Is The Arteza Affiliate Program A Good Alternative To Amazon?

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Welcome back, everyone. Michael here and today we will be taking a look at another potential affiliate partner alternative to Amazon Associates. This one is in the art niche and could be just what you’re looking for to help drive up profits on your art niche blog. So, let’s have a look at the Arteza affiliate program.

Is The Arteza Affiliate Program A Good Alternative To Amazon? Arteza Is a fantastic alternative to Amazon Associates for anyone that is in the Arts and Crafts Niche in most cases. The overall effectiveness of the Arteza affiliate program as an alternative is going to depend on each individual blogger or website and their ability to transition from a warehouse store like Amazon to a smaller more specialized retailer like Arteza.

A good alternative but just how good? Let’s dive into the factors that make this an art affiliate program worth your consideration.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

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The Arteza Affiliate Program At A Glance

Arteza might just be what you are looking for as a foundational affiliate program for your art niche blog or website. It has everything going for it. It is up to you to build the right type of content and get the right kind of traffic to maximize its potential.

You can turn your passion for art into a lucrative business and art affiliate like Arteza could be just the thing to get you started.

What Is Arteza?

Arteza is a popular art supply shop. They are well known within the arts and craft niche and should be pretty easy to promote given their overall name recognition. They have designed their shop around the idea that everyone should have access to quality art supplies regardless of age, skill or background.

Here at Arteza, providing affordable yet quality arts and crafts supplies is our forté. From painting and drawing to quilting and claying, anyone from any economic background or skill level can afford to delve into their creativity with our high grade products

Arteza Affiliate Program Profile

The Arteza affiliate program is an extension of the Arteza store that allows artistic minded content creators to earn a percentage of any sales that they refer through their affiliate links.

The Arteza Affiliate Commission

The commission is the first ray of sunlight for the Arteza affiliate program. They offer up to 15% for sales made through your affiliate links. Quite simply it is an amazing commission. Amazon is going to give you 3% max for their commissions at this point and most items at Amazon will only fetch a 1% commission.

Arteza is offering potentially a 15X commission rate to its affiliate partners. Kudos to them for treating affiliate marketing as seriously as it should be.

The trade-off is that the conversion rate will be somewhat lower than Amazon. But not even close to 15x conversions so Arteza is going to be a much better affiliate partner and time investment than Amazon at this point.

The Tracking Cookie Duration

Never overlook the tracking cookie duaratiion as it can really improve your conversions rates if it is long enough. And Arteza does a wonderful job of providing their affiliate partners with an incredible cookie duration.

They offer a 90-day tracking gap. This gives affiliate marketers a full 3 months to reap the benefits of a referral sent through their Arteza affiliate link.

It is outstanding to see a long duration cookie for this type of affiliate program. A 90-day cookie really shows how much they value their partnerships with independent affiliate marketers by giving them plenty of time for promotion and still receiving a well-earned commission.

Products To Promote From Arteza

Arteza has a huge selection of branded art supplies that you can promote. I think the branding helps to build a relationship with your audience, making it easier to help transition people from a large warehouse store like Amazon, to something a little more intimate like Arteza.

  • Paint 
  • Mediums
  • Paper
  • Boards
  • Canvas 
  • Art Sets 
  • Crafting
  • Markers, Pencils,  And Pens
  • And much more

These are just some of the categories, there are thousands of art supplies and accessories on their website for a wide variety of art disciplines. So whether your niche blog focuses on drawing or if you are producing a quilting niche blog, they will most likely have something you can confidently promote to your audience.

Conversion Potential Of The Arteza Affiliate Program

Conversion rates are always the big sticking point when trying to transition from Amazon associates to another affiliate program. Amazon is a conversion monster and often times people will by more than just what they used your affiliate link for resulting in very nice commissions.

Or at least that is how it used to work. Amazon commission is so low at this point that many affiliate partners could bring in more income with only a fraction of the conversions that Amazon used to get the affiliate marketer.

Arteza is a good example of this. Let’s say Amazon offers 3% commissions on art supplies, just as an example. Arteza offers up to 15% so that is 5 times(and potentially 15 times depending on the niche and products) the commission.

What this means is that Amazon would need to convert at 5 times the rate as Arteza to be on par with Arteza’s affiliate program. Even in the best of time that is a tall order.

The conversion potential is going to be much lower for Arteza at the start but as you build a report with your audience and Artez that conversion rate is going to continue to rise and given enough time could come very close to Amazon’s conversion rate all while providing you with a robust 15% commission.

There is really no scenario where Amazon outdoes Arteza as long as you can convince your audience to use Arteza over Amazon.

abstract oil painting using orange red blue and yellow as many other gradients

The Closing Thoughts On Arteza As An Amazon Alterative

The Arteza  affiliate program is one of the best in the entire arts and crafts niche. Is a formidable alternative to the Amazon Associates program especially given Amazon’s propensity to lower their Commission.

The tracking cookie duration matched with the generous commission rate make this art affiliate program a must-have for just about anyone in the Arts and Crafts niche.  It’s by no means a guarantee that it will perform as well as Amazon it will take a little bit of extra time and effort to build a  relationship between Arteza  and your audience. 

Typically the relationship between a blog’s audience and Amazon is already built and the affiliate marketer doesn’t have to worry about it.

That’s not going to be the case for arteza or any of these other smaller Philly programs. You have got to put the work in to build I level of comfort between your readers and the affiliate program that you are sending them to.

Once you do that however you will have a much higher ceiling than you ever did with Amazon. I recommend that you at least consider using Arteza in place of your arts and crafts links from Amazon and see how it does comparatively.

Hopefully, it will allow you to grow your arts and crafts business at a faster rate and increase your income level to something that will really make your love of art a full-time passive income.

You can check out the Arteza website right here and get a feel for its ambiance and help decide whether they are something you want to promote.

Remember the best thing you can do when building an online business is to simply start. Fix the mistakes later on, but just get started as soon as possible.

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