5 of the Most Profitable Affiliate Niches for Dogs

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the site. Today we are going to be looking at some profitable micro-niches for our furry friends,

The dog niche for blogging is the gift that keeps on giving, we looked at 5 great micro-niches for dogs in the past. 

And now it is time to look at 5 more remarkably profitable niches for dog bloggers.  Some of them might look ridiculous but these are all great niches to incorporate into a dog based blog.

Hopefully you can take one of these great affiliate niches and turn it into a passive income machine for yourself and build a great online business moving forward.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

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Dive Into These Great Dog Niche Ideas

Designer Dog Collars

Dog Collars? Yes, dog collars.  Every dog has one and they are increasingly becoming status symbols for people furry companions. 

Designers are making ridiculously intricate and expensive designs for these otherwise common dog items. 

It is a really interesting potential niche. And a good affiliate marketer can really break into this space by providing information and reviews and functional looks are this micro-niche. 

It really is a great place to start trying to make headway into the crowded dog niche.  A really great micro-niche to look into for a dog blogger.

dog on leash
Dog Collars are Big Business

What do they cost though?  Aren’t dog collars only about 10 bucks?  Maybe a little more but is there really any commission to be made on these types of items? 

The answer is an unequivocal yes.  The price of some of these retail collars is astounding.

Muttropolis, a boutique for designer dog products and one of our suggested affiliate partners for dog bloggers, has numerous dog collars that approach $200 dollars and almost all of them are above 25 dollars. That’s a pretty decent commission.

And it is not just one store either.  There are many affiliate partners and avenues for a dog blogger to use in order to promote and ultimately profit for the dog collar micro-niche. 

It really is an under the radar niche and one that is great to start in or to expand an already existing dog blog.

Domain Suggestions (Available at time of Publication)

  1. puppyblings.com
  2. designerdoggycollar.com
  3. fancypupcollars.com
  4. uniquepuppycollars.com

Affiliate Marketing Programs for the Dog Collar Niche. 

  1. Muttropolis — A boutique store specializing in unique items for dogs.  A huge selection of great dog collars.  This is a Must-have affiliate partner for this niche.
  2. Bitch New York —  A high-end boutique dog store with a great selection of designer collars and other products.  Another great affiliate partner to have on board for this niche.
  3. Classic Hound Collar Co. — This affiliate program isn’t off the ground yet but check back often.  A unique assortment of great collars that will add tones of content to any dog blog.
  4. Sit Stay — A smaller affiliate program that offers a bit of everything including many interesting collars.

The Dog Travel Niche

This one might seem like an odd one for your dog blog, but people are increasingly taking their dogs with them when they travel.

The Dog Travel niche would be great for adding reviews and content based on dog crates and travel carriers can add another potential line of readers.

pup looking at lake
Traveling with your Pup

In addition to the carriers, your blog could concentrate on finding pet-friendly hotels. airlines and other amenities for dog lovers.  When combined this niche can add a great deal of potential content for an existing dog blog.

Starting out with this niche might not be the best idea since it is a fairly narrow micro-niche.  But it could work with the right content, especially when combined with another starting dog niche such as dog beds or dog houses.

Another potential aspect that a dog blogger could use inside this niche is to combine a travel blog with their dog blog and write about their actual travels together. 

The potential for photos and videos would be another great way to publish content for this niche.

Domain Suggestions (Available at time of Publication)

  1. pupoftheworld.com
  2. worldlypups.com
  3. tourdawg.com

Affiliate Marketing Programs for the Dog Travel Niche. 

  1. Bring Fido — This is a neat affiliate to have.  Any time one of your readers uses your affiliate link to book a hotel or other service at a pet-friendly venue you get a commission.  Great to have for this niche.
  2. Petco — A large pet super-store with everything under the sun for dogs.  Including a large selection of travel crates.
  3. Dog.com — This store has a huge assortment of crates and travel carries for your dog.  Nice to have a large selection like this.

The Dog Grooming Niche

The Dog Grooming niche is another potential gold mine for a dog blogger.  It is visual which lends itself well to photos and especially videos. 

An added bonus is the sheer amount of potential products to review and recommend.  These could create a well-spring of potential content.

dog with brush in its mouth
Brush your Pup

You could approach this blog from a variety of different angles.  Take the grooming products and research, review and recommend them. 

Creating videos showing the products in use would be a great idea as videos in blogs are one of the keys to improving rankings in searches.

Another way would be to promote grooming services.  Local services or chain services would both work well for this blog niche. 

And a third way to attack this niche would be writing about the current fashion and grooming trends that are popular in the dog niche.

Using the trending grooming styles means a constant update to keep up with the latest styles. 

This gives you as the blogger a great amount of potential fresh content to draw from when deciding what to write about in this intriguing niche.

Domain Suggestions (Available at time of Publication)

  1. doggonegroomings.com
  2. puppylookgood.com
  3. getyourfurdone.com
  4. prettypuppers.com

Affiliate Marketing Programs for the Dog Grooming Niche. 

  1. Muttropolis — A boutique store for dogs.  They carry a wide range of shampoos and grooming products.  A little more of a high-end store.
  2. Always Bright Eyes — This is an interesting one for dog grooming.  This product clears up tear stains on your pup’s face.  Give it a whirl the commission is pretty decent
  3. Petco — A pet superstore with a lot of everything.  Always a good affiliate to have for any dog niche.
  4. Dog.com — This affiliate partner has a great deal of dog grooming products. Brushes, shampoos, clippers everything you would need for your audience to groom their dogs.

How to Train Your Dra Dog

Dog training is where our tour of popular dog micro-niches takes up.  Training your dog is one of the most important aspects of owning a dog and should be a very interesting topic for any dog blogger to write about. 

dog on training course
How to Train Your Pup

This is a potentially underrated dog niche. This is another great dog niche to use photos and especially video with.  Videos of you training your own dog will be a great way to connect with your audience in this niche or in the larger dog niche as a whole. 

Showing yourself interacting with your own pup is marketing gold. As with the other micro-niches, you could attack this niche in a couple of ways.  One would be to promote training services in your area. 

Local SEO affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra income for your blog as you try and expand it. And of course, there is a lot of potential content from the review, use, and recommendations of various dog training products. 

Combing these two approaches would probably be the best way to approach it, however.  it would give you and your blog the greatest amount of flexibility.

Domain Suggestions (Available at time of Publication)

  1. howtotrainyourpupster.com
  2. firstdogtraining.com
  3. trainadog.net
  4. puppy-trainers.com

Affiliate Marketing Programs for the Dog Training Niche. 

  1. Cesar’s Way — A webshop from Cesar Milan, the famous dog trainer.  They have all kinds of training products among other dog-related items.  Uses The ShareASale Affiliate Network.
  2. Muttropolis — This affiliate partner has a good number of training products for you to promote and recommend.
  3. Petco — A pet superstore with a great number of dog training products.
  4. Dog.com — This affiliate partner has a great deal of dog training products. another large superstore type affiliate.

The Dog House Niche

The last niche we are going to look at is the Dog House niche.  This is a great niche to promote products because dog houses have the potential to earn a very high commission for the affiliate marketer that writes about them on their blog or shows them in their videos.

Blogging about premade dog houses and then writing reviews about the best one would be a great way of incorporating this niche into your dog blog. 

If you could show the houses in your videos that would be a huge plus for reviewing the dog houses. But the best way to attack this niche might just be the DIY route. 

Making videos about the step by step construction of a dog house would be absolutely compelling content for your audience. 

It would also be a great series and a ton of content. 10 or so 10-minute videos would be an incredible series you could use to promote your site. 

The added bonus is that you could incorporate other affiliate partners from other niches into your dog blog.  Construction and wood-working niches would dovetail nicely with this micro-niche.

Domain Suggestions (Available at time of Publication)

  1. ahoundhouse.com
  2. puppyhome.net
  3. puppy-homes.com
  4. ahomeforpups.com

Affiliate Marketing Programs for the Dog House Niche. 

  1. Dog Den — A company that sells pre-built underground dog house.  It would be a great affiliate for the novelty at the very least.
  2. Petco —  Some dog house products and accessories.  But you will want to have this affiliate program to pick up any slack or products that no one else has.
  3. Not a specific affiliate partner here.  But you could pick up affiliate programs that cater to construction and DIY niches add more value to your dog blog
  4. Dog.com — They have a few dog houses in their selection.  It would be a good affiliate to have for all dog niches.

black brown and white pup laying in the grass

Wrap it up

There you have 5 more great dog micro-niches to add to your dog blog.  Or 5 ideas to help you break into the dog niche. The dog niche is as profitable as it is evergreen.

As long as people love their dogs they will spend money on them and it’s up to you to get in on that commission potential.

That’s all for now.  I hope you enjoyed our look at these marketing niches.  Check out our other articles on marketing niches and affiliate programs from the dropdowns in the menu at the top of the screen.  Thanks for reading our article.

Once you have your niche up and running and start getting that content out there it might be a great time to start thinking about a strategy to beat your competition.

Make no mistake about it, pets and dog niches are among the most competitive out there and you will need to put in the work to be a success.

It will take time and hard work but you can make a full-time job of it with one of the smaller niches.

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

Thanks for visiting and as Always Have a Great Day.

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