Can You Make Money With The Michaels Affiliate Program?

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Hello everyone and welcome back. Today I thought it would be interesting to take a look at on of the biggest names in the art’s and crafts niche.

Michael’s is a huge brand both online and in their brick and mortar stores. And they have a pretty good affiliate program for anyone in the arts and crafts niche to try out.

There are some issues with the affiliate program but it can work well for most affiliate marketers out there.

So let us take a look at the commission and cookie as well as some of the best niches to deploy this affiliate partner to help maximize your art website’s monetization.

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Michael’s Is A Huge Name In Arts And Crafts

What Is The Michaels Affiliate Program?

The Michael’s Affiliate program is a referral program for the Michael’s arts and crafts store. When someone uses your Michael’s affiliate link and then makes a purchase the affiliate makreter gets a small commission for their promotional work.

This type of affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and lucrative ways to make money online. Many businesses large and small and some form of an affiliate program that allows content creators to monetize their content with affiliate links..

The 2%-10% Commission

According to their profile, this affiliate program starts you out at 2% for sales made through your affiliate links. You can get up to 10%, according to their affiliate webpage.

Be sure to ask about how you can get to the highest commission rate because it will make a world of difference.

2% is not great. It can be workable but you will want to increase that percentage if you can as quickly as possible.

Manage to get it all the way to 10% and you have a great affiliate partner with superb name recognition, good popularity among in the arts and crafts niche, and a great foundational affiliate to build your affiliate marketing business around.

At 2% you will struggle to make enough money to really grow where you need to. It is the difference between a below-average affiliate partner and a great one.

A 1-Day Tracking Cookie Duration

According to their profile Michaels only offers a 1-day tracking cookie. This is about the same duration as you would find on Amazon. It is not great. Most affiliate programs wil give you at least a 30-day tracking cookie.

When you put the 1-day cookie with the low end of the commission range, 2%, this affiliate program is actually pretty poor.

The cookie should be ok if you can get a higher commission but even then you will suffer some loss in your conversion rate because it is such a short-duration tracking cookie.

What To Expect From Michael’s

The first thing you can expect from this affiliate partner is one of the best brand names in arts and crafts. You are not sending your audience to some random website.

You are sending them to Michael’s. Many of your audience will already have a relationship with this store and most likely will have been to a brick-and-mortar Michael’s if they have been around the arts and crafts niche for a while.

It is hard to overstate just how beneficial this type of brand recognition is when it comes to promoting them through your content.

The website itself is very well laid out with easy to find products and it is fast and aestetically very nice to look at. This might seem like a trival thing but the look of the store you send you audience to matters.

People are used to a good online experience and if the website looks like it was made in the 1990s or doesn’t have a security certificatge it will cost you conversions.

This is not something you need to worry about with Michael’s. It is solid from top to bottom and will make a good impression.

Another thing you can expect from Michael’s is a huge selection of art supplies. They have just about everything. so you can introduce them to just about any art niche website.

Other than that this is a pretty standard affiliate program. You would promote them much the same as you would products on Amazon or other large online retailers. No surprises here and that’s a good thing.

Best Niches For Michael’s

Michaels covers most arts and crafts niches with a ton of quality products. From drawing and painting to knitting and wall decor, you can find just about everything you need for almost any art niche out there.

What it means for affiliate marketiers is that you can use this single affiliate partner across a huge number of art realted micro-niches.

There are plenty of great art affiliate programs out there but few have the breadth and depth of products that Michael’s can offer.

The biggest competitors are going to be Amazon and Arteza, in my opinion. They all cover the same niches but Michael’s has the name recognition specific to art and crafts niches that make it a better option than Amazon Associates.

It is probably a more well-known name than Arteza, but they are similar in what they offer so it will be up to you which one works best for your art blog.

In short, Michael’s will make a great foundation for your entire affiliate niche site across a huge range of art disciplines. It can also work well with other niches, like stationery blogs, wedding blogs, and some others as well.

Just dig into the products they offer and see if those products might make sense on your blog even if you are not directly related to an arts and crafts niche.

Their huge product selection allows this affiliate to be useful to a wider variety of niches than most other art affiliate programs.

The Big Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at the Michael’s affiliate program. This is a bit of a mixed bag.

On the one have you have the Michael’s brand and their huge selection of products to promote. It is great.

The problem is their starting commission and the 1-day tracking cookie. They really let the whole thing down. The commission can go up to 10% according to their website so it can be fixed and at 10% it is among the best art affiliates out there.

The tracking cookie is a little more complicated. It is too short in my opinion and will cut into your conversion rate. You can mitigate it a bit by putting your links into very high buyer intent content but it will still have an affect.

That said the positives far outweigh the negatives. If you can get your audience on board then you can use Michael’s as the foundation for your arts and craft’s website’s affiliate strategy and do very well for yourself in the long run.

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