Does Have An Affiliate Program?

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ABCmouse is one of the most popular and recognized early education and children’s development companies. They operate in dozens of countries and offer full online children’s learning curriculum.

If you are an affiliate marketer in the early education space, it would be nice to be able to promote them through an affiliate program.

Does Have An Affiliate Program? At the time of publication, ABCMouse has an affiliate program listed with Commission Junction. The affiliate program requires approval with ABCmouse before you can promote their products and services.

Let’s dig into the ABCmouse affiliate program a little deeper and see if it is something that will fit into your overall affiliate strategy.

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The ABCmouse Affiliate Program Vitals

  • Affiliate Commission: $4 Flat Fee
  • Tracking Cookie: 30-days
  • Niche: Early Childhood Education
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network: Commission Junction

The ABCmouse affiliate program has a lot of promise as an affiliate partner for a wide variety of niches and blogs. How it fits into your affiliate strategy will be determined by your specific audience.

Your ability to generate traffic and conversions with your affiliate links will ultimately determine how successful it is for you.

You can boost your chances of success with a little affiliate marketing training to help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls we all make in this business.

The Commission For The ABCmouse Affiliate Program

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the commission for any affiliate program is the end-all-be-all of what that affiliate program is all about.

I would argue that the products and the conversion rate are equally if not more important than the commission once you hit a baseline commission right.

With all that said looks like a little bit of time to look at the ABCmouse affiliate programs commission.

It is a flat fee of $4 for every new subscriber that you sign up through your affiliate links to their program. 

In my opinion, it is a little bit low.  For a subscription service with a flat fee, I’d like to see something approaching $10 but this is in a niche that’s not a really high Finance type of niche so the $4 commission makes a little bit more sense.

That being said $4 can really start to rack up if you can get a good amount of traffic and a good conversion rate.

I wouldn’t recommend using this affiliate program on its own you were probably going to want two or three other affiliate programs that can help complement this one and earn you a little bit more income than just the single $4 flat fee from ABCmouse.

That’s pretty good advice for any net you don’t want to rely on just one affiliate program you want to have a few of them but not too many I would say always keep it under 10 with the majority of niches I would only go with 3 or 4 good ones.

How Long Is The Tracking Cookie Duration?

I think it’s incredibly important not to overlook the tracking cookie duration when you are choosing an affiliate program.

Most of the time you will get a decent cookie of about 30 days or more. But there are cases where it’s much less than that and it really wreaks havoc on your conversion rate if your tracking cookie is just too short.

ABCmouse affiliate program gives you a full 30-day cookie and given the price of their products that are going to be plenty of time for you to promote their products and make a sale.

As a general rule of thumb, you want a longer duration tracking cookie the more expensive products get.

For very high-end products you want at least 6 months or more because those are major purchases that really need time to develop.

What ABCmouse Products Can You Promote?

While ABCmouse has a ton of products for its customers it’s all wrapped up in a subscription program. The subscription program is what you are going to be promoting on your Early Education Niche website.

In an ideal world, you would get a percentage commission for the subscription but with ABCmouse it’s only the flat fee commission that we talked about earlier.

However, just because the only product you remoting is the subscription service doesn’t mean that you can’t dig into the individual parts of that subscription service and promote them individually as part of the whole.

Someone might be interested in their math learning products so you might want to focus on them for a few pieces of content and likewise for any other aspect of their learning programs that you really want to focus on.

Just be clear that they are part of the subscription service so that there’s no confusion with your audience.

Just How Recognizable Is ABCmouse?

Whenever you’re choosing an affiliate program it’s pretty important to take a look at the company that is behind the partner program.

You want to make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable company that doesn’t have any huge issues that are going to make it much more difficult to promote their products.

You also want to make sure that that company has a good reputation as an affiliate program. You don’t want to sign up with someone who doesn’t pay out when they’re supposed to or runs into a lot of issues with paying their affiliate marketers.

Most of the time when you’re dealing with affiliate programs that are part of a bigger affiliate Network you and I can have any problems with payments or promotions or anything like that.

So when you’re dealing with ABCmouse they are hosted by Commission Junction which is one of the biggest and most reputable affiliate networks around.

 the popularity of ABCmouse on the affiliate side is just fine. The other aspect that you want to look at when you’re talking about the popularity of a company that you want to promote is how popular are they among the audience that you intend to Target.

They don’t have to be super popular mainstream but it’s nice to have a little bit of name recognition within the next.

The good news is that ABCmouse is one of the most recognizable names in early childhood education so you shouldn’t have any problems promoting their products with a somewhat informed audience when they come to your blog.

What Is Conversion Potential Of ABCmouse?

The ultimate conversion potential of any affiliate program relies on a wide variety of factors.

Whether your audience is responsive to the affiliate program how will you promote them what type of content you use their affiliate links in all play a major factor in determining the conversion rate of your affiliate program?

The same is true for the ABCmouse affiliate program. It’s going to rely very much on whether or not your specific audience likes their brand and their products.

So when we are talking about conversion rate in kind of general terms we need to look at a few crucial things that are going to factor into the overall conversion right along with the aforementioned factors.

tracking cookies are one of the most overlooked factors in conversion rates.  the longer the tracking cookie the better chance you have of converting that sale.  products are also another huge factor in determining the conversion factor. If you are promoting bad products your conversion rate is going to be poor.

Think of it as a funnel. All the other factors for an affiliate program funnel their way into the conversion right along with the specific nuances of your audience.

Ultimately the only way that you’re going to really figure out what affiliate program has the best conversion rate for you is to run some tests with it.

Placing your affiliate links into your content for a couple of weeks or a month to see what type of conversion you get and then swap it out with a different one if the conversion rates aren’t super high.

If you plug in ABCmouse affiliate program and it converts from day one at a great rate then don’t pull it just run tests for something else. Once you find a good conversion rate make sure you stick with that affiliate program for as long as they convert.

The Bottom Line

You can sign up for the affiliate program here.

ABCmouse is a very good affiliate program for anyone in children’s learning, parenting or early education niches. The affiliate terms are decent but the $4 commission could be a little bit more to make this an exceptional affiliate.

Still, monetization is typically a secondary concern for most children bloggers, especially when it comes to education blogs.

With that in mind, the $4 dollar commission is plenty enough to make a nice passive income for your blog if you pair it with other early education affiliate programs.

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