country the potential customer comes from.

Oftentimes not all countries are supported so you’re going to have to dig in deep to find out exactly what commissions you’re going to get from various countries and regions around the world.

#3 Tracking Cookies Are Less Important

For lottery affiliate programs the tracking cookie is probably the least important part of the entire affiliate program.

Often these companies won’t even list and that tracking cookie duration for their affiliate program because typically it’s a CPA type of arrangement.

When someone clicks on your link and goes to fill out the Forum or sign up for the product they either do it right then or they don’t do it at all.

That makes the tracking cookie fairly redundant and most of the time it’s not really something you need to worry about, unlike more traditional affiliate programs where the tracking cookie is a very important part of the overall partner program.

It’s always good to check to see what the track and cookie situation is for any of these affiliate programs that you join but I wouldn’t worry too much about it if you can’t find a lot of information on it for the lottery niche specifically.

Closing Arguments For Lottery Affiliate Programs

And that brings us to the end of our to look at these wonderful Lottery affiliate programs that you can use in a variety of blogging niches to help generate a little extra income for your online business.

Lottery Affiliates are something that people typically think about when looking for products of programs to promote on their website.

But often these are Diamonds in the Rough and can be very lucrative if promoted properly and with enough supporting content to make people really interested in the partner programs.

You can use these affiliate programs with a wide variety of niches. Depending on what country you are operating in they could be used as banner ads for Sweepstake, Lottery, Gaming, and gambling websites as well as fantasy sports websites.

The versatility of these affiliate programs is probably their biggest advantage and the universal desire to win at Lottery is a great motivating factor for your readers to sign up and maybe buy a ticket or two.

I wish you the best of luck with your lottery blog.

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