10 Of The Best Watch Affiliate Programs – Luxury Watches And More

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Hey there everybody, Michael here. Today I am bringing you our list of some of the best watch and luxury watch affiliate programs.

Watches are a big part of fashion today, but they also cross into technology and antique niches. Therefore, these affiliate programs are going to have a broad appeal across many of the most lucrative blogging niches currently running.

Let’s have a look.

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The Best Watch Affiliate Programs Watch Affiliate Programs

You are going to want to approach these watch affiliate programs with your base niche in mind. If you are going for a fashion next and you were going to want to choose affiliate programs that cater to watches as a fashion statement. 

If you are in a Tech-based Niche and you want to introduce watches into your blog then you might take a more tech-savvy approach and promote affiliate programs that have smartwatches and things along those lines.

The type of affiliate program your using is really going to be determined by what your audience wants and what’s your overall niche is going to be.

Another thing that is going to help maximize your ability to create an online business is investing in a little affiliate marketing training to really help build your passive income website and your overall affiliate marketing business.

Invicta Stores Affiliate Program

invicta screenshot

Invicta has a very large selection of impressive watches. These watches range in price from under $100 to over $1,000 so you have a wide range of products that you can promote to a wide variety of audience members and income levels.

I think it’s always important to find a balance between high price goods and reasonable price Goods because it allows you to target different segments of the population with your affiliate marketing business.

The affiliate terms for this affiliate program are pretty standard.  The tracking cookie is a 30-day Duration. 30 days is going to be just fine for this particular affiliate program.

Some of their watches do run well into the hundreds of dollars (some over 1000) but they also have some lower-cost options so you’re not going to really need a super long cookie duration to make the most out of this affiliate program.

The only exception to the 30-day cookie will be some of these high ticket watches that they sell. Some of them over $1,000 as I mentioned and for those types of products you definitely want longer cookie than 30 days but it should be just fine all things considered.

The commission is 5%. This is a little bit lower than I like to see typically I like to push up against the double-digit range but 5% with the mid ticket price on a lot of their product is going to give you the opportunity to make a good amount of money with every sale.

Filippo Loreti Affiliate Program

filippo loreti website screenshot

Filippo Loreti has a great selection of colorful and stylish watches that you can promote to your audience. They have watches for both men and women and they have a nice price range that broadens the appeal of their watch selection.

The affiliate terms for this partner are pretty good. It starts with a solid 8% commission on qualifying purchases through your affiliate links. I typically see 5% as the bare minimum for most affiliate programs so when you get to around 8% or more you are doing pretty well.

The tracking cookie duration is a little more nebulous. The affiliate profile for Filippo Loreti lists it at up to 30-days. You’ll have to inquire about it to make sure you get the full duration.

Daem Affiliate Program

screenshot of Daem Watches website

Daem has a small selection of handcrafted watches for you to promote to your readers. I only counted around 7 or so available at the time of writing. This simply means that they will not have as broad an appeal as an affiliate with hundreds of options.

The plus side is that you only have a few great watches to promote and research. And if these watches are popular with your audience this could be the only affiliate program you need. Bear in mind that these ate luxury watches with luxury prices.

The tracking cookie duration is impressive at 45-days and you will need a long duration cookie because some of their watches run well into the $1000s of dollars. When you get into high-ticket watches like these you really need those long-duration cookies.

But it is the commission that really catches the eye. According to their ShareASale profile, they offer a 20% commission on qualifying sales. It is one of the best in the watch niche, it is one of the best in any niche that offers physical products, to be honest.

Keep in mind that these cookie durations and commission can change on a whim, but at the time of writing the 20% offered here is something you have to take notice of.

NOWA Affiliate Program

NOWA screenshot of website

NOWA Watches has some great looking, and very colorful, options for you to promote on your watch or fashion niche website.

They have a reasonable price range as well, from around $70 dollars or so well into the hundreds. The styles look great but you will need to test them with your audience to see how they resonate.

The affiliate terms are among the best in the fashion niche and certainly in the watch niche for bloggers. The 60-day tracking cookie will give you plenty of time to make a sale and get a commission.

And the commission is 20%. A 20% commission on these products is incredible. You could easily reel in $20 per sale with this fantastic commission. Definitely a good affiliate partner to consider for your niche blog.

American Swiss Affiliate Program

  • Commission: 7%
  • Tracking Cookie: 30-days
  • Auto-Approval: No
  • Join American Swiss Affiliate Program Via Rakuten
screenshot of american swiss website

American Swiss has a wonderful selection of watches for men and women from the biggest brands. They have Fossil, Michael Kors, Citizen, Casio and more.

This is the type of affiliate that every niche blog needs. They are a big store with big brands that can function as the foundation for your affiliate strategy. You can pair them with the smaller boutique affiliates as well which will help to maximize your overall profits.

The affiliate terms are pretty standard for the American Swiss Affiliate program. They offer a standard 30-day tracking cookie and a decent 7% commission for their affiliate partners. These are good numbers but nothing extraordinary.

LIV Swiss Watches Affiliate Program

liv watches screenshot

Liv Swiss Watches has plenty of great looking watches to choose from. You will have no problem finding something to promote to your readers. I would say that their watches have more of a sports or activewear feel to them.

These handcrafted timepieces are elegant and functional. And for the affiliate marketer, they are high-ticket items ranging from hundreds into the thousands of dollars per watch. You’ll have to be on your game to get these sales but only a couple a day can be a full-time income.

The tracking cookie is fantastic for the Liv Swiss Watches affiliate program. They offer a 90-day tracking cookie which is more than enough time to secure that all-important commission.

Speaking of that commission…

The commission is an impressive 10%. Double-digit commissions are great to see and Liv comes through for their affiliate partners.

All things considered, this is a great place to start with your affiliate marketing business and a watch niche blog.

Prime Ambassador Affiliate Program

screenshot of prime ambassador website

Prime Ambassador has a good-sized selection of elegant timepieces that don’t necessarily break the bank. They seem to run around $200 dollars which makes them appealing to a much larger audience than some of the other watches affiliate programs on our list.

Personally I think they are among the best-looking watches around as well. They are simple and elegant and subtle in their design. Whether your blog audience agrees will determine how viable this partner is for your business.

There is a bit of a discrepancy with the tracking cookie duration. At the top of their affiliate page, they list the cookie as 90-days but further down it is only quoted at 60-days.

I have chosen the shorter of the two numbers but make sure you asl about the exact duration so you can adjust your promotional material accordingly.

The commission is quoted at 15%, which makes this one of the more lucrative commissions in the watch niche. When you combine the cookie and the commission you have the foundation for a fantastic affiliate program fr anyone who needs a luxury watch partner for their blog or website.

Brooklyn Watch Co. Affiliate Program

brooklyn watches screenshot

Brooklyn Watch Company has a half-dozen or so watch collection that you can promote to your audience. From the Military collection to the sports collection to more casual and classic designs, this affiliate partner covers a wide range of tastes and styles.

The mid-range prices, $200+, broaden the appeal of this affiliate program by opening up potential customers.

The affiliate terms are pretty nice as well. The 30-day tracking cookie should be sufficient to get the sales and make a good commission and the commission itself weighs in at 8.5%. Not quire double digits but close enough to make it really appealing for an affiliate marketer.

Original Grain Affiliate Program

Original Grain screenshot

Original Grain has a good selection of very stylish watches for both men and women. These handcrafted wood watches are sustainably sourced so you can promote them with confidence that they are not unduly impacting the environment.

The wood used ranges from whiskey barrel wood to reclaimed wood from MLB baseball bats. It really is an innovative way to get great quality wood and repurpose it.

Original Grain luxury timepieces range in price from around $180-$900 dollars and the MLB watches are priced between $300-$3000, depending on the materials used. Just a couple of sales a day will translate into a full-time income with this affiliate partner.

The affiliate terms are fantastic for the Original Grain Affiliate Program. The 40-day cookie is great and should be long enough for the price range of these watches. The commission is exceptional, weighing in at an incredible 20%.

This affiliate program is going to be a little more niche just based on the materials used to create these luxury watches but it is worth it to run some tests and see how they resonate with your audience.

Flex Watches Affiliate Program

flex watches website screenshot

Flex Watches are a stylish yet minimalistic watch brand that has a decent selection of watches that you can promote on your Niche website.

They have regular size watches as well as many watches and they have some licensed watches as well. Star Wars and minions are two of the licenses that they have on their website so that you can promote those as well.

Flex Watches Offers a very good set of affiliate terms. The 30-day tracking cookie should be plenty long enough to get you the conversion rate that you need to sustain a good online business.

The 10% commission is going to make sure that you get a nice chunk of change for every sale that you make.

Wrapping Up These Watch Affiliate Programs

That brings us to the end of our look at these wonderful watch affiliate programs.  There are certainly more watch Affiliates out there that you can look at but hopefully, this list gives you a good broad base of places to really start with your watch Niche blog.

If you are going to Micro Niche down to a certain type of watch or a certain price range of watches then you’re going to need to be very selective about which affiliate program fits you our overall business model the best.

But if you’re just going for a more General watch website then try and find an affiliate program that has both high-ticket watches and reasonably priced watches so that you can have as broad a user base as possible.

Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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This investment is going to give you a lot of knowledge about affiliate marketing and a lot of ways to avoid potential pitfalls in this challenging and competitive line of work.

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