Emailconomy Review: Is It Worth Your Time Or Just A Scam?

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Welcome welcome to my Emailconony review. 

If you have come looking for information about this potential money-making opportunity then you are in the right place and need search no more my friend.

We’re going to take a deep dive look at this particular make money online program to see if it’s worthy of your time and money or if it’s just another terrible program that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Be sure to stay to the end where I give you a couple of alternatives that can really help you make a nice passive income online.

But first, let’s get into this review of Emailconomy and see what this thing is all about.

Emailconomy Quick Look

  • Product Name:  Emailconomy
  • URL:
  • Price: $500+
  • Owner:  Angel Lopez


$500 to $2500



Compensation Plan







  • Email Marketing Is A Legit Business Model


  • Very Expensive
  • Owner Has A Poor Reputation
  • Emailconomy Memberships Seem To Be The Product You Are Selling

What is Emailconomy?

Emailconomy Is an email list building and Direct Mail program that claims to be able to earn you hundreds of dollars a day using a ready-made system of products and strategies. The business seems to be centered around building a list and collecting emails.

the program requires you to join as a member which has a cost associated with it and then buy the direct mailing materials in addition to that membership cost.

The direct mail products seem to be the real basis behind the entire program as they make the Emailconomy program have a physical product that you buy which makes it look less like an out-and-out pyramid scheme and more like a general MLM type of business.

Who Is Behind Emailconomy

The person behind Emailconomy is Angel Lopez. He uses the nickname “Michelangelo”. A quick google search brings up some very unflattering results about this man’s prior business practices.

Is it possible that he has turned over a new leaf and everything about Emailconomy is above board and a great business opportunity? Sure. But don’t count on it. some of the complaints date back to 2011.

Here are some of the complaints…

lopez complaints
Complaints are from

And Another blast of complaints…

angel lopez complaints 2
More Complaints About Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez From

Who Is Emailconomy Targeted At?

Emailconomy Is clearly marketed to beginners in the email marketing and direct marketing spaces.  I think anyone that’s been around either of these industries for a little bit of time we’ll kind of see through the type of program that we have here.

But it’s very appealing to New Market is. It has a multi-level marketing feel to it crossed over with a little bit of an affiliate marketing feel.

This is a potent combination when you are new to space. Both types of marketing can be incredibly effective at earning money.

Especially affiliate marketing,  which is probably the best way to earn money online right now and has been for the past two decades and will probably continue to be for another two decades.

Multi-level marketing is a little bit less prolific in terms of who earns money from them but they are very appealing to a wider variety of people.

And that’s what Emailconomy is hoping to take advantage of with their pitch and marketing material.

How Does Emailconomy Work?

Strategic Email collecting. That is what they call it as it seems to be at the heart of this business opportunity.

Emailconomy appears to be an email marketing program that focuses on building a list that you can then sell products too.

List building is not something that’s new and it’s something that most big corporations do. Any time you sign up for a free offer from any business you’re going to put in your email address.

And they’re going to keep that email address to either market new products to you in the future or sell to some other interested party.

And that’s what Emailconomy is trying to convince you that it’s going to help you do. Their claim is that the more emails you collect the more money you make. And if you’re a giant Corporation that’s collecting hundreds of thousands of emails a week then that might be true.

But for this program, the only person that is going to really make money is whoever you’re sending your checks to.

Because there is nothing in the material here that really shows how you’re going to make your money back other than signing up more people for Emailconomy.

It has the distinct smell of a multi-level marketing company and a bad MLM company at that. I’m sure there are people that are actually going to make money from this product but they are unicorns.

The vast majority of people that purchase this and try and make it work for them are going to actually lose money on it in my opinion.

Emailconomy Support

The support level was a little bit surprising for this type of product. They have an address which I didn’t go to because I don’t live anywhere near it.  And I do have a support phone number for their members to call.

It’s actually pretty surprising to see a support number at all for these online products. Whether or not there’s an actual person on the end of that or if it’s just an automated response is something else completely.

But if you’re seriously thinking about joining this program it might be worth it to give them a ring and see what they’re all about.  There are many supposedly reputable internet businesses that don’t even have a support number listed. So this is a nice change.

 The last little bit of their support policy that I want to talk about is their refund policy. It’s not great but at least they have one. They offer a  full refund of all your money if you request it within 3 days of joining the program.

Know three days is not a long time to evaluate a program in any real terms. So this seems more of a refund policy this put in there because there just has to be one and they’re mine anyway.

Basically, if you do purchase this product you’ve got to make your mind up very quickly about whether or not it was worth the money that you paid for it.

emailconomy refund screenshot
The Straightforward If a Tad Aggressive Refund Policy

The Cost Of Emailconomy

Emailconomy uses a tiered pricing layout similar to a multilevel marketing company. This is not a good look. Typically these types of payment schemes offer little at the higher tiers and tend to pressure you to join them or risk being left behind.

  • Inner Circle Level – $500
  • Diamond Level – $1000
  • Master Level – $2500

There are also direct mail packages that you will need to buy. This is smelling more and more like a pyramid scheme. The only product that they are selling is membership in Emailconomy as far as I can tell.

These direct mail packages range from around $500 dollars all the way up to over 3k. It is an outrageous amount of money even for an MLM. I think they are using the direct mail products to skirt the pyramid scheme label, to be honest.

Although I will give this guy credit for just going for the gold here. Instead of starting out with a  $27 starter package and then upselling you thousands of dollars worth of goods he goes right in and says it’s going to be $500 for the basic package out front.

Issues And Red Flags With Emailconomy

There are not a whole ton of red flags with this particular product. It just seems to not be a very good product my opinion but there are simply very few things that I can pick apart as out-and-out red flags.

They have an address or phone number and the creator of this program is at least well-known in the marketing industry. Whether he is more well-known or infamous is debatable.

Crazy Profit Claims

Hyperbolic profit claims used to bother me to no end. But then I just started to realize that this is part of marketing in any business.

When you really break it down hyperbolic marketing claims are everywhere. Look at a picture of a hamburger in a magazine and then go order that hamburger from the shop and that hamburger will look nothing like the one in the picture.

That’s the hype, that’s hyperbolic marketing. And that’s what we have with this product.  I don’t like this type of marketing. I think it’s annoying but it is what it is.

I’m just going to point it out as an issue that I have with it but you’re going to find this type of crazy talk with just about any program that you are considering joining and even some of the really good ones do tend to get a little bit loose with the amount of money you can earn.

Claims of $500 dollars a day with little to no work are just marketing static and not much else. Yes, there are people making thousands a day through their email lists but they have cultivated them for years and decades in some cases.

Emailconomy Is Very Expensive

I think probably my biggest issue with Emailconomy is the price tag. It is so incredibly expensive that I’m not really who is going to spend this amount of money on a product like this.

If you have the kind of money that he’s asking for just laying around then you’re not going to be joining a direct mail a multi-level marketing company.

So it’s more targeted at people who can’t really afford to spend this type of money and that is a real issue for me at least.

Between the membership fees and the fees for the Direct Mail Packages, you’re looking at potentially thousands of dollars just to get your Emailconomy business started.

Some Harsh Criticism About The Owner

Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez has been the subject of some pretty heavy criticism about his business practices in the past. 

Any businessman with any longevity is going to have criticisms leveled against him from some of his past partners and Associates, so I would not necessarily label this as a red flag.

But it is a concern that you need to keep in mind when deciding on whether to purchase this product.

So it’s something to keep in mind when reading the criticisms of Lopez.  However, given the type of product that we have with Emailconomy the criticisms do not seem that far-fetched.

Because this is exactly the type of product that will rub people the wrong way when they find out that they’re not going to be making any money with it.

Is Emailconomy Worth the Cost?

I would not recommend joining Emailconomy.  I just don’t think there’s enough proof that this type of product is going to generate any type of income.

Yes, he has testimonials in his promotional material. But those testimonials can come from anywhere and there’s no way to know how valid they are.

So you can’t base your decisions on whether or not to buy it on testimonials for any of these products in my opinion.

You have to look at the fundamentals of the product. Look at what they’re offering how much they’re charging and whether or not there are a ton of upsells for it.

I think that’ll give you the best view of which products are worth taking a chance on and which ones are not.  Plus if you’re looking to make money online Direct Mail marketing is probably not the best way to go about it.

I’ll throw up some Alternatives at the end of this article but if you want to make money online affiliate marketing is the way to go. We’re at least the way to get started.

Is Emailconomy A Scam?

Different wonder why when you look up reviews for products like these most of the reviews have something like “is so and so a scam”  in the title. It’s because that’s what people are searching for and they want to get their article is high up the search rankings as I possibly can.

The truth is almost none of these types of programs are scams. They don’t even resemble scans.  These are simply terrible products. There’s a big difference between a bad product and an outright scam.

Emailconomy Is absolutely not a scam. They have a product that they are selling you. In this case, it is the direct marketing material. They have a fee to join their program. In this case, it’s the tiered membership fees that I talked about earlier.

And yes these programs and products are incredibly expensive. But they are what you paid for. Now they may be garbage in terms of making you money but that’s not what you bought.

You see,  no product is going to guarantee success. They legally cannot guarantee success. So they’re going to have a disclaimer this product is not guaranteed to be a success for you.

If you go watch an infomercial about weight loss they will have a disclaimer under every picture of someone that lost weight. It’ll say something along the lines of these results are not typical.

And that’s exactly what Emailconomy is doing here. When they make these huge profit claims you have to realize that these are not typical. Someone may have actually made that money. Most likely it was a guy who created the program and he’s just using that as an example.

But these are not scams. Scams take your money and give you nothing in return. This product gives you what you paid for and tells you exactly what you’re getting. Whether you can turn that into a prophet or not is really the crux of the issue. 

As I said I don’t think there are many people that are going to make a profit with this particular program.

 Okay, so I’m done with my little rant on scam reviews and nonsense like that.

Let’s get to some alternatives for making money online that are actually pretty good. But keep in mind there’s no guarantee that they’re going to work for you either. 

They are the ones that I’ve used and they have worked for me and there’s a lot of help and support in these programs I’m about to recommend. So you’ll never be alone.

Alternatives To Emailconomy

The two products that I’m going to recommend as alternatives to Emailconomy are Savage Affiliates and Income Schools Project 24.

I think both of these programs are excellent ways to learn affiliate marketing and build a passive income website.

You can’t go wrong with either but there are some specific defenses that might sway you one way or the other.

It would take far too long for me to explain it here so I have full reviews of both of these products which I will link below as well as a head-to-head review that you can read to see how they stack up against each other.

Closing Thoughts On Emailconomy

Well, that just about wraps up our look at Emailconomy.  There are just too many issues with this product and it is far too expensive to buy into for me to recommend it to anybody.

There are better business opportunities out there both in the multi-level marketing space and in affiliate marketing in general.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of multi-level marketing it is a much better way to spend your money than on this program. At least then you’ll have some supplements or something that you won’t be able to sell but maybe you can use it at some point.

It really is The Upfront cost of these types of products that really bothers me and makes me hesitant to recommend them. 

With something like affiliate marketing you can get your website set up and start your online business for less than $100 and when you throw in training like this program’s I recommend it’s going to be 3 to $500 to get everything, you need to build that business.

There are no products to buy and have to store in your home there’s no direct mail package that cost $5,000 that might have been worth it in 1962 when mail was still a thing.

So I recommend avoiding Emailconomy.  I just don’t think there’s enough value there. And I think that’s the key term here is value. Price is one thing.

Things can be expensive, things can be cheap but if it has value the price is largely irrelevant as long as you can afford it.

So Emailconomy is expensive and holds very little value.  That’s about all I have to say about that.

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Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.