Is The Keto Box Affiliate Program Any Good? Read Our Review

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Today we are going to be taking a look at the keto box affiliate program. Do the  Commission, the tracking cookie,  and the subscription box itself live up to the expectations and how well can they perform for an affiliate marketer.

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A Closer Look At The Keto Box Affiliate Program

Quick Synopsis Of The Keto Box Partner Program

The Keto Box Affiliate Program would be one of the best partners in the entire dieting niche except for the woefully short tracking cookie. If the cookie were longer I would recommend everyone in the Keto niche have a look and consider using this affiliate. But the cookie hamstrings this program so that only marketers with a lot of buyer intent content and a large traffic base would really see the maximum benefits of this partner.

You Can apply to join The Keto Box Affiliate Program Here

Verdict: Recommended (But be aware of the short cookie length)

The Keto Box Vital Statistics

Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the important aspects of this affiliate program and see if it would be worth your time to promote on a keto or general diet blog.

The Keto Box Commission

The commission for the Keto Box partner program is definitely one of the highlights of this partner program. They offer a 15% commission on sales through your affiliate links.

What’s great about this is that you get a percentage Commission on a subscription box service. This is getting to be rare and rare in the affiliate marketing space.

Typically companies will give you a flat fee for each new referral that you bring into their subscription service and that will be that.  So it’s great to see an affiliate program that still has a percentage commission along with a subscription box.

As good as the commission is it’s important to remember that the commission alone is not the end-all-be-all of an affiliate program.  A Great Commission can be mitigated quite heavily with a bad tracking cookie.

And that’s exactly what we have with the Keto Box affiliate program. A Great Commission and a pretty poor tracking cookie that is going to cut into your conversion rate. Have a look at that tracking cookie right now.

The Tracking Cookie Duration

The tracking cookie duration for the Keto Box affiliate program is a big let down, in my opinion. They only offer a 1-day tracking gap for their affiliate Partners. This means that when someone clicks on your affiliate link you only have 24 hours to make a sale or you do not get credit for that referral.

If someone decides 48 hours later to join their subscription box service you are not going to get the commission. Typically 30 days is the Baseline tracking cookie and, obviously, this falls well short of it. It really hampers the conversion rate of the overall affiliate program.

It doesn’t kill the affiliate program completely because there is a lot of value with the keto box products but it makes it very tough for a lot of flip marketers to use this particular affiliate program because they will just be losing so many sales from the woefully short cookie length.

The Keto Box Products

This is essentially a one product affiliate program. You are going to be promoting the subscription box. Now the Box itself is going to have 10 or more keto friendly snacks or food products.

 you were going to want to tailor your content for this affiliate program around the idea of a subscription box service. Subscription boxes are becoming very popular in a wide variety of niches including the dieting Niche that keto would be a part of.

The issue with subscription boxes is that they need to provide a value more than the cost of the Box itself. Most of them do this but some of them don’t. It’s going to be up to you as the affiliate marketer who is going to promote these products to determine whether or not the Keto Box is worth the price tag.

 From a purely outsider’s perspective it does look good.  it has 10 or more items in every box which is always a good sign and the products themselves look to be a good example of Keto food products and snacks.

Here are just a few of the perks for joining their subscription box service

  • 10+ keto snacks a month
  • FREE 28-day meal plan
  • FREE 20-minute keto coaching call after 2nd shipment
  • Exclusive monthly coupons

But you are the expert in the keto Niche and you’re going to have to decide the overall value of this product.

Once you do that you will have a really easy time promoting it since you believe in the product that you’re going to be  Promoting.  Too often affiliate marketers simply find a Great Commission and then promote the product without ever actually looking at the product closely and it turns out that it’s a bad product and your audience gets mad at you for it.

The point is that regardless of how great a product looks you always want to do your due diligence and your own research on it to make sure that it’s something you’re comfortable with promoting.

Never Overlook the quality of the product you promote.

Conversion Potential Of The Keto Box Affiliate

There is some decent potential in The Keto Box affiliate program. You can certainly make a very nice income promoting their subscription box service. The issue is with the cookie. I discussed it in the tracking cookie section but it has a direct correlation with the conversion potential of this partner program.

Because the tracking cookie is only one day long you will lose sales. It’s just a fact that this short of a cookie is going to make it very tough to get a very high conversion rate.

It’s also going to dictate the type of content that you can put this affiliate Link in. You need to make sure that any affiliate link that you put in your content is in content that has a huge buyer intent associated with it.

This type of affiliate program with the cookie as it is is not going to be a great option for informational content which in some cases is going to be quite a lot of your overall content percentage.

You can make this affiliate program work and have a decent conversion rate if you take extra special care in where and when you decide to promote this product.

 It’s unfortunate that the tracking cookie is really the only hindrance to this being one of the best diet affiliate programs out there. It would be close to the top of the list of keto diet affiliate programs as well but its conversion potential is greatly reduced simply because of the extremely short tracking cookie duration.

The Bottom Line On The Keto Box Affiliate Program

I think this affiliate program really demonstrates the disconnect between an affiliate program and the products themselves.

The keto box products are pretty great. It’s a subscription box service that really targets the specific keto diet and the people who practice it. It’s a good-looking product and one that is going to be well received.

The issue is with the affiliate program. Specifically the tracking cookie. I just don’t think it’s long enough to make this a really great option for a keto Niche website.  If you have a ton of traffic already built up and need a subscription box service and this is definitely a great one to choose but you have to temper your conversion rate optimism because the tracking cookie is so short.

the one thing that I will add to this is that the keto box affiliate program has an auto-approval process in their ShareASale profile depending on which country you are from. So it is absolutely worth it to pick this up fill it up and give it a run on your website to see how well it does convert and maybe that cookie is not going to play a huge part in the conversion rate. 

I would definitely run some tests and if you can get it converting at a decent rate then you have one of the best affiliate programs in the entire keto diet niche.

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