Does Spartan Carton Have An Affiliate Program? Read Our Review

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Welcome to our Spartan Carton affiliate program review. If you’re looking to add this Fitness and Nutrition subscription box service to your affiliate strategy then you are in the right place.

Because we’re going to break down every aspect of this affiliate program and find out if it is worth your time to promote.

We are going to look at the commission, the tracking cookie, the importance of the product line, the popularity of the brand and the potential that it has to generate good sustainable income for your blog.

Let’s get to it…

Spartan Carton Affiliate Program Review Summary

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  • Affiliate Commission: 20%
  • Tracking Cookie: 30-days
  • Niche: Diet/Fitness
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Spartan Carton is a diet and fitness subscription box service dedicated to delivering the best supplements and gear for your training routine. They offer 2 boxes that are delivered monthly.

The affiliate terms are among the best in the fitness niche. This would make a very good addition to just about any fitness or nutrition/diet website or blog if you can get it to convert with your specific audience.

Overall Rating: 83/100

Recommended?: Yes

What Is The Spartan Carton Affiliate Program

The Spartan Carton affiliate program is a program designed to allow individuals and businesses to earn a small commission when they promote Sparton Carton products(*affiliate link).

When someone uses the affiliate marketer affiliate link and then makes a purchase at the Spartan Carton website the affiliate marketer earns their small commission for the promotion of that product.

The Spartan Carton Commission

I would wager that a fair bit of you are going to look right at the commission percentage and then be on your way.

That’s fine but I would argue that the commission is only a part of the overall affiliate program. And I would argue further that it’s not the most important part of the affiliate program.

I think the products and the conversion rate are the two most important aspects of any affiliate program. 

But the commission is the most visible number and it is still important you want to certainly meet a minimum threshold before you even consider promoting an affiliate program.

Typically I find that the minimum percentage is around 4%. You can go a little lower in some cases but 4% is about as low as I like to go for any given affiliate program, as a general rule.

The great news is that Spartan carton is well above that minimum threshold. In fact, Spartan carton offers one of the best commissions I have seen for a subscription box service in any niche.

It is an especially good commission for health and fitness niches. Typically getting into double-digits with Fitness type programs in a little difficult unless their supplements or digital-only training videos and then you start to run into a very high percentage is but that’s a completely different animal.

The commission offered by Spartan carton is a robust 20%. That is going to be about five times bigger than an Amazon Commission. And given that these products are unique to Spartan Carton the 20% commission is even more impressive.

There’s really nothing bad to say about the commission offered by Spartan carton. I consider anything in double-digits to be a very good affiliate commission when dealing with physical products. So when you see 20% you have to really take notice.

Always keep in mind that these companies can change their affiliate commissions whenever they want.  So just be aware that that 20% commission might not last forever.

The Tracking Cookie Duration

The tracking cookie is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of any affiliate program.  That’s true of the affiliate marketers and of the companies behind the affiliate programs as well.

I don’t think people really understand the true value of having a nice long duration cookie.  I consider 30 days to be the standard, average tracking cookie. Anything above that and then we start to get into the great track and cookie territory.

So for the Spartan Carton affiliate program, we have a standard 30-day tracking cookie. For Spartan Carton, this is absolutely fine.

the basic rule of thumb is that the higher the price of the item you’re trying to promote the longer the cookie duration you want in order to make that sale and still get a commission.

The 2 subscription boxes that Spartan Carton offers are not considered high ticket items. The more expensive of the two runs around $100 a month which can be pricey but it still doesn’t touch that high-ticket item threshold.

So the 30-day tracking cookie is going to be just fine for the types of products and the prices of the product that Sparton Carton is offering.

How Are The Spartan Carton Products

When I decide on a score for the products when I’m reviewing these affiliate programs I look at the products as a complete outsider.

For example, when I look at the spark carton products I’m looking at them as someone who is not actively working in the diet, nutrition or weight loss niche. I’m simply looking at them as a consumer who is considering whether or not to buy them.

Their products would fit in nicely with other bodybuilding affiliate programs.

The point of trying to make here is that you were going to know much better than I am about the quality of the products because you and your website are built in the niche that Spartan Carton operates.

So my review score and the quality of the products that you decide on could be wildly different because I am coming at this from a completely different angle than you would be.

But it’s really the only angle that I can take because I do reviews of affiliate programs across just about every niche you can imagine and I’m certainly not an expert in all of them or even most of them for that matter.

With all that said when I take a look at the Spartan carton products,  and they only have two subscription boxes to choose from I see some quality products packed into the boxes. It looks like the value of the boxes is going to be decent which is always a good sign for a subscription box.

So based on what I see with the two subscription boxes I like what I’m saying. And I think that’s for someone in the fitness Niche this would be a good option to have for a subscription box on your passive income blog.

The Brand Recognition Of Spartan Carton

The brand recognition or popularity of a particular affiliate program is probably not something that a lot of people look for when deciding on which affiliate programs to promote. 

It’s not as important as some of the other factors but it is something that you should look at and here is why.

The more popular or more recognizable a brand or product means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining what that product is or what that brand is.

Or an affiliate marketer the most valuable asset that you have is your time. The longer it takes to explain what a particular product or service is the last time you can spend actually promoting the products that you’re going to get commissions off of.

If you have to spend a week writing 5 articles about the history of Spartan Carton in order to explain who they are to your audience that’s 5 articles and a lot of time that you could have spent reviewing their subscription boxes or building content that can be monetized with their affiliate links.

It’s not a huge deal but it’s definitely something that you want to take a look at if you’re on the fence about a particular affiliate program. 

The question you have to ask is this. Does it make sense to put in the extra work required to make this affiliate program work over another one that might have better brand recognition and in turn focus more on the monetization side of affiliate marketing?

With Spartan Carton, I think you will have to spend a bit of time building a relationship between your audience and their products in order to build a level of trust that you will need to start seeing some good commissions.

The Conversion Potential Of The Spartan Carton Affiliate Program

What is the conversion rate Spartan Carton going to be for your passive income website?

The answer is I have no idea. That’s why this section is called conversion potential, not the conversion rate.

I believe the conversion potential of Spartan Carton is pretty high given that they have a couple of interesting subscription box products as well as a good cookie and a fantastic commission which means that an affiliate marketer will go out of their way to promote this product.

But it’s all potential. The reason is potential is because the conversion rate of any affiliate program is tied directly to the audience that you’re trying to promote it to.

Great products, some of the best products don’t convert with some audiences. Why that is I have no idea.  But it happens all the time.

So you need to run tests with any affiliate program to determine whether the conversion potential can be turned into a solid conversion rate.

And that’s what you’re going to have to do with Spartan Carton and your Fitness or nutrition or Diet audience on your website. You’ll have to run some tests to see if your audience is going to be open to buying and using the Spartan Carton products that come in their subscription box.

Conversion potential can also be a little bit tricky with subscription boxes in that they are typically filled with all kinds of various products from other manufacturers.

You need to be sure that your audience is getting enough value out of each and every subscription box that they get every month.

It’s a lot to consider and you’ll need to figure all the stuff out on the fly as you sign up for an affiliate program implemented and then run the tests to determine whether or not it’s going to be viable for you long term.

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Spartan Carton Review Summary


Product Quality




Tracking Cookie


Popularity Of Brand





  • Great 20% Commission
  • Decent 30-day Cookie
  • Interesting Subscription Box Products


  • Only 2 Option To Choose From
  • Not A Well Known Brand

That just about wraps up on our look at the Spartan Carton affiliate program.  This is a very good affiliate program when you take a look at the affiliate terms offered by Spartan Carton.

They have a good cookie and a fantastic commission. If it converts well with your audience than the potential for this affiliate program is immense.

The only stumbling blocks that I could see are the brand recognition of Spartan Carton and the products themselves if your audience doesn’t feel that they’re getting value for their money each month.

The first issue of brand recognition is an easy fix you just explain who they are and what they’re about with some targeted content. 

The latter problem is something that is not easily worked out it is either your audience likes these products or they don’t. If they don’t then this affiliate program is going to be worthless to you even with the great affiliate terms.

The bottom line is this. I gave this affiliate program a very good score because it looks like a fantastic one but as with all affiliate programs they are very dependent on how well your audience responds to them.

Think of these reviews as more of a guy for which affiliate programs to test with your audience rather than an end-all-be-all review.

Remember when it comes to affiliate marketing,  the most important thing is keeping your readers and potential customers happy with the type of content and the type of affiliate programs you choose to promote.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.