Can You Make Money With The YETI Affiliate Program?

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Welcome, Welcome. I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning, noon, or night wherever you are and I thank you for spending some of your time taking a look at the affiliate program review. Today we are going to be looking at a cooler affiliate program to see if it will benefit affiliate marketers across a wide range of niches. Yeti Coolers’ affiliate program is the partner in question.

Can You Make Money With The Yeti Affiliate Program? There is a good opportunity to make money with the YETI affiliate program. They have good products to promote and a solid set of affiliate terms for you to utilize on your niche website.

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A Closer Look At The YETI Affiliate Program

The 5% Affiliate Commission

The commission offered by the YETI affiliate program is a solid 5%. It will get the job done as long as you can generate a decent amount of traffic. 5% is a huge upgrade on something like Amazon Associates which only offers 1-3% for most of their items.

Ideally, you want to see a double-digit affiliate commission but that is just not a reality in many niches, a lot depends on the overhead of the particular niche. The cooler niche tends to run a little bit under 10% as a general rule which leads me to believe there is a bit of overhead that keeps their commission as low as they are.

I would use this affiliate in tandem with other affiliates based on your niche. Use YETI with a hiking affiliate program in the hiking niche or with a Grilling affiliate program in the grilling niche, as a couple of examples.

A 30-day Tracking Cookie Duration

The 30-day tracking cookie is pretty much the industry standard when it comes to tracking cookie durations. 30-days is fine. When you start to get less than 30-days is when you need to take a closer look at the prices of the products and see if the duration is going to be acceptable.

For the YETI affiliate program, the 30-day tracking cookie should work just fine for most of their products. However, some of their branded coolers cost close to $500, making them high-ticket items that will need as long as possible with regards to the tracking cookie.

You may miss out on some conversion on the high-ticket items if your potential customer takes longer than a month to decide on these expensive purchases. For the lower price items, it won’t be much of a problem.

A Look At The YETI Cooler Products

Here are some of the cooler categories you can expect to promote when you join the YETI affiliate program. A big draw for these high-end coolers is the branding that you can get on many of them. Colleges and Major League Baseball teams are just some of the custom logos you can put on your cooler.

screenshot of the collegiate branded coolers on the YETI website
YETI Has Collegiate Branded Coolers

In addition to these coolers, they have a great selection of tumbles, mugs, bottles, and other gear that fits right into dozens of affiliate niches. They even have some pet products making this a viable option for anyone in the pet niche and particularly in the dog food niche.

The Best Niches For YETI Products

The obvious niche would be a cooler niche website. Whether you are reviewing various coolers or explaining the science behind them, YETI would be a good addition to that type of niche site.

However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Here is some great option for a niche site that would benefit greatly from the YETI partner program.

  • College Fan Sites
  • Grilling And BBQ Sites
  • Backyard Activity Niches
  • Camping
  • Hiking Niches
  • General Outdoor Niches
  • Sports Niches
  • Major League Baseball Sites
  • NASCAR Sites
  • Prepper Niches

You can see just from this quick simple list that there is a wide range of niches that would work well for this cooler affiliate. The branded products open up new avenues for the types of niches this affiliate could do well with.

What I Like About Affiliate Program

I think that the YETI products are the real stars of this affiliate program. They look great and they seem to have a great following online and some good reviews for their products. That is always a great thing to see when you are deciding on whether or not to promote a product line or an affiliate program.

Another thing I really like is the look of their website. It is modern the products are front and center and it is easy to navigate. It doesn’t matter how good your content is or how well you promote their products if the website you are sending your audience to is tough to navigate or looks like it is from the 90s.

The look of a website can contribute to your conversion rate both negatively and positively, something to keep in mind when selecting your affiliate programs. One final thing I want to mention that I love about this affiliate program is the range of products. Yes, the coolers are great, but they have so much more that can be a benefit to niches outside your typical cooler niches.

You could use this affiliate for a pet niche website because of its cool pet products. Or an MLB-specific niche website because of their MLB branded coolers. The branded options give you a wider net when using this affiliate for your niche site. A niche centered around college tailgating would be an awesome place to use this affiliate program because of those collegiate branded coolers.

screenshot of the YETI website featuring YETI dog bowls
They Even Have Dog Gear

What Could Be Better

The only real issue I have with this affiliate program is that the commission is a little on the low side. Most cooler affiliate programs that I have come across a range between 5% and 8% some a little higher. But in general, they tend to be under 10%.

I would just like to see Yeti move up to the upper range of the commissions in the cooler niche. Even a 7% or 8% commission would make this affiliate much more appealing. They have everything else. Great products and a good tracking cookie duration. It is only the commission that keeps this affiliate from being a world-class partner program.

Can You Make Money With The Yeti Affiliate Program?

That wraps up our coverage of the Yeti Affiliate program. This partner has some great-looking products, some of the best coolers you are going to find. However, the commission is on the low side but it still should be able to generate a nice bit of income for your niche site and it is definitely worth considering this affiliate program if you are in a niche that it fits into.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great niches that could benefit from this partner program and it would be a wonderful addition to just about anyone’s affiliate line-up. Jump into this affiliate program and see if their products are something that fits into your business strategy and that they are something you would be proud to promote on your website.

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