10 Of The Best Massage Chair Affiliate Programs

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Greeting and welcome. Today I wanted to take a look at a very popular affiliate marketing niche and some of its affiliate programs.

Massage and massage chair affiliate programs are going to give you the edge you need to open up new monetization possibilities for your niche site.

Whether that site dedicated to massage tech or whether you are opening up a new categories on an existing site to bring massage products into your niche site then one of these massage affiliate programs might be just what you need to succeed.

We will be taking a look at all manner of massage affiliate programs but the focus will be on massage chair affiliate programs.

Most of the time you will find quite a bit of crossover within the massage niche and you will be able to find the massage products you need at these affiliate programs without much trouble.

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njoie Affiliate Program

njoie affiliate screenshot
njoie Has A Lot To Offer Their Affiliate Partners

njoie is a smaller affiliate program with a limited number of products to rpomote. But it is focused on getting your readers some of the best massage equipment available.

Their MFLEX full-body massage tool is at the heart of this affiliate program. It might not have the broad appeal of some other affiliates in the massage niche.

But the focus on just a few products can be a boon for your business as long as they resonate with your specific audience.

The commission for this affiliate program is 10%. 10% seems to be a pretty consistent commission for many of these massage and massage chair affiliate programs.

You really cannot go wrong with a double digit commission and it should serve you well if you place your links into solid content with a decent amount of buyer intent.

Moving on to the tracking cookie. It weighs in at a standard 30-days giving you a full month from the time someone clicks your njoie affiliate link to the time they make a purchase and still give you credit for that all important commission.

addsfit Affiliate Program

addsfit screenshot

addsfit is a smaller affiliate program with only a couple of products. They focus on deep tissue massage guns.

This will limit the affiliate program somewhat and these couple of products must be popular with your audience since there is nothing to fall back on.

That said these are the type of innovative and unique products that can really take off with the right content and promotion.

Here we have another great commission for a massage affiliate program. addsfit offers 10% on qualifying sales made through your affiliate links.

It is a solid commission that should produce a nice bit of income given that their products run between 100 and 2oo dollars for the most part.

The tracking cookie duration is also very nice. They give you a full 45-days to make a referral and still get credit for the commission.

Their products are not quite high ticket items but it is nice to see an long duration cookie nonetheless as these are the types of products that might take a potential customer a little longer to decide on that purchase.

Snailax Affiliate Program

snailax website screenshot

Snailax has a very nice selection of massage products for you to promote on your niche site. They have numerous massage chairs, foot massagers, and heated cushions to get you the relief you need at the end of the day.

The prices seem to range over $100 dollars in some cases which will make for a nice commission. You can make a very nice income on just a few sales each day.

The commission is a solid 10%. You can do quite well with a 10% commission and it puts it on par with most other affiliates in this niche and well above what Amazon Associates would give you for similar products.

Rounding out this affiliate program is the tracking cookie which weighs in at 7-days. It is quite a bit shorter than most other affiliates in this niche.

It should be ok but lower tracking cookies can lead to lower conversion rates at times. Just something to keep in mind.

Overall this is a solid option for your massage related niche site and certainly an good alternative to Amazon Associates if you can get the traffic and conversions.

Massage Naturals Affiliate Program

screenshot of the massage naturals website

Massage Naturals is the type of affiliate partner that can be used as the foundation for your entire niche site. It is a direct competitor with Amazon Associates but it gives you much better affiliate terms.

This is a larger store with a huge variety of massage products. They have just about everything you need for a massage business or for personal use. Here is a look at some of the categories you can promote through this partner.

  • Massage Linens
  • Lotions, Oils, Creams & Gels
  • Body Treatments
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Aromatherapy

According to their ShareASale profile they offer a 30-day tracking cookie duration. This should work well for most of their products.

Some of their massage tables and chairs are 4-500 dollars and might benefit from a longer duration cookie but the vast majority of their products should be just fine with this 30-day tracking cookie.

I would highly recommend that anyone in the massage chair niche give this affiliate program a look.

They have everything you need and you can use it alongside some of the smaller massage affiliates to give you a well-rounded and complete coverage of the massage niche.

everyfun Affiliate Program

screenshot of the everyfun website

everyfun is another relatively small affiliate program for your massage niche website. They focus on massage guns and have a small selection of different colors but the product itself seems to be the same.

This means that if your audience wants a massage gun then you have a great opportunity with this affiliate.

But if that’s not something that interests you or your audience there is nothing else to promote from this affiliate and you’ll need to find something else to work with.

This affiliate program offers a 10% commission for qualifying sales made through your affiliate links. You should be starting to notice a pattern with these commissions as they are all right around 10%.

It means that you don’t really need to worry about missing out on commissions and can just focus on the products and affiliate programs that are right for your specific audience.

The tracking cookie is pretty standard as well. 30-days is the duration and it should serve you quite well. These aren’t high-ticket items so the 30-day duration should be fine for most affiliates out there.

Finally, everyfun offers an auto-approval process through their ShareASale profile giving even brand new massage niche site the opportunity to monetize their content from the very beginning.

Massage Chair Deals Affiliate Program

massage chair deals affiliate program

Massage Chair Deals lives up to its name. It has plenty of massage chairs from some big brands. Many of their products are high ticket items and that might limit the customer base a bit but with products like these you don’t need to sell a huge number to be successful.

The commission is 7%. This is just a touch lower than most of the other affiliate on this list but still well above Amazon Associates.

Given that this affiliate is mostly focused on massage chairs it makes sense that the commission is slightly lower given the overhead for these large heavy products.

With that said the commissions for this affiliate program could be huge since many of their products are high-ticket items that run into the multiple thousands of dollars. Just a couple sales a week could be enough for a full time income.

The tracking cookie duration was not readily available at the time of publication so be sure to ask about it when you join this affiliate program.

Ootori Affiliate Program

screenshot of the ootori website

Ootori is a furniture and home decor store that has quite a few massage chairs for you to promote on your massage niche site.

In addition to a massage affiliate program, Ootori could be used as a more general home and garden affiliate program or a furniture affiliate program with a good deal of success. They even have some pet products.

The commission is 7%. A little lower than some of the other commissions on our list but given that this is a larger store with many different products, it makes sense. The more you offer the smaller the commission is typically.

The tracking cookie is 30-days. This gives you plenty of time to promote their products and still make a commission.

NBRelax Affiliate Program

nbrelax screenshot

The NBRelax product line really focuses on massage products for your neck and shoulders which sets it apart from many of the other affiliates on our list.

Not only is this a good massage affiliate program but it can also be used for more general health-related niche sites as well as pain management niche sites and specifically neck and shoulder pain niche sites.

The tracking cookie duration weighs in at a standard 30-days. It is really the industry standard at this point and relatively few affiliates go lower than 30-days.

Amazon Associates being the notable exception as they only offer around a 20-hour tracking cookie duration.

The commission is 20%. That puts it at the high end of commission for the massage niche.

A 20% commission is the type of commission that can be the cornerstone for your entire business provided that the products really resonate with your audience.

Opove Affiliate Program

opove screenshot

Opove is an affiliate program that focuses on the massage gun. one of a couple on our list. The massage gun is becoming an increasingly important part of any massage-related niche site.

You can incorporate Opove and many other massage gun affiliates into your content with top 10 lists or outright reviews of their products.

The tracking cookie duration is 45-days. That gives you a month and a half from the time someone clicks your link to make a purchase and still gives you that well-earned commissions.

The commission is 10%. It might seem a little familiar at this point but most of the affiliates in this niche will give you around a 10% commission.

Some a little more some a little less but it seems to be right around that 10% mark. This is definitely a good thing, a double-digit commission is always welcome.

Miko Affiliate Program

screenshot of the miko website

Miko has a number of interesting massage products from the feet to the neck. This makes it a pretty versatile affiliate for your massage niche site.

They also have some other products that make it suitable for an air purifier niche site among others.

The tracking cookie duration is 30-days which gives you plenty of time to make a referral and still get that commission.

The commission itself is 8% which puts it on par with most of the other affiliates in this niche and should be a good addition to your website site or Youtube channel.

The Big Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at some of the best massage affiliate programs for your niche site.

There are others out there so if none of these work then you can almost certainly find something that does, even if it is falling back on Amazon Associates.

Ultimately you are going to have to make some decisions on which affiliate programs you choose to promote and which ones are the best fit for your audience and give your the best return on your time investment.

As the boss of your online business these descisions are going to fall squarely in your lap and choosing the right affiliate programs can go along way to making your business profitable and successful.

Always pick the affiliate that your audience responds to the most. Commissions should be secondary, afterall if your audience is buying anything through your affiliate link the commssion is largely irrelevant.

So pick a couple massage affiliate programs that have great products for your audience to buy and balance that out with a decent commission that will benefit you and your business.

Success in the competitive massage niche is just around the corner. Start building today and you can reach your goals quicker than you might think.

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Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.