Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In Portugal?

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Welcome back everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Today we are going to be taking a look at affiliate marketing in Portugal. Specifically..

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In Portugal? Yes! The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can do it from just about anywhere, including Portugal. As long as you have internet access you can do it. A website makes it easier but there are ways to do it even without one.

Let’s take a look at some of the places you can produce your content to help generate affiliate marketing sales. It’s not just websites anymore, although those are still some of the best places to start an affiliate marketing business.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

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Affiliate Martketing In Portugal

Affiliate Programs For A Portugal Based Business

Affiliate programs are often times regional in their coverage. Many businesses will have separate affiliate programs for the U.S. and for Europe or Asia etc.

For a Portugal based affiliate, you want to find programs that have a presence in the EU and in the niche that you want to operate in. When we are looking for affiliate programs they don’t necessarily have to be specific to Portugal or even to a Portugal-themed niche.

Here are some affiliate networks that you can look to for a wide range of affiliate programs. Keep in mind that not all of them with work in Portugal, each affiliate program with have their own criteria on who they accept as an affiliate partner.

Affiliate Marketing In Portugal With A Website

This is going to be the place that most people start their affiliate marketing business. Creating content for a niche blog is probably the most straight forward way of jumping into an affiliate marketing business. You don’t need cameras for microphones or editing software that you would for a Youtube channel.

Really all you need is a domain and web hosting to get started. Basically, you can start your own business online for well under a hundred bucks. Then it is just up to you to put in the long hours of hard work creating content and then reap the rewards in a few months when you start to see that passive income roll in.

Find Web hosting For A Portugal Niche Site

You can find Webhosting anywhere in the world, for the most part, these days. Portugal should have plenty of options for great web hosting given that it is a modern country that seems to be pretty tech-friendly. Just ask the crypto people about that.

So it really comes down to personal preference with regards to hosting. Find someone you are comfortable with and use them. I personally use Bluehost to start all my new online business ventures. They have good speeds and solid uptimes which re what you want in a hosting service

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Affiliate Marketing In Portugal With Youtube

Youtube is a great vehicle for affiliate marketing in Portugal. You will find a huge audience within your native Portugal, but it does not end there. Depending on the language barriers you can expand your Youtube channels reach far and wide.

For example, say you want to start a fan channel for a Liga Nos side. Not only will you get good traffic from the fans in Portugal but you can get fans in Brazil particularily or just about anywhere in the world where fans of that team reside.

Like wise if you choose a gardening niche, you can attract fans from around the world to your channel by producing great content and leveraging the translate functions to help spread into areas where Portuguese might not be the first language of many people there.

Ultimately, on Youtube, it will come down to the quality of content and not the language barrier to determine your success. Don’t let a fear of the language barrier turn you away from affiliate marketing.

Pinterest And Instagram Are Options As Well

A couple other options for affiliate marketing in Portugal are Pinterest and Instagram. Instagram is a tough one because you really need to build up an audience and it is a crowded space, plus it is not as lucrative as many people seem to think.

For the top earners, it’s great but for people just starting out it can be a huge grind and not worth the effort a lot of the time. I think Instagram is a good option once you start to get some traffic moving through your content.

Niche Ideas For Portugal Affiliate Marketing

When we are looking for an itch to start our business in in Portugal we don’t necessarily need to have a Portugal specific niche. You can start your business in any Niche that you want. As long as you are willing to put in the work it really doesn’t matter what did she choose.

So you can review iPhones or start a pottery Niche from Portugal without any problems whatsoever. However,  there’s a great opportunity for someone in Portugal to start a business in a Portuguese specific niche.

For example, maybe you want to start a business in the Drone niche. It’s a very competitive industry but it can be very lucrative.

The interesting thing about someone who is native to Portugal is that they can leverage all the great history and sights and sounds of Portugal in their Drone footage. So essentially you could start a YouTube channel with great drone videos the beauty of Portugal. 

Keep in mind this was just an example,  I’m not familiar with the laws or regulations in Portugal so you would have to obviously check and see if drones were legal to fly and do you have to be licensed in all the other minutiae that are going to go into that particular niche. 

But the point is having a drone on this website that is specific to Portuguese sights and sounds is a really great way to delve into a very competitive Niche and avoid a lot of the stiffer competition.

Another great idea would be a niche site based around local cooking. Portuguese recipes and cooking tips could be a great Niche website that you could tie into a YouTube channel that shows you making the dishes yourself.

Again cooking is a very tough niche to dive into but with your local knowledge, you could maneuver yourself in a way that could avoid a lot of that competition.

Another idea would be to start a niche built around some of Portugal’s famous landmarks like Belém Tower or the Jerónimos Monastery. Creating content around their history would be an interesting niche. You would then need to monetize it with advertising and affiliate programs if you can find relevant ones.

The bottom line here is that you can leverage your local area as part of your Portuguese affiliate marketing business or you can simply create a business in a more universal niche and work just fine with that.

Affiliate Marketing Training In Portugal

Most affiliate training programs will work just fine for anyone in Portugal. Plus you can find hundreds of hours of free training all over the web. The paid programs range in quality from terrible to mind-bending good.

Here are reviews of my 3 favorite affiliate training services currently available. These all allow anyone in Portugal to join them at the time of publication, if that changes I will update my list.

They all have their pros and cons but they are all solid performers in their own ways.

Wrapping Things Up

Portugal is a great place to start an affiliate marketing business and you can absolutely make a good income if you decide to do it full time. Of course, the great thing is that this type of business and lifestyle meant hat you cna just pick up and move around wherver you want without really affecting you overall businss.

So find you niche and get started creating the content that is going to see you fulfill your plans of a real passive income stream that you can use in addition to your regular income or, with time and work, you can build a full-time income for yourself and your family.

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