Can You Make Money Selling Candles With Affiliate Marketing?

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Welcome, Welcome. I hope this day finds everyone doing well and I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out our article. You picked a great day to stop by especially if you are interested in building your own candle niche website to earn a little extra passive income for yourself.

Can You Make Money Selling Candles With Affiliate Marketing? You can absolutely make money with candles. The candle niche is very popular and has a number of affiliate programs to help you monetize your niche site.

Often people focus on candle making and selling their own products in the candle niche. I thought it might be interesting to use affiliate marketing to get started and then expand to your own candle products later on.

So join me as I take a look at the candle niche and how you can build a business online without having to deal with inventory or shipping and just focus on the content for your niche site.

woman holding a candle close to her face

A Closer Look At The Candle Niche

Starting Your Candle Niche Website

Starting a website has never been easier really. You can build a WordPress website from scratch with no HTML or coding knowledge in a matter of minutes and then customize it any way you see fit. You can also forgo the website entirely, I don’t recommend it, and build a Youtube channel for your content We will touch on both options, but I want to start with the traditional written website.

A Traditional Niche Website

A traditional niche website is one of the best places to start an affiliate marketing business in the candle niche. It gives you the opportunity to explain a lot of the inner workings of candle making and the science behind it in a long-form style of content that can incorporate other media like Youtube videos and images to create a full multi-media experience on your niche site.

Building a candle niche website also gives you a base of operations for your online business. This is a website hub that you can direct everyone to. Whether you draw traffic from Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or any other traffic source you can direct it to a spot on the internet that you own.

That is the biggest reason that I think a traditional niche site is the best place to start a candle affiliate marketing website. You own it. You have to pay for the web hosting and the domain but you own it. Your content is your own and unless you break a copyright law or something along those lines you control exactly what is on it.

YouTube or Twitch Or Pinterest can remove your content for whatever reason they choose currently, so it is something to be aware of when you are building your online business. Having your own business hub is something that is going to increase your authority in the candle niche and ultimately going to be the heart of your business for most affiliate marketers regardless of where else you expand.

Web Hosting And Domains

As mentioned you will need to invest a little bit of money upfront in order to get your candle niche site off the ground. There are a few options for this. Wix can be a decent place to start a website, but I prefer a WordPress site over Wix. WordPress is what I have the most experience and I feel it is the best option for anyone looking to build a niche site.

There are scores(hundreds?) of web hosting solutions for you to choose from when setting up your niche site. I recommend researching a few of them to see which ones look the best to you.

Personally I use Bluehost for my new niche sites. I think it offers a good blend of accessibility and useability with great pricing and solid uptime.

As for your domain, think of this as your internet address and the name of your business. Your domain and business name don’t have to be exactly the same but they should be similar for branding purposes.

candle surrounded by candied fruit and spices

Here are some tips for getting your domain just right…

  • Try and keep your domain short and memorable
  • Avoid using hyphens if possible
  • Always choose the .com domain if it is available
  • Consider changing your domain slightly in order to get that dotcom domain name instead of a dot-net or dot-org
  • Ideally, it should be the same names as your business
  • Buy new domains whenever possible. They run around $15 dollars a year
  • Preowned Domains can be incredibly expensive for popular domain names, avoid them if possible.

Starting A Youtube Channel

Youtube is another great option for a candle niche business. Unlike a website that needs hosting and a domain, a Youtube channel is free to start as long as you have a way to create videos.

woman lighting a candle with a match

A lot of the same techniques for finding topics and keywords that work for Google and Search engines work for Youtube as well. Finding keywords is crucial to getting your videos seen by a good amount of people as you build your subscriber base.

As always great content will win the day and YouTube is much more lenient about things like authority and expertise so you can start building your content and get it seen very quickly since it seems Google doesn’t apply the same criteria for YouTube as it does for search.

Using Both Is The Best Way To Build Your Business

Ideally, you want to create content for both a written website and a YouTube Channel in order to maximize your traffic sources and build yourself a little candle ecosystem where you can promote affiliates in multiple ways.

It can be as easy as taking the scripts for your Youtube videos and turning them into a written article or vice-versa. Sprinkle in unique content and you are going to be flush with content for years to come.

Start With A Little Niche Research

You always want to make sure that your chosen niche has enough traffic to really support a niche website. Some niches you can skip this step if you know they are popular enough. Fitness, pets, finance, etc are going to be huge niches with plenty of traffic for example.

For these huge niches, you want to shift your research to individual micro-niches and see if the smaller sub-niches are viable options.

For the candle niche, I would look at the broader niche first and then check out some of the more micro-niche topics. I don’t think that a single candle micro-niche is going to produce the income you want long-term but it might be a great place to start and then build from there. Here are a few ways you can gauge the interest in a particular niche, using candles as an example.

Have A Look At Google Trends

Google Trends is a great way to judge the current interest in a topic or niche. Here is a look at the candle niche in Google trends.

As you can see candles are a very consistent topic. There is a seasonal spike around Christmas, November to January, but the rest of the year is solid with regards to the overall interest. It is important that you know the fluctuations in any niche.

For the candle niche, I would recommend publishing extra content around the holidays. Building content directly related to seasonal holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah, can be a great way to build up your content base for these spikes in interest.

Check Keyword Tools

Another option is to take a look at some search data for your overall niche. You can use keyword tools, like Jaaxy, to give you a general idea. Keep in mind that the search volume in any keyword tool is going to be an estimate and probably not very accurate. So treat it more as a tool to get a general idea of the popularity of a niche.

A quick look at Jaaxy shows that there is plenty of traffic for candles. Keep in mind that this is for this single keyword only. Any variation produces more traffic volume and when you start adding it up you can really see the potential of the candle niche or any niche you are researching for that matter.

Brainstorm Questions About Candles

If you don’t want to bother with keyword tools and their estimates you can simply use google to research the candle niche and the topics you want to produce content for.

You can do this by coming up with questions, topics, and keywords and then inputting them into Google. If the search query comes back as an auto-complete there is a good chance that that topic has had some searches and might be a good topic for a piece of content.

Here is an Example

In this instance we researched “the science of candles” and it auto-finished giving us a clear indication that this is something people are searching for on Google. You also get a few other suggestions that you can easily turn into candle content. That is four potential articles or videos with just one search query.

You can see how quickly this can compound into hundreds of keyword, topics, and questions for you to build your content around all while having a good chance of getting search traffic from them. In our example, the “science of candles” and the “science of magic candles” are two district search queries that can be used for 2 very different articles or videos.

Of course, this is not completely full-proof. Some topics just won’t produce traffic but the odds are in your favor when you are searching for content ideas through Google auto-complete.

candle in a copper holder surrounded by a copper geometric shape

Candle Micro-Niches

So now that we have a good indication that candles are going to be a viable niche for your website and online business, we need to find an entry point that will allow us time to grow without trying to battle established websites for the traffic.

Enter the micro-niche.

These are small niches that have decent traffic but far less competition than some of the bigger topics in the candles niche.

Here are a few micro-niche ideas for a candle website…

  • Holiday Candles
  • Birthday Candles
  • Candle Making At Home
  • Outdoor Candles
  • DIY Candle Holders

In the past, a micro-niche would be the entire website. You could keyword stuff and create fairly poor content around a small niche and the just dump affiliate links all over the place. Those days are long gone.

two hands illuminated by the candle in their palms

Today micro-niche are more like categories or sections of your website. So if you chose to start a Christmas candle niche site, that would technically be a sub-niche for candles.

You would then add another micro-niche to it, say Easter candles, and now you have the makings of a candle authority site that you can expand for years to come just by adding a new micro-niche to the website.

Monetize Your Candle Website

I am going to tackle two of the best ways to monetize your candle niche site. Advertising and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the best for new niche sites since you don’t really need a huge amount of traffic to start seeing results. Advertising needs a bit more traffic to be useful for monetization purposes. Let’s start with the affiliate marketing and affiliate program as your primary source of monetization.

decorative candle wrapped with a bow and flower next to it

Candle Affiliate Programs

There are a surprising number of candle affiliate programs that you can use to build a profitable foundation for your candle niche site. The affiliates cover a wide range of products and micro-niches. you can find affiliate partners for selling candles, training on making candles, and many other options as well.

You can check out a bunch of candle affiliate programs on our list here. There are traditional candle affiliates as well as subscription box candle partners that you can choose for your niche site.

Here are a few examples of what to expect from a typical candle affiliate program.


Advertising is sort of a side benefit of creating a niche site. It can add a nice bit of extra income in addition to your affiliate marketing links. There are niche sites that rely solely on advertising for their income so with enough traffic and a good niche you can easily earn hundreds of dollars a day just through advertising.

The candle niche is not what I would consider a top tier advertising niche. Those are usually financial, business, and banking niches. But you should be able to add a good amount of profit each day just through monetizing your niche site with advertising.

close up of a melting candle in a small metal holder

Wrapping Up The Candle Niche

That wraps up our look at the candle niche and hopefully answers the question “Can you Make Money Selling Candles?”. Using just affiliate marketing there is a huge opportunity to build a profitable candle business online. As you grow you can expand into other areas like candle making training info products and even selling your own candles online.

But affiliate marketing is the way to get started. you can the opportunity to build your brand, authority and gain your audience’s trust without having to deal with inventory or shipping and all the other headaches that come from starting a business.

I hope you have found some inspiration to get you started on your candle niche site. Its success will be determined by the amount of hard work you put in to over the coming years. I wish you the best of luck.

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