How Is The Baseball Rampage Affiliate Program?

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UPDATE: It appears that the Baseball Rampage Store Is Going Out Of Business. It is a shame because they had a great baseball affiliate program. But we have to move one. For more outstanding baseball affiliate programs check out my article here.

Welcome to our review of the Baseball Rampage affiliate program. Find out if this partner program is worth your time and effort to promote on your baseball niche website or if it is something you should pass on.

You can sign up for the Baseball Rampage affiliate program for free right here. They are hosted on the ShareASale Affiliate Network so you will need an account with ShareASale, it is also free to sign up.

ShareASale is a valuable asset to have for any affiliate marketer so be sure to sign up whether you decide to use Baseball Rampage or not.

What Is The Baseball Rampage Affiliate Program

The Baseball Rampage affiliate program is designed to allow individuals to earn commissions for sending potential customers to the Baseball Rampage website.

If the customers sent through your affiliate link end up buying something within the tracking cookie duration then you will receive a commission for your promotional efforts.

If you are in a rush you can check out the review summary below. But read on if you want a more in-depth look into the Baseball Rampage affiliate program.

Baseball Rampage Affiliate Program Commission

A lot of new affiliate marketers tend to think that the commission is the most important part of an affiliate program.

It’s really not. It’s an important part but is not the most important part. that being said you still want a solid commission so that you are rewarded for promoting the products of Any Given affiliate program.

For me, a great affiliate commission is anything 10% or over. For physical products. For digital products it needs to be a little bit higher but since Baseball Rampage deals with physical products 10% would be ideal.

And it comes tantalizingly close to that magical 10% number. They offer a commission of 7% to 9% for their affiliate partners.

There’s really not much to complain about with the 7% base commission.  but since it doesn’t hit that 10% Mark I’m going to knock a few points off of the score for it.

However,  the 7% commission is just fine for these types of products. It’s going to give you a good opportunity to generate some income with your passive income baseball website.

And if you can hit the 9% Mark then you’re going to be in very good shape with this affiliate program. 

Be sure to inquire about the exact ways that you can get that 9% Commission. Baseball Rampage is part of a network of stores so it could just be a store based Commission system.

They also offer a two-tier affiliate program so you can earn a little extra money that way as well. Be sure to ask about it when you sign up.

Commission Score – 85/100

The Cookie Duration For Baseball Rampage

Baseball Rampage has really outdone themselves with the tracking cookie for their affiliate program. It is not often that you will find a tracking cookie this attracted.

They offer a full 365-day return window for their affiliate Partners. This means that when someone clicks on your link they have 365 days to make a purchase and you will still get the commission for those purchases.

30 days is the standard. A 90-day cookie is fantastic for almost any affiliate program but 365 days is something that you rarely see and it is fantastic the Baseball Rampage is treating their affiliate partners with the respect they deserve for the hard work they put in promoting their products and their website.

There’s no really nothing else I can say about this tracking cookie. It’s the best you’re going to find in the baseball niche.

Cookie Score – 100/100

The Products Offered By Baseball Rampage

Baseball Rampage Is a store that sells a wide variety of baseball-related products from a huge number of name-brand manufacturers.

What this means for an affiliate marketer is that you are going to have a selection of well-known well-made products that you can promote on your website and send your readers to Baseball Rampage so that they can buy them if they choose to.

The only problem with this type of affiliate program is that is going to be a direct competitor with large more well-known stores. A lot of the products that are offered by Baseball Rampage are going to be available on sites like Amazon. 

So you might have to do a little bit more promotion to try and get people to Baseball Rampage so that you get those sweet commissions.

Product Score – 90

Popularity Of Baseball Rampage

Popularity is an important aspect to consider when choosing an affiliate program. The more popular the affiliate program or the brand that you’re going to promote is the less time you have to spend explaining exactly what the brand is you’re trying to promote. 

Baseball Rampage is not the most well-known brand or website so you’re going to have to do a little bit of background content to really get the most out of this affiliate program.

It means that there will be a little bit of extra work for you to really build up the Baseball Rampage brand.

Popularity Score – 75

Conversion Potential Of Baseball Rampage

Once you get your audience familiar with the baseball Rampage brand there is a lot of potential for this affiliate partner.

They have fantastic affiliate terms that are going to make your life much easier when you go to promote their products and those products are from brand-name sources that are going to be well known in the baseball Niche.

It’s really a great situation for everyone involved with this wonderful affiliate program.

Potential Score – 90

Best Niches For Baseball Rampage

Baseball Rampage is going to be limited to a pretty select amount of blogging niches out there. Specifically, it’s going to be useful for just about any type of baseball blog and maybe some sports equipment blogs.

However, in the baseball niche itself, there are dozens if not hundreds of sub-niches and micro-niches that you can build your website around and Baseball Rampage would be ideal for these smaller micro-niches.

 Here are five Niche ideas that would be great for the Baseball Rampage affiliate program.

  • Pro Baseball Fansites
  • Sports Equipment Websites
  • Youth Baseball Sites
  • Baseball Training Websites
  • Baseball History Sites

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The Bottom Line

That brings us to the end of our look at the Baseball Rampage affiliate program. This is one of the best affiliate programs in the baseball niche and one that will serve you well when you choose to promote it on your baseball blog.

They have just about everything you could want from an affiliate program from a good commission to an outstanding cookie to brand name products that you can promote and earn good commissions off of.

The only thing left to do to get your baseball blog off to the best possible start or to grow it to its full potential is to get the best affiliate marketing training that you can and start implementing it on to your website. 

If you’re looking for some great affiliate marketing training, check out my review of one of my top recommended resources for building and maintaining a profitable passive income website.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.