Incredible Income School Success Stories

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Welcome to my look at some of the incredible success stories that Income School’s Project 24 has produced.

Although there are hundreds of more success stories on the Project 24 community forums, I chose these specifically because they are videos with the real people being interviewed by the creators of the Project 24 program.

Some of these success stories are simply interviews with people that are not actively in the Income School or Project 24 system(or at least they never state they are) but they caught the eye of the creators because of their incredible websites.

These aren’t sound bites or little quotes on a website that you have to just accept are the real deal. You can see and hear what a great job all of these Project 24 members have done in building themselves a long-term sustainable passive income online.

These are in no particular order and the videos are pretty long but they are absolutely worth watching to the end because there is quite a bit of actionable information in each one.

Enjoy and if you want more information you can find my full Project 24 review right here.

Income School Success: $4900 A Month With Lead Generation

Lead Generation Is An Interesting Way To Create A Passive Income Website

Lead generation is a different tactic than most people take in the Project 24 program, but as you can see in the video it is a great way to generate a passive income.

Typically members use affiliate marketing with their content but lead generation is a great way to go as well.

It takes quite a bit less traffic to make money with lead generation but you need to be very specific with your content and cultivate a relationship with the banks or entities that you want to send your leads to.

It is nice to see people expanding on the training and carving their own paths. It gives Project 24 members, new and old, different pathways to making a great passive income website.

Income School Success: 139,000 Pageviews Per Month In The Gardening Niche

Massive Traffic Numbers

Gardening is an incredibly profitable and underrated niche. This couple built their gardening website up to over 100 thousand in a very short amount of time.

You can make a decent amount of income with just Ads with that type of traffic. Once you add affiliate links into the mix you are looking at some very high potential income as the website grows.

If you would like more information on the gardening niche you can read my article here.

I have also put together a list of 10 of the best gardening affiliate programs that will get you started if you choose this wonderful niche.

Following the Project 24 training is the bedrock for getting results, to get the amazing results that this couple earned takes a little more.

You have to get you to search analysis spot on and craft the best quality content that you possibly can in order to get this type of remarkable results.

The point is, results vary. If you start your Project 24 website and don’t hit this time of growth don’t despair.

Most people won’t hit this level of traffic in this short a time period, but if you give it time and put in the work you will have a great chance to reach some level of success.

Blogging Success: 200k Per Year In a Tiny Niche

Gardening Is An Incredible Niche

Another huge success story in the gardening niche. The tiny micro-niche Cassidy Tuttle built her passive income blog in, was succulents.

That’s it.

She built a 200k a year business about succulents. It is an amazing story and a great watch for anyone in the affiliate marketing space.

Even if you never use Project 24 and just build your blog from scratch as she has, this is a must-watch to see just what is possible in even the tiniest affiliate marketing niches.

Like the other success stories, Casey put in a lot of hard work in crafting the content and the keyword analysis and SEO to make this type of return.

Think about Income School’s Project 24 as an investment. For $450 dollars a year investment into the program, she was able to create a 200k business in a couple of years.

That is an incredible return on investment. That is how you need to look at the money you put into your marketing business.

Whether it’s training(a few hundred dollars) or a domain (about $15 a year) or web hosting(about 5 dollars a month) to build your web site on you will have to invest a little bit of money.

But when we add it all up it is probably less than 600 dollars to start a new business that could turn into a 200k business.

If you forgo the training programs, you can start your own business anywhere in the world for under $100 dollars and run it from your laptop.

Think about that.

Blogging Success: Paid Off Her Mortgage With Her Blog

Another blogging success story not specifically ties the Project 24 program but I found this one fascinating none the less.

I think one of the biggest takeaways from this interview is how important goal-setting is to the success of your business.

Karen Peterson set the goal of paying off her house with her blog and was able to reach that goal ahead of schedule because she used sound affiliate marketing and blogging strategies to maximize here websites potential and minimize mistakes along the way.

That is exactly the type of thing that Project 24 teaches its members. Along with the structured step-by-step process that Income School has created.

This interview is a great success story and should be interesting to anyone in the affiliate marketing space, but particularly interesting to anyone in the food and recipe niches.

Give it a watch and with a lot of hard work, time, and a little bit of guidance you could be well on your way to crafting your own success story.

Income School Success: $100 Dollars A Day After 6 Months

Our final Income School Success story brings us to Jaron who was able to hit $100 dollars a day in just 6 months with his passive income blog.

This success story is really remarkable. Both the amount of money Jaron has made in such a short amount of time and the amount of traffic he is able to generate.

Hard Work And Great Training Made it All Possible

It is incredible.

But it does not happen by accident. If you listen closely he is writing 1 or 2 long-form articles a day and that takes a lot of time and hard work.

Early on this won’t be easy for a newcomer but once you get the hang of it you can start writing 1-2k an hour of good edited copy and that will make the content creation process much smoother.

Back to the success story, Jaronchose not to share his niche. This is a good idea if you think you have found a very small niche with little competition.

While you don’t need to avoid competition you don’t want to actively invite it if your website is only 6 months old. It is little things like this that can really accelerate the profitability of your passive income blog.

It is a truly remarkable feat that Jaron has achieved here. But it is not a common one. Of my 4 websites, none hit the $100 a day mark after only 6 months. My niches are probably broader and more competitive but it just shows how important choosing a great niche can be to speed up your chance at success with Project 24.

My Closing Thoughts

I am a proud member of the Project 24 community. I have 2 websites that are well into the program and 2 more that I will be bringing online in the near future.

The one thing that you will find when you start the Project 24 course is just how much fun it is. If you pick a niche you love you are going to look forward to writing a new article about it every time you sit down to work on your website.

Will Project 24 work for everyone? Of course not. But I think it gives you one of the best chances to be successful in affiliate marketing while avoiding all the common pitfalls that befall a new marketer.

You can check out my review of Project 24 right here. Or click the link below to get more information.

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