10 Of The Best Air Filter And Air Purifier Affiliate Programs

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Greetings friends and allow me to welcome you to our website. Today we will be taking a look at affiliate programs for air purifiers and air filters.

While it’s might seem like a very specific Niche for a website or a blog it’s actually a pretty popular one especially these days.

Between the air filters and the air purifiers, you have some high ticket items that can really generate a good amount of income if you find the right content to place your affiliate links in and of course if you choose the right affiliate programs that mesh well with your audience.

So without further Ado let’s take a look at some of these air purifier affiliate programs and see if we can’t find something that is going to help increase the monetization possibilities of your Niche website.

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Check Our These Air Purifier Affilaites

Alpine Air Technologies Affiliate Program

screenshot of the Alpine Air Technologies website

Join The Alpine Air Technologies Affiliate Program Here

Alpine Air Technologies Has a good selection of air-purifying products as well as air filtration products that you can promote on your Niche site.

I would classify many of these products as high-ticket items because they do run well into the hundreds of dollars.  the only thing I don’t like about this affiliate program is that their website is quite dated looking and that might put some people off. However, if you explain that upfront I don’t think it will be much of a problem. 

They offer a 10% commission and a 90-day tracking cookie for their affiliate Partners. These are pretty good affiliate terms that will make a good amount of profit for the affiliate marketer as well as keeping your conversion rates High because you do have that 3-month tracking Gap.

Air Purifiers America Affiliate Program

screenshot of the air purifier america website

Join The Air Purifiers America Affiliate Program Here

Air Purifiers America  Has a huge selection of air purifiers for just about every price range. They have almost every major brand that you could possibly want in the air purifier game.

Here is just a quick sample of some of the air purifier brands that you can promote on your Niche website through Air Purifiers America.

  • Airmega
  • Airpura
  • Alen
  • Austin Air
  • Crane
  • Electrolux
  • Lasko
  • Sharp
  • Vornado
  • Whirlpool

The tracking cookie duration is a little bit on the short side for this affiliate program. The real issue here is that the products are quite expensive. Some of the air purifiers will cost you only a couple of hundred bucks but many of them run well into the multiple hundreds of dollars and approached $1,000.

Typically when you get into these high ticket items you want at least a 30-day tracking cookie to maximize your conversion potential. It’s not the end of the world however it just means you need to put the affiliate links for this affiliate partner in content that has more buyer intent than informational content.

Airthereal Affiliate Program

screenshot of the airthereal website

Join The Airthereal Affiliate Program Here

Airthereal has a good selection of air purifiers for you to promote on your Niche website. The cool thing about this affiliate is that a lot of their products are much cheaper than some of the other ones on this list. They have some air purifiers that are even less than $50 which makes them more accessible to a wider range of potential customers.

Of course, the commission’s won’t be as big as they will for the high ticket items but you should be able to sell quite a few more products at the price ranges then you can the high-end items.

The commission is 5% for this affiliate program. A little bit lower than you like to see but still should be okay. The tracking cookie is 30 days. This is pretty much a standard duration tracking cookie and should serve you well should you choose to promote this affiliate.

Sylvane Affiliate Program

screenshot of sylvane webpage

Join The Sylvane Affiliate Program Here

Sylvane Has a good selection of air quality products as well as products for heating and cooling as well as humidity control products. So it’s a bit broader than just air purifiers but they do fit into the air purifying Niche at least tangentially and could work if you choose to promote the other products that they offer.

Sylvane Offers its affiliate Partners a 6% Commission on qualifying purchases made through your affiliate link as well as a  decent 30-day tracking cookie duration.

These are pretty solid affiliate terms but nothing spectacular. However, they should get the job done for most affiliate marketers out there as long as you’re getting a decent bit of buyer intent

Airfilters.com Affiliate Program

screenshot of the airfilters website

Join The Airfilters.com Affiliate Program Here

Airfilters.com Certainly lives up to its name. It has one of the widest selection of air filters you’re going to find on the internet.  the great thing about this I feel it from the Viewpoint of an affiliate marketer is that it can work alongside many of these other air purification affiliates as well as on its own as simply an air filter affiliate for an  air filter specific Niche site.

The commission is a fantastic 12% which will add up very quickly and turn your burgeoning air filter affiliate marketing business into a full-fledged force and no time when you start to rack up these types of commissions.

 The tracking cookie duration is a standard 30 days which should be plenty of time to promote a product and still get credit for the commission. 30 days is about where you would expect to find most affiliate programs but it’s always nice to find longer-duration ones if you can.

Hypoallergenic Air LLC Affiliate Program

hypoair screenshot

Join The Hypoallergenic Air LLC Affiliate Program Here

has a whole line of products for various types of air purification here are just a few of the areas where these products might make sense for you to promote.

  • Residential Products
  • Medical
  • Replacement Parts
  • Boomerang
  • Commercial Products
  • Refrigeration Solutions
  • HVAC Products

The commission is 5% which should do just fine for most affiliate marketing websites. It is a little bit lower than I like to see but you can certainly make it work very well for yourself. The tracking cookie is a little bit better comes in at 90 days which gives you three full months to make a sale and still get the commission.

When you put them together they add up to Some solid if unspectacular affiliate terms that should get the job done for your Niche website.

Timilon Technology Affiliate Program

screenshot of the enviroknlenz website

Join The Timilon Technology Affiliate Program Here

Just to avoid any confusion the name of the company that owns Enviroklenz is called Timilon Technology,  and that is the name that is on the affiliate program over at Sheriff sale.

Enviroklenz is the name of the website and that’s what you will be sending people to buy the products. That they offer.

Enviroklenz has a wide selection of cleaning products  and other similar types of products on their website however they do carry a few very high-end air purifying systems like the EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System.

And for our purposes, that’s where we’re going to focus on for this affiliate list. However, feel free to promote their other products as they do tie in quite closely to air filtration and air purification niches.

The commission is fantastic for this affiliate program. It starts at 15% and can go all the way up to 25% for sales through your affiliate links. Be sure to find out how to get to the high end of those commissions because they are going to be well worth it.

While the commissions are fantastic it is the tracking cookie that is truly remarkable. They offer a 365-day tracking cookie. That’s right you get a full year duration for that tracking cookie. That means if someone clicks on your link in February and buys a product from Enviroklenz in August you are still going to get that fantastic commission.

Alen Air Affiliate Program

screenshot of the alen air affiliate program webpage

Join The Alen Air Affiliate Program

Alen has a very nice selection of air purifiers as well as some air filter product that you can promote as well. I would consider these products to be high-ticket items. They run well into the hundreds of dollars some even approach $700+.

They do have some lower-cost items but even those are around $200.  this means that your promotion is going to have to be very thorough because people tend to what a lot of positive reinforcement about the product that going to buy when they’re going to spend this much money on something.

And that ultimately is your job as an affiliate marketer to honestly sell the product and expound on its virtues and point out its faults.

The commission ranges anywhere from three to 12%.  One of the low end of 3% is not ideal it is a decent starting place that you can use to work your way up to that 12% which is a great Mission.

The tracking cookie is a bit low especially given the prices of some of their air purifying products.  Typically want to see at least a 30-day tracking cookie but if you can get your affiliate links into content with a lot of buyer intent and you shouldn’t really have a problem with conversions  Due to the short cookie length.

Saki Affiliate Program

screenshot of the saki website

Join The Saki Affiliate Program Here

Saki Is more than just an air purifier affiliate program. They do have a good selection of air purifiers but they also have a huge selection of kitchen items coffee and tea products as well as glassware and kitchen appliances.

Their broad product line gives this affiliate program the versatility to be used in more of home decor or Home and Garden type of Niche site as opposed to just a strictly air-purifying Niche website.

The commission and the tracking cookie for the Saki affiliate program are fantastic. They offer a full 12% Commission on qualifying cells made through your affiliate link. This is going to be a boon for anyone who can get this affiliate program converting at a good rate because a 12% commission will lead to some very nice commissions overall.

The tracking cookie is equally as robust as the commission. They offer a 90-day tracking cookie gap which gives you three full months to make a sale and still reap the benefits of that Commission.

homeaircheck.com Affiliate Program

Join The homeaircheck.com Affiliate Program Here

This affiliate is a little bit different than the other ones on our list as it’s not specifically and air purifier type of affiliate program. What their products do is check the air quality which fits perfectly into the air quality or air purification ditch and should be a great affiliate to have alongside one of the other air purifier Affiliates on our list.

The affiliate terms for this program are pretty decent. They offer a solid 45-day tracking cookie. This will give you plenty of time to make a sale and still get credit for that commission.

They also give you a 5% commission which is pretty good these days.  Ideally, you’d like to see a double-digit commission but 5% should do well as long as you can get a steady stream of traffic that is ready to buy these products.

One final thing to add for the Home Air Check affiliate program is that they have multiple programs depending on which region you are in. This one is for the US market but they have ones for Australia and Britain and others as well.

The Wrap Up

That brings us to the end of our look at these fantastic air purifier affiliate programs. These programs can fit into a pretty decent variety of blogging niches or websites.

Some of them would work well as home decor affiliate programs, others would work very well in health-related niches where air quality was of the utmost importance.

With the current state of the world depending on when you’re reading this purifying your air of chemicals and toxins and microbes is probably on everyone’s mind right now.

So if you can find a place for these affiliate programs in your niche whether it’s an air purifier or air filter specific Niche they will help you increase your monetization and improve your overall business strategy.

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Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.