Cash Sniper Review: Not A Scam, Just Terrible

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Here we go again.  Another deep dive into an online money-making program that you can purchase.  This one is called Cash Sniper.  And with a name like that what could possibly go wrong.

It has “cash” right there in the title.  This must be a real winner.  Or maybe not.  Does Cash Sniper live up to the hype?  Can You really make 3500 dollars a day with minimal work and no investment of time?

Unfortunately, Cash Sniper fails to deliver on multiple levels.  You get exactly what you pay for.  But that is not a whole lot.  A basic bit of affiliate marketing information and a whole lot of upsells and hype. 

Read on for my full review of Cash Sniper…

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Quick Look

Cash Sniper Review
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  • Product Name: Cash Sniper
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  • Price: $9 plus Upsells
  • Owners: Pen Names Used

Quick Overview

At only $9 dollars the initial investment into Cash Sniper is very low.  But even at that low price, the information is simply not worth it.  Once you get into the meat of the Cash Sniper system you see just how shallow it is.

It is basic information available across the web.  Will it give you an intro to affiliate marketing? Yes.  But you can get it for free just about anywhere online.

The upsells are brutally expensive and useless.  And this is where you really need to be careful.  Spending the 9 bucks is fine, but they bombard you with upsells afterward.  The good news is there is a money-back guarantee.

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What is Cash Sniper?

Cash Sniper is an affiliate marketing training product.  While affiliate marketing is a wonderful and very successful way of making money online, Cash Sniper does not really do it justice.  There is relevant information in the initial product.

cash sniper profits #2
From 0 to 25k In A Week? Not Happening.

Most of that info can be found online for free making it redundant.  Still having some of the semi-useful information all in one place might be worth it especially at this low price.  But then come the upsells.

The $9 price tag is just a taster.  A way for them to get your email put it on a list and start the real selling.  And that is what Cash Sniper really is.  A way to sell you higher-priced products by getting your email.

You see it in this business all the time.  People selling something cheap or giving it away to get your name on their list.

Now sometimes this is legitimate. Sometimes you actually get something of value for giving up your email address.  But most of the time it is some horribly written guide from a full page popup.

Who is Cash Sniper For?

Cash Sniper is clearly targeted at people who are brand new to affiliate marketing.  If you are just coming into this business then many of the concepts and strategies put forth by this product might seem great.

And they are great, with proper training and implementation.  Something that Cash Sniper completely misses.  They make it sound so quick and easy and to someone new to this business or desperately in need of income this will be music to their ears.

But don’t fall for it.  Making money is never easy. Online or off it takes time and effort.  And frankly, the fact that you are here seeking out information about this product before you buy it means that you already know all that.  Second opinions are always a good thing.

How Does Cash Sniper Work?

Cash Sniper works as any other affiliate marketing training program does.  It gives you basic information on what affiliate marketing is and how it basically works.  That’s all well and good because you need that bit of basic information.

The issues arise when you start to look at the details.  Because that is where the battle is won or lost in affiliate marketing.  Anyone can slap an affiliate link onto some content or into an email.  That is not the hard part.

cash sniper claims
7 Figure Passive Incomes Take Years And Are Never Guaranteed

And yet that is exactly how easy Cash Sniper makes it appear.  Especially to someone new to the business.  Because getting people to click on your affiliate link is actually the entire goal of this type of marketing.

But as I mentioned it is the details.  Getting traffic to your content and having content good enough for people to want to take your advice and click on your affiliate link is the real challenge.  And Cash Sniper prepares you for none of this.

Instead, they feed you nonsense about cut and paste ways to drive traffic or send spam emails to get people to click on your links and then you get a huge commission.  It really sullies the name of affiliate marketing.

Just keep this in mind when you are looking for just about any product.

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Cash Sniper Features

There are not a whole lot of features to discuss in this product.  The basic product is relatively short and just offers some basic concepts around affiliate marketing.  The upsells should be avoided at all costs so I am not going to go into them really.

So what’s left.  Let’s see.

Basic Affiliate Marketing Information

I guess this is a feature.  I mean this is really all you get for your nine dollars so this might be the only real feature for this entire program.  It is important to know what affiliate marketing is and the basics of how it works.  It really is.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building an online affiliate marketing business.  There is layer upon layer of knowledge that is needed to be successful.  And you simply won’t find any of that additional wisdom through this product.

A Money Back Guarantee

Yes getting your money back is probably the best feature of this entire product.  I’ll go into how it works and who to contact in the support section of the article.  But for now, this is a great feature.  Not just for Cash Sniper but for any product.

Especially digital online products that are developed around earning money.  You need a safety net before you try them.  There are only a handful of exceptions to this rule that I can think of.

Always find out if the product you want to try has a money-back guarantee.  A free trial.  Or some sort of free membership.  Always.

Cash Sniper Support (or lack thereof)

Cash Sniper suffers from the limited support that many of these types of products suffer from.  There is an email you can contact them with but that is about it.  They do offer a 60-day money back guarantee.  That is about the extent of their support for this product.

You can receive additional support by going to ClickBank and trying to get a refund from them.  But that is all they will help you with.  Any technical issues or other support issues must be dealt with by the Cash Sniper owners.

And good luck getting a response from them in a timely manner.  Or even finding out what their real names are.

Subpar is the nicest thing I can say about their support.

Cash Sniper Price

The initial price of Cash Sniper is actually very reasonable.  It only costs $9 dollars.  The information you get for that 9 bucks is fine.  It is not great training but it can be slightly useful to someone just coming into the business.

Anyone that has spent a month or two learning affiliate marketing will have pretty much all the knowledge that Cash Sniper has and you can do it for free with Google and a bit of free time.

So if you think that 9 dollars spent to save you a few hours of digging up the online marketing information is worth it then, by all means, go for it.

cash sniper cost screenshot
Cheap Doesn’t Mean It Is Worth It

The real problem comes from the upsells, of which there are many, they can easily run into the hundreds of dollars and are simply not worth the added cost.  Paying $9 dollars for some semi-decent information to save some time is one thing.

Paying a hundred for dubious strategies to earn money online is something completely different.  I don’t recommend any part of Cash Sniper, but the initial 9 bucks is not a big deal.  The upsells however are a no go.  Stay away from them is my advice.

Red Flags And Issues

So many red flags, so little time.  Cash Sniper is flush with the little tell-tale tidbits that you should try to avoid at all costs.  One or two and you might still have a good product on your hands.  More than that and you really need to start asking yourself if it is worth the risk.

A red flag, in my opinion, is an egregious error in the way the product is marketed.  Something that you would not really see in the real world.

Paid actors and fake testimonials are not red flags.  Every company does it.  They hire spokespeople and actors to sell their products.  What they are saying is more important and even that can simply be ignored.

To pretend otherwise is just lazy. Looking for something the reviewer can easily quantify and point at with a comparison image they grabbed off of Fiverr or Upwork.  But it doesn’t tell us anything about what is wrong with the product.

Hidden Owners

This is a red flag.  So fake testimonials from hired actors are one thing.  Completely hiding the identity of the people who created the product is something completely different.  The owners are not hired guns brought in to sell the product.  They made it.

What does it say about the product if even the people who built it don’t stand by it publically?  To me, it says there is something fundamentally wrong with the product.  If they don’t believe in it why should I spend money on it?

This is usually one of the first things I check when researching a product to purchase.

Too Many Upsells

Sometimes upsells make sense.  Especially if the original product was great and felt fully featured.  Then some additional modules or training could be justified by an upsell.  But when the original product is weak, one of 2 things is probably true about the upsells.

  1. The Upsells are just as bad and worthless as the original product.
  2. The upsells are what the original product should have been and were simply cut to charge for later.

In the case of Cash Sniper, it is most likely both.  The original $9 product is thin on content and not very good.  The upsells are overpriced, not very good and add little value to the entire package.

Limited Quantity

A silly red flag that many of these products keep triggering.  They only have a few more copies of an e-book or training video and once they are sold they are gone.  What?  There is no economics of scarcity for digital products.

These aren’t seats at a webinar, where there is a limited number of slots.  There is simply no reason to limit the availability of this type of product.  And simply put, they don’t limit the quantity.

And that is what makes it a big red flag.  The owners are simply lying about it.  Trying to build hype for the product by turning it into an impulse buy for the person watching their promotional video.

There is simply no reason for it.

Geo-Targeting Scarcity

This is a very interesting red flag to look out for.  The claim that your location gives you a leg up on joining this program or buying this product.  The number of times that your location would preclude you from buying a digital product like Cash Sniper is incredibly small.

cash sniper profit claims

I would imagine this image is the same for anyone who visits the Cash Sniper promotional page.  The only difference would be the country flag.  It is a nonsense claim and a glowing red flag when someone tries to do this with their products.

Automated Profit System

This red flag is starting to rear its ugly head quite often these days.  Automation.  The whole program is cut and pasted for you and then automated so you don’t need to do any work whatsoever.  This is one of Cash Sniper’s first claims.

Even this seemingly crazy claim is based in reality.  At least somewhat.  Affiliate marketing has been overrun in recent years with automated programs that streamline the entire process.  Autoresponders for email.  Entire sales funnels that can be set up to run automatically sending emails for months trying to make a sale.

And these automated systems are incredibly good at what they do.  However.  Cash Sniper is not one of the good ones.  It is not really an automated system, other than some prewritten emails swipes.

For products like this automation is a red flag that you should definitely investigate before committing to anything.

Additional Issues with Cash Sniper

There are a few other red flags but these are enough to really drive home the point.  There are a couple that you might think are missing.  I will explain why I left them out for the most part.

The Crazy Profit Claims

This is not really a red flag.  It is nonsense and something you should really take a look at just for the overall authenticity of the product but it is not a red flag.  And here is why.

Profits are never guaranteed.  Results are never typical.  This is true for any business.

cash sniper disclaimer

It will always be in the disclaimer.  No guarantee of profits.

Fake Testimonials

This is another thing that many reviewers latch onto.  It is simply the way business is done.  Almost every company online or offline hires actors or spokespeople.  Their claims may be outrageous in the case of Cash Sniper, but if you were to ignore all programs or products that use hired spokespeople you would never buy anything.  Ever.

So yes.  Cash Snipers uses Fiverr actors for its nonsense testimonials.  It is fine and should just be ignored.  But it is not something to really worry about.  And certainly not something to scream as a reviewer, unless that reviewer just has to stick it into their review template to meet their word count.

Is Cash Sniper Worth It?

Even at a relatively cheap $9 dollars, Cash Sniper is just not worth it.  The information is sparse and nothing you cannot find for free online.  It is collected in a neat little package that you can use to learn very, very basic affiliate marketing.

But there is a difference between value and cost.  9 bucks for Cash Sniper is low cost.  But there is no real value to the information that you are paying for.

Meanwhile, there are affiliate marketing training programs that cost 5-600 even a thousand dollars per year and single webinars that cost hundreds just to get a slot that offers far more value than this $9 product.

Is Cash Sniper Worth It? Is any program or product worth it?

That should be the first question you ask yourself when you are looking at just about anything.  The cost certainly plays into that but simply asking yourself how much something costs does not take into the inherent value of the product.

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Let us know what you think of Cash Sniper.  Leave Your review above.

Final Thoughts On Cash Sniper

Stay around this industry long enough and many things start to look like deja-vu.  I have seen this product before.  The names have changed, to be sure.  But it is the same type of product that we see constantly in this business.

A cheap front end filled with professional-sounding, slightly useful information about a legitimate online business technique. Blogging or email marketing or Amazon FBA or Dropshipping or in the case, affiliate marketing.

All of those methods and hundreds more are great for building a successful online business.  And for a few have been great and building real wealth and steady income using these strategies.  So the proof that the underlying business models work is always already built into these types of products.

The claim right at the top of the promotional page for Cash Sniper says it all.

“Make $3500 in online commissions today”

Not only is that possible with affiliate marketing it is not nearly as rare as you might expect.  The number might be a little hyperbolic but there are plenty of people who make millions with affiliate marketing.

But not with Cash Sniper.

And that is the point here.  This product will not make you money, in my opinion.  Proper training years of hard work and patience are what it takes to make it in online business.

Never a cut and paste premade product that you can slap together in an hour and never worry about.

That never happens.


It takes time to earn any amount of money in affiliate marketing and to reach the levels this program claims would take years, decades.

And even then most of us will never reach those heights.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try though.

An Alternative

All is not lost.  There is hope.  I went through this just like almost everyone else that starts trying their hand at online business.  Every product looks so great.  They sell them so well.  Make this much and that much and all the rest of the hype machine.

It is unrelenting at times.  It wasn’t until I found some of the best training around that I truly understood what I was looking for.  If you take away the hype and huge numbers.  You are left with a simple fact.  Online business is hard and it takes time.

So I needed to find a training program with no hype. 

A program where you simply sign up and have a look for yourself.  No one selling you constantly. 

No upsells, none of it.  Just the program laid out before you without hype.  And you.  You alone are left to decide what to do next. 

Someone else might look at it and say, nope, not for me. And That is the beauty of it.  The decision is left to you alone.  No one feeding you hype.

I recommend it to anyone who is interested.  You can read the review right here.  And decide for yourself if it is something you would like to try.

And isn’t that why we got into this business in the first place?  To be our own bosses.

Thank you for visiting and as always have a wonderful day.