Can You Earn Money With The Wix Affiliate Program?

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Wix is one of the most popular places to start a website or blog online. They have some robust free tools that can let anyone get started in a matter of minutes building their own presence online. But can an affiliate marketer make money with a service that is most popular when it’s free?

Can You Make Money With The Wix Affiliate Program? It is very possible to make money with the Wix affiliate program. Even though their most popular option is free, they have a good variety of Premium Plans that can earn you $100 commissions for each new conversion.

Let’s dive into each important aspect of this partner program and see why it is such a good and often overlook affiliate.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

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Take A Look At The Wix Affiliate Program?

The Commission For The Wix Affiliate Program

The commission is typically the first thing an affiliate marketer looks at me when they are choosing what affiliate programs to promote.

As you get more experience I think you’ll find that conversion rate and the product itself are equally if not more important than the commission. But the commission is the most visible number that you were going to say when looking for a partner  Program. 

So I’m happy to report that the commission for the Wix affiliate program is outstanding. They offer a $100 flat fee for new conversions when someone uses your affiliate link and then signs up for one of their premium packages. 

The bulk of people that are going to use your affiliate links for weeks are going to be taking advantage of the free service.

Wix is renowned for its free web hosting and blog services and tools and that’s really their major claim to fame but they do have some very impressive premium services that you can promote and earn that $100 Commission.

You are promoting subscription plans for Wix hosting and services for the most part. Their premium plans range anywhere from $17 a month to $39 a month.

So how can they offer a $100 commission? Because they know once someone signs up to their service they tend to stay signed up. So they can pay you a huge upfront fee and still make plenty of money for themselves down the line through the subscription fees.

You will almost never see a percentage commission for these types of services. They pay the flat fee and then get all of the fees from there on out. It is a very successful business model for both the affiliate marketer and the Wix affiliate program.

With a commission this robust, Wix could be the only affiliate program you really need.

In fact, you can build an entire website around promoting Wix and learning commissions from converting people to their Premium services. 

There are plenty of people trying to do this right now some of them are very successful at it.  there’s still room for new players in promoting Wix especially if you’re clever with your keywords and work around the big players instead of taking them head-on.

 But the Fantastic commission is going to make it all worthwhile in the end.

A Note On The Tracking Cookie

The tracking cookie is a very important part of any affiliate program and unfortunately, I could not find the tracking cookie information during my research for the Wic affiliate program.

Be sure to ask your affiliate manager about the tracking cookie duration when you sign up for this program so that you know exactly how long you have to make a sale after your audience uses your affiliate link.

What Wix Products Can You Earn From

There are not a huge number of products that you can promote for the Wix affiliate program. You are essentially promoting different levels of hosting solutions for Wix websites.

They have 4 levels ranging from 13 to 39 dollars. The highest tiers have a good amount of bonus services like a professional logo, analytics, and VIP support for the highest tier.

The interesting thing about this partner is that you don’t want to promote them individually. You send referrals to the Wix website and let them choose what they want.

Maybe it is just a free membership and website or maybe they want the VIP tier subscription.

Once you refer your audience it is largely out of your hands and it is not a specific referral like you would make for a product based affiliate program.

Is Wix A Well-Known Brand?

When choosing an affiliate program always remember to take a look at the overall popularity of the products or services that you going to be promoting.

It’s not a make-or-break issue but it can reduce the workload if you don’t have to explain what the product is that you’re trying to promote.

In the case of Wix, there’s really nothing that you need to explain to a relatively informed audience.

Wix is one of the most popular website and blog building services out there right now. They have just about everything you need to get off the ground including web hosting and all the tools and themes everything that is required to build a good website.

They are a competitor of WordPress but they offer quite a bit more on the back end and make it much easier for beginner to get started.

All this means is that you are not going to have to write article after article trying to get people comfortable with Wix as a company.

People coming to your site are probably going to already know who they are.  so it reduces the amount of ancillary content that you have to produce and you can focus on the real core content that you want to use their affiliate program with.

The popularity of an affiliate program or a product should never be the deciding factor but it’s something that you really want to take a look at and then weigh whether or not spending extra time explaining who they are is going to be worth it for your specific business.

What Is The Conversion Potential Of Wix

Conversion rates are always pretty dependent on the makeup of your specific audience, the type of content and how good it is, where your affiliate links are placed and a host of other factors.

So the ultimate conversion rate is going to be very unique to your website. What we can look at is the quality of the products and the overall usefulness that they bring to your audience.

Wix is a solid, well-known product. It is one of the most popular ways for people to start their blog. It is incredibly beginner-friendly. all of these factors are going to play into its conversion rate.

I think if your blog is geared to finding new bloggers a home then Wix could be an incredible opportunity. It can be positioned as an all in one alternative to WordPress or Weebly for beginners.

The audience really does dictate just how successful you can be with the Wix affiliate program. But the potential is definitely there.

The Bottom Line

That brings us to the end of our look at the Wix affiliate program.  This is a partner program that has a lot of potentials but is part of a niche that is incredibly competitive. 

This affiliate really falls into the web hosting category. It is one of the most competitive and nearly impenetrable niches out there right now. The reason is, largely, because of these huge flat fee commissions that these companies like Wix payout.

Nearly impenetrable niches. There are ways to get the type of traffic you need for conversions with Wix affiliate program without directly approaching the web hosting or how to set up a blog type niches.

You can certainly try and get into the niche through the front door but be prepared to spend long hours and months at a time trying to work out a way to get your content to rank high on Google.

So you just have to get a little bit creative and dig a little bit deeper into some long-tail keywords that can get you a little bit of traffic but get you the kind of traffic that is going to convert at a rate that’s going to be able to sustain your business until you grow a little bit and get a little bit of authority under your belt.

All in all, this is a fantastic affiliate program to consider for your website.  it might take a little while to get approved but it’s worth taking a shout out if you have an established website with a little bit of traffic coming in already. You can sign up for the Wix Affiliate program here.

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