Does Old Navy Have An Affiliate Program? Check Out Our Review

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Welcome welcome welcome to our review of The Old Navy affiliate program.

Old Navy is a popular clothing and fashion brand that has stores all over the world.  If you are in the clothing and fashion Niche then you are probably considering them as an option for your affiliate marketing strategy.

In this review, we’re going to find out  If Old Navy is worth the time and energy to promote their products for an affiliate marketer with a passive income fashion Niche website.

We’re going to take a look at the commission, the cookie,  the overall popularity and reputation of the brand and products.

 Let’s get to it.

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What Is The Old Navy Affiliate Program

The Old Navy affiliate program is a program designed to allow individuals and businesses to earn commission by referring customers to the Old Navy website.

When a customer uses an affiliate link and then makes a purchase at Old Navy, the affiliate marketer then receives a commission for their promotional efforts.

The Old Navy affiliate program is part of the Impact affiliate network. You will need to be a member of Impact in order to be eligible to sign up for the Old Navy Affiliate Program.

For more information on Impact, head over to their website:

Old Navy is a fashion and clothing company and would be an option for any affiliate marketer in the clothing niches.

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Old Navy Affiliate Program Review Summary

  • Affiliate Commission Score: 25/100
  • Tracking Cookie Score: 25/100
  • Products Score: 82/100
  • Popularity Score: 85/100
  • Potential Score: 50/100

Overall Score – 53/100

The Commission For The Old Navy Affiliate Program

I often say the commission is not everything. A lot of times I feel that marketers will look at the commission and nothing else.

I don’t think that’s the best way to go about selecting an affiliate program I think you need a balance between all the factors that go into A partner program.

That being said there is a minimum threshold for commissions that I think they need to meet before you even consider them.

In general I consider 4% to be the minimum in the reason for that is that’s what Amazon offers on most of the products that they sell. So if you’re going to dip below 4% you might as well just use Amazon if they have that product. 

In the case of Old Navy, you get one of the worst commissions I’ve ever seen for an affiliate program.  They give you a 2% Commission on all qualifying sales for your affiliate link. 2%.

 I’ll just come out and say it’s insulting. It doesn’t take into account the amount of time and effort that you’re going to invest in in in promoting their products. it shows a total lack of respect for affiliate marketers and affiliate marketing in general. 

It’s the single most damaging thing about this affiliate program. It is the reason why I wouldn’t go anywhere near this affiliate program or if I were in the clothing and fashion niche.

Commission Score – 25

The Old Navy Affiliate Program Tracking Cookie

The tracking cookie for the Old Navy affiliate program is pretty poor as well. They give you a day duration for their cookie.

Essentially when someone clicks on your link they have 24 hours to make a purchase or you don’t get the commission. If they come back 36 hours later you don’t get a commission. It’s just not a good situation for an affiliate marketing to have a cookie like this low.

Amazon has a similar length cookie but since they’re Amazon they can get away with a little bit more than a manufacturer store like Old Navy. 

 what is means in real terms is that you have got to tell your content to be very “sell” heavy when you’re promoting Old Navy products.

You have to get them to click on your link and be in a mine said that they are going to buy something right then or you just won’t get a commission from that click most of the time.

Cookie Score – 25

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How Are The Old Navy Products

An important aspect of any affiliate program is the quality of the products that you were going to promote. 

If the products are bad then everything else really doesn’t matter because they’re just not going to be popular and you’re going to lose a lot of reputation if you’re constantly promoting bad products.

The good news is Old Navy has great products. There clothing and fashion lines are always pretty popular and they’re well-made. 

 and while the high-quality products are great for both the affiliate marketer and the customers who are buying them if those products come with a 2% commission then the affiliate marketer is not going to promote this product.

We have to keep going back to the absolutely horrid Commission because it influences everything else about this affiliate program.

That’s a real shame because  Old Navy has some great products that you could promote with a lot of interesting content in a wide variety of fashion niches.

But you are just not going to be able to promote them because investing that amount of time into something that is not going to give you a good return on investment is not a great idea for a business strategy.

Product Score – 82

Popularity Of Old Navy

Between the products and the popularity of Old Navy, this should be a fantastic affiliate program but the affiliate terms are what really destroy this partner program from having any use whatsoever.

It’s a real shame because Old Navy has built a good brand name that a lot of people like and that could be a very productive and profitable affiliate partner if the affiliate terms were better.

They have very good name recognition which means that were you to promote them you would need to really explain who they are or what they’re about they’ve spent the last 20 or 30 years doing just that.

But all the popularity in the world doesn’t make it any easier to swallow that terrible Commission.

Popularity Score – 85

Conversion Potential Of The Old Navy Affiliate Program

I don’t think there is much potential in this affiliate program at all. And the main reason for that goes back to the incredibly poor commission and the lackluster tracking cookie.

The conversion rate that you would need to make this affiliate program useful would be astronomical.

It certainly is possible that you have an audience that absolutely loves Old Navy and we’ll use your affiliate link every time they go to buy something from them but it’s very unlikely.

This is simply a poorly thought out affiliate program that really doesn’t do the company and the products that Old Navy sells any justice.

Potential Score – 50/100

Maximize Your Affiliate Programs

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The best way to do that is to keep a steady stream of new traffic coming in that will help generate the passive income that you need.

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The Bottom Line

It’s very difficult to recommend using the Old Navy affiliate program.  The affiliate terms are particularly bad.

The tracking cookie is only a day long which doesn’t give you much time to make a sale and still get a commission.

The commission is an abysmal 2%.  I said before the commission isn’t everything but there really needs a Baseline commission percentage to really make the affiliate program even worth looking at.

With that said if the products that you’re going to be promoting from Old Navy are very popular with your specific audience and they do convert well then you might consider using it in places.

I would not recommend using it as your sole or primary affiliate program simply because the returns are not going to be what you’re looking for due to the fact that that commission is so low.

The good news is there are plenty of alternatives that offer similar products to Old Navy and have much better affiliate programs for anyone in the clothing or fashion niche.

 Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.