Micro-Niche Insights: Is The Drone Niche Profitable?

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It seems like you can’t turn on the television these days without seeing a news story on drones. 

For better or for worse.  Drones have been around for a little while now but they are following the path of most electronics.  They get smaller cheaper and more powerful.

Once they reach a certain point the technology and the price come together and the electronic becomes mainstream. 

We saw it with smartphones, we are seeing it with home automation right now.  And yes we are seeing it with drones.

So now is the time to get into the drone niche.  The question is.  Can you really make money blogging about drones?  Or is it too late?  Has the opportunity passed us by?

The good news is, there is still plenty of growth left in the drone industry.  So the answer is Yes.  You can make good money with a blog dedicated to drones and their overall business.  The price of drones,  high-end drones at least, has a lot of room to drop some more.

Once the price and the technology reach that perfect point then the industry will explode to life and realize its full potential.  We are not quite there yet.  So now is the time to start.

The calm before the storm.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

drone flying

Why Blog About Drones?

One of the biggest reasons to blog about drones is the growth of the drone industry at large.  According to this marketwatch.com article, the drone industry will continue to grow at about a 20% clip for the foreseeable future.

Remember, drones have only taken off in the wealthier countries and are slowly making their way into developing countries.  Both with recreational and industrial applications.  The number of different aspects you could potentially start a blog about is quite diverse.

By focusing on some of these smaller drone micro-niches you can avoid some of the larger competition while building your brand and authority on search engines or on YouTube or other video services.  Starting small is always a good idea for just about any niche.

How Would You Monetize A Drone Blog?

There are a few ways to monetize a drone blog.  You have the traditional methods of advertising through media.net, Adsense, or some other advertising service.  This would be a pretty good way of bringing in income as long as you can generate enough traffic.

For lower traffic blogs, you have the tried and true affiliate marketing method.  There are quite a few drone affiliate programs to choose from.  In addition, you can use a bigger retailer like Best Buy and Amazon for some of your reader’s needs.

And of course, Youtube can be used to generate some income along with some great content to attach to your articles.  The drone niche is great for Youtube with its unique video potential.  But there are other ways to make a little money with a drone blog.

The most interesting way is by using the drone itself.  There are many places that will be photographs and videos made from a flying drone.  These can be used to generate some side income for the blog and some great content as well.

How Does The Future Look For Drones?

As I mentioned before, the drone industry as a whole is predicted to grow year over year for the better part of a decade.  The popularity will continue to grow in the U.S. and similar countries.  But the biggest growth may very well be in developing nations.

The potential for drones to be life-changing in countries with limited infrastructure is not something to be overlooked.  Wherever the growth comes from it will be huge.  In addition, the growth of video on the internet will mean a lot of people looking for unique and interesting videos.

Drones are positioned to deliver some of the best-looking and most interesting views.  Images usually reserved for expensive helicopters or airplanes now can be achieved relatively cheaply with drones.

Any way you look at it, drones are here to stay and their future looks bright indeed.

How Popular Are Drones From A Search Perspective?

For our purposes as bloggers, there is little more important than how popular something is in terms of Google and Bing searches.  Drones are no different.  If people are not searching for it then there is no point blogging about it.

Fortunately, drones are popular online and off.  Nothing to worry about there.  Let us take a look at a sample keyword research from Jaaxy.

jaaxy drone research
Keyword Research Using The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

These are some pretty good search statistics for an emerging market like drones.  Keep in mind that all keyword research tools are just estimating the search volume and only for that one singular search phrase.

As long as you choose your keywords carefully you will be able to generate plenty of traffic for your blog.

Are There Drone Affiliate Programs Available?

There are quite a few drone affiliate programs for you to choose from.  Many of them are extensions of RC planes and helicopters that have been around a while.  But there are a good number of drone-specific partner programs as well.

In addition to these smaller ones, you can use large affiliates like Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, and Amazon to fill in the gaps if you need to.  There will be no shortage of people willing to pay you a commission to drive traffic to their stores.

Other affiliate programs that would fit nicely into the drone niche are photography and video partner programs.  A company like GoPro would be a great addition to any drone blog because its camera fits perfectly into the whole niche.

The price of the drones and their associated equipment is another great reason to blog about drones.  They can be quite expensive and generate a sizable commission for your blog.

For a list of drones affiliate programs, you can check out our article right here.

What Should You Call Your Drone Blog?

You can really use any domain name you want.  This is largely a personal preference.  I usually advise everyone to make their domain and blog name something memorable and interesting.  As opposed to calling it Bob’s Drones or something like that.

Remember the domain and blog title will be one of the first things people see when they come to your blog. 

drone domains

The Perfect Landing

Making it something easy to remember and fun is going to help you out in the long run.  Puns are always fun, unfortunately, most of them are pretty bad.

Closing out this drone niche research, we find a great growth industry to blog about. 

Not only is the world of drones growing at a wonderful rate.  It is poised to be one of the indispensable utilities in the creation of videos and images for use on Youtube and in many other blogs from a variety of niches.

The sky is literally the limit for drones.  A blogger who can get in now can really build their presence for the next year or two and take advantage of future improvements and price corrections that will bring drones more and more into the mainstream.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article.  I wish you the best of luck with your new drone blog.  If you need any help or training check out the link below.  It is my review of one of the best training programs for creating a blog you can find anywhere.

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As always, thank you for visiting, and have a great day.

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  1. Nice article man thank you, I m starting a drone niche i dont know that much about drones but i can outsource it, Dont you think drones are illegal in most countries or am I wrong, therefore few people will be interested, How much a month of traffic can have, I am afraid to waste time and people not interested like other niches

    • They are legal in most places I think but often you will need to register them with the governing authority, the FAA in the United States for example, if they are over a certain weight. But you should always check your regional laws to make sure you are abiding by any regulation. As for the traffic, that is going to depend on your content and how well you target certain topics and keywords. It is a very viable niche, especially on youtube where you can create some pretty stunning videos that you can monetize.

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