Does GNC Have An Affiliate Program? Is It A Good Alternative To Amazon Associates?

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Hello everyone and welcome back for another look at an affiliate program that is going to help you realize your dream of a home base passive income. Today we’re going to be looking at one of the most popular supplement affiliate programs out there. 

Does GNC Have An Affiliate Program? GNC does have an affiliate program. It is available through the  affiliate network. This affiliate program would work great for anyone in the supplement or vitamin niches.

So let’s dig into this affiliate program and see if it is an adequate alternative to Amazon Associates and whether it is worth your time to promote their products.

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A Closer Look At The GNC Affiliate Program

The 4% GNC Commission

The commission for the GNC affiliate program is 4%. This is a little bit disappointing and more than a bit underwhelming. I think it’s to be expected that a large brand like this would have a smaller commission than some other supplement companies but 4% is getting awfully close to the minimum 1% to 3% that Amazon Associates offers their Affiliates.

The Saving Grace is of course the GNC brand because it is so well-known and popular that it makes sense to try and integrate their affiliate program into your Niche website even with the lowest commission.

However there are other supplement Affiliates out there that are going to offer you much better terms and have similar products but without the great name recognition that GNC brings.

So you have to do a bit of testing to see if the 4% you get from GNC works better than the 8 or 10% you get for somewhere else when you take into account conversion rates and popularity of the brand.

The 7-day Tracking Cookie

The commission was a little underwhelming and so is the tracking cookie, unfortunately. The tracking cookie duration for this affiliate program is just seven days.  It’s not an incredibly short tracking cookie but it is well below what I considered to be the standard of 30 days.

The reason why a tracking cookie needs to be as long as possible is that it gives your audience more time to make a decision on a purchase.

If someone clicks on your affiliate link and then comes back and buys something at GNC 12 days later or two weeks later then you are not going to get paid for that referral even though your site was the one that sent them to GNC in the first place.

So that’s why you want as long as a tracking cookie is possible directly correlates with your overall conversion rate and the conversion potential of any affiliate program.

That being said there are ways to mitigate the lower duration tracking cookie and that’s by putting your affiliate links into content that has quite a bit of buyer intent instead of trying to put them into a more informational type of content.

A Quick Word On Promoting GNC Products

The products that GNC sells are pretty well-known. They have their own branded line of products that covered just about every inch of the supplement and vitamin Marketplace.

It’s not going to be very difficult to promote GNC because it is a very well-known brand and their products are going to be very familiar to anyone in the supplement or vitamin niches.

So instead of explaining who GNC is and what their company is all about you can go about creating content that showcases their brand and their products.  It’s always a plus to have an affiliate program that has such a huge brand recognition because it does save the affiliate marketer a little bit of time and energy when it comes to drafting content around their product.

With that said it’s important to not try and cover everything that GNC sells. This affiliate program works in a wide variety of niches and you want to try and narrow down the products that you’re promoting as much as possible.

Try and stay in the general Niche that you were operating in. If you are in a bodybuilding Niche that focuses on proteins then you don’t want to be adding in gummy vitamins for kids just because you want something else to sell.

Stay in your lane and promote the product that makes the most sense for your specific Niche and the ones that your audience is going to respond to the most.

The Best Niches To Use This Affiliate Program With

The obvious niches that work great with the GNC affiliate program are General supplement niches nutritional niches as well as any type of bodybuilding or weightlifting niches where supplements and nutrition play a huge part.

This affiliate also works great as part of a diet Niche or a general weight loss niche. As well as a  good affiliate program for very specific diets like low-carb diets or high protein diets.

Generally, any Niche where supplements are going to be a sizable part of the products that you promote is a very good niche to deploy the GNC affiliate program.

The Potential Of The GNC Affiliate Program

I think there’s some potential for this affiliate program if you are operating in the supplements, nutrition or a similar General Health type niche.  The issue here is really the commission and the tracking cookie.

They really limit the overall potential of this affiliate program because they are a bit lower than you like to see for a typical affiliate program. They’re certainly better than Amazon Associates which is another affiliate program that you can use to promote GNC products.  But it’s not enough of a difference to really maximize the potential of this very popular and well-known brand.

 It’s really a shame because if that commission was just a little bit higher maybe 8%, then this would be an outstanding affiliate program because of the name recognition and because of the quality of their products.  If you take it a step further and give it a 30-day tracking cookie then you have one of the best affiliate programs in the entire supplement niche.

 But those are ifs and buts and not the reality that we are faced with. Still, GNC is a big enough brand that you should really consider having it in your affiliate arsenal if you are in the supplement or nutrition niches.  Just don’t expect too much out of it.

The Bottom Line

A Quick Recap For The GNC Affiliate Program

Well, that wraps up our look at the GNC affiliate program. Overall I think the program itself is a little underwhelming especially given the quality and popularity of the products that you’re going to be promoting.

These products are practically going to sell themselves in the supplement and nutritional niches and you’re going to get the 4% commission. It would be much nicer if that commission were 10% and it would be much nicer if that tracking cookie for 30 days instead of 7.

But that’s just not the case so my response to this affiliate program is a bit lukewarm, but with a good amount of traffic you can absolutely make this work and it’s worth taking a look at this affiliate program and giving it a test run just to see how well it converts for your specific audience because the brand name is so powerful.

A 4% commission that converts at triple the rate of a 12% Commission is still a great affiliate marketing partner to have. So if you can get those High conversion rates with the GNC affiliate program, it is going to be a great addition to your Niche website.

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