7 Of The Best Bowling Affiliate Programs

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It doesn’t matter what sport you’re interested in chances are there is going to be an audience out there that you can create your passive income website for.

Bowling is no exception, in fact, it is probably one of the more popular blogging niches because the potential audience is so vast.

If you’re promoting something like baseball or football then most people are going to be fans of those games but not actively play them on a regular basis.

Bowling is different.  It’s similar to golf or tennis in that the people who play it are not necessarily your traditional “sports fans”.

It’s more of a recreational activity rather than a sporting event.   so it shouldn’t surprise you that there are plenty of good bowling affiliate programs that you can join to help monetize your bowling website.

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Have A Look At These Bowling Affiliate Programs

Whether you were teaching people how to bowl a better game or recommending equipment that will help them play more consistently you were going to find something on this bowling partner program list that’s going to help out.

Bowling.com Affiliate Program

bowling.com screenshot

Bowling.com has just about everything you could possibly need to go bowling. This partner will probably be the primary affiliate for most bowling niche websites.

The selection and quality of their products are going to have a really great appeal to most marketers. This partner would fill the same space as a large warehouse store like Amazon.

However, with it being focused on bowling it will be a more appealing place to shop from for your readers.

The tracking cookie offered up by bowling.com is a pretty standard one. They offer a 30-day duration tracking cookie which for these types of products is plenty of time to promote the product have someone click on your link and still receive a commission after they make a purchase.

The commission is a little on the low side but it is on par with Amazon so it’s not that bad. 

When you combine the tracking cookie and the commission the overall affiliate turns for this bowling affiliate program are much better than Amazon.

If you can get this partner converting with you are a specific audience then you’ll have a very good affiliate program that you can send your readers to for just about everything in the bowling niche.

Why Promote Bowling.com?

I think the biggest reason that you want to consider promoting bowling.com is just the sheer amount of bowling equipment that they have available for you to promote.

The affiliate terms are pretty average but they aren’t a detriment to the overall appeal of this particular affiliate program.

BowlingBall.com Affiliate Program

bowlingball.com screenshot

Bowlingball.com is one impressive website for anyone even remotely interested in Bowling.

They have everything under the sun related to bowling. From bowling bags to bowling balls to shoes and accessories.

This is one of the best Partners to promote if you need a general bowling affiliate program. I would only pick one of these types of affiliate so it’s kind of a toss-up between bowling.com and bowlingball.com to see which one is going to be better for your specific audience.

The tracking cookie offered up by this partner is a standard 30-day duration. For these types of products which I wouldn’t consider to be high ticket items for the most part, 30 days is more than enough to make a sale and get your commission.

Where this affiliate program lets you down a little bit is with the commission. It is only 3%. That’s a little bit less than Amazon and a little bit less than bowling.com.

It’s only about 1% but it does make a difference over time. It’s really going to depend on conversion rates with this affiliate.

If it converges grades in the one percent difference isn’t going to Be much of a problem but if it doesn’t work inverted the same right then you need to really consider making a change.

The Wrap Up

I think this affiliate program makes sense for a bowling Niche website that needs a general bowling equipment supplier.

Was ultimately going to determine whether or not this is a good fit for you is how well it converts with your specific audience. Even with the lower commission if it converts it and high enough right then you will have a very solid affiliate program on your hands.

Bowlingshirt.com Affiliate Program

bowling shirt screenshot

Bowlingshirt.com Is nothing if not direct. You know exactly what you’re going to get from this affiliate program.

They have a large selection of bowling shirts and paraphernalia that are going to be very appealing to most audiences of a bowling Niche website.

The commission offered up by bowlingshirt.com is pretty nice.  They offer a 10% commission on all qualifying purchases. This is a pretty good commission for this type of affiliate.

Anytime you can get double-digit commissions from retailers of physical products then you’re doing pretty well for yourself.

The tracking cookies also outstanding. They offer a 60-day tracking cookie duration which gives you plenty of time to make a sale and get the commission. As well as any return commissions.

The Last Word On Bowlingshirts.com

Overall this is a pretty solid affiliate program to have onboard with your bowling website. They offer something a little bit different and something that it was going to have a lot of appeal to your audience.

How much appeal really depends on your specific group of readers and of course you need to figure out how well it’s going to convert.

If it does convert then you have a real nice Start program with good I feel like commissions that you can lean on for a little bit of extra profit.

Improve Bowling Affiliate Program

improve bowling screenshot

Improve Bowling is a tip and tricks ebook dedicated to making you better and bowling. This is a digital-only product. Be sure that you are clear about exactly what this product is in your promotion.

Most people don’t mind buying digital products these days but you want to make sure they know exactly what they are buying.

The tracking cookie is outstanding. They offer a full 60-days to make your sale and still receive a commission.

The commission for Improve Bowling is probably the standout. A 75% commission is incredible but not uncommon for these types of digital products.

The Last Word On Improve Bowling

The affiliate terms alone make this partner worth considering for your affiliate strategy. If the product really converts well for your specific audience then you have a nice partner program that can bring in some added revenue to your website.

Ultimate Bowling Guide Affiliate Program

ultimate bowling screenshot

The Ultimate Bowling Guide is a digital product. Sometimes these types of products can be hit or miss so be sure to research it thoroughly before promoting it.

However, most of these products do provide good information about the subject and are typically not that expensive making them a good option to promote for most marketers.

The commission really stands out here. They offer a remarkable 67% commission on all qualifying sales through your bowling affiliate links. This is not uncommon.

As a digital-only product, the overhead is much less and you will get a better commission. The tracking cookie is a good 60-days so you have plenty of time to make a sale and get a commission.

Wrapping Up The Ultimate Bowling Guide

The affiliate terms really stand out here. The commission and the cookie are phenomenal. The product is listed on ClickBank which means you can sign up for it pretty easily once you get accepted to ClickBank.

This might be a good option if you need a bowling tutorial product. I would say you only need one so pick on from this list or another one that you find elsewhere.

Reconditionedbowlingball.com Affiliate Program

recondition bowling screenshot

Reconditionedbowlingball.com delivers exactly what you expect from a website with this name. They have hundreds of refurbished bowling balls that you can promote to your audience.

Their products work as a cheaper alternative for brand new full-priced bowling balls and that might appeal to your readers depending on their overall makeup.

The tracking cookie information was not readily available. Be sure to ask about it when you sign p for this partner program.

Unfortunately, the tracking cookie is sometimes neglected by affiliate programs but it is an important aspect of any program.

The commission is decent at 5%. Typically you want something approaching 10% or more but for these types of products.

There is a considerable overhead and some partners cannot afford a better commission. Still, it is not terrible and should work out ok for you.

Why Promote Reconditionedbowlingball.com

This is a pretty unique partner program for the bowling niche. Dealing in refurbished bowling balls is going to be a nice way to get a cheaper ball that might appeal to some of your readers.

The affiliate terms are pretty average but the products might make up for it in the long run. This is definitely an affiliate program to consider for your bowling niche blog.

Bowling-Tips.com Affiliate Program

bowl tips screenshot

This is another digital-only tips and tricks product. There are few of them on this list but you only really need one of them for your website.

Do some research on each and every one of them and make sure that they’re good products that you want to promote and then just choose the one that fits your specific audience the best.

The commission is going to stand out for this digital-only affiliate program. They offer a 55% Commission on your sales which is fantastic but not unheard-of.

The tracking cookie is a solid 60 days.  this gives you plenty of time to promote the product thoroughly and get a commission for it.

Why Promote Bowling Tips

Affiliate terms with a big reason to consider promoting this product.  It is digital only which means it is invalid overhead and in turn, can offer you a high commission.

Just be sure to do your due diligence with this product and make sure that it is something that you work on promoting and something that your audience is going to respond to otherwise the high commission won’t make any difference if you can’t get a converting at a reasonable level.

The Big Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at these bowling affiliate programs.  It just goes to show you that no matter what your passion is there is going to be an audience for them and most likely they’re going to be affiliate programs available to help you monetize that passion.

If you love to ball and feel like you want to share that with the world then starting a blog or YouTube channel is a great way to do that.

Once you get your blog or YouTube channel up and running and start creating content for you’re going to want alternative ways to monetize that content.

These bowling affiliate programs are going to be a great way to do that for you. Pick the ones that are going to fit your specific audience the best.

Once you do that you get to spend your days writing and creating content about bowling, the sport that you love. 

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