3dcart Affiliate Program Review: One Of The Best E-Commerce Partners?

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Welcome welcome to our look at the 3dcart affiliate program.

In this review, we will cover all the important factors to the affiliate program and see if this partner is one that you really want to spend your time and effort promoting on your passive income website.

Finding these great affiliate programs is just one aspect of building a successful passive income Business Online. 

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

What Is The 3dcart Affiliate Program

The 3d cart Affiliate program is designed to help internet entrepreneurs earn commissions for recommending the products and services from 3dcart.

By promoting these products through their affiliate links an affiliate marketer can earn a percentage of each sale at which they refer.

3dcart is a popular software as a service provider for dropshipping and e-commerce businesses and entrepreneurs.

They have a wide variety of solutions for both individuals and Enterprise businesses that an affiliate marketer can promote for a commission.

*This review is for the 3dcart affiliate program and not the products or services they sell. Click here(*affiliate link) if you are interested in using 3dcart’s products and services for your e-commerce or passive income business.

Here is a look at the review summary for the 3cart affiliate program. If you are interested in learning more about this affiliate program, keep reading because I go in-depth on each specific part of the affiliate program.

3dcart Affiliate Review Summary

  • Affiliate Commission: 100/100
  • Tracking Cookie: 95/100
  • 3dcart Products: 90/100
  • 3dcart Popularity: 80/100
  • Conversion Potential: 90/100

Overall Score – 91%

3dcart Affiliate Commission

The commission structure for the 3dcart  affiliate program is an interesting one. Most of the products are subscription-based but you do not get a recurring commission for those products. What you do get is a massive upfront commission fee.

They give you a 300% Commission on the first month of a product that you sell through your affiliate link.

The fact that they don’t have recurring commissions is the reason why they can give you such a huge upfront Commission. 

This is definitely not a bad thing. Recurring commissions are always nice but they’re not always feasible in a lot of these industries.

So the big upfront commission is something with a lot of companies uses. Most of the time that upfront commission is in the form of a flat fee. Web hosting companies in particular like to give a big 30,40, $50 upfront flat fee for any of the programs that they sell.

The difference here with the 3D card affiliate program is that if you sell one of their more expensive products you were still going to get that 300%  Mission instead of just a standard flat fee.

It’s an interesting way to do a commission and it is a pretty good one because you get to put that eye-opening 300% Commission on your affiliate program page that’s going to get noticed by just about anybody who goes and looks at it.

Keep in mind that the commission is not the end-all-be-all of affiliate programs you still need to get a good conversion rate in order to make a decent amount of money.

But when you combine a good commission with good conversions and a sound affiliate marketing strategy you get the potential for a very good affiliate program overall.

But when you have a commission this high, even if it is a one-time for sale commission, it still makes the affiliate program very appealing.

Commission Score – 100/100

3dcart Tracking Cookie

The tracking cookie offered up for the 3dcart affiliate program is outstanding. They offer a full 120-day tracking cookie duration. 

What this means is that when someone clicks on your affiliate link they have a full 120-day window to make a purchase and still give you the commission that you earn.

Typically you see tracking cookies around 30-days for most affiliate programs in most niches.  so when you see something as long as the 120-day cookies that 3dcart is offering you really have to stand up and take notice.

The tracking cookies are often overlooked both by affiliate marketers and by the affiliate programs themselves. A lot of times affiliate programs won’t even list the tracking cookie because they don’t think it’s that much importance.

But there is often a direct correlation between conversions and the length of the cookie especially when you’re dealing with higher ticket items.

3dcart offers some very expensive software and services, especially their Enterprise Solutions, so you really want these long-duration cookies to make the most out of this affiliate program.

Cookie Score – 95/100

3dcart Products To Promote

What I’m doing these affiliate program reviews I have to look at the products as someone who is not an expert at the services or products offered by that particular failure program.  The reason for this is that in most cases I am not an expert within that specific Niche.

If I’m writing a review about a makeup affiliate program I’m probably not going to know anything about the makeup products themselves.

So I have to look at it and review the affiliate programs in the products they offer as an outsider. Someone who is coming to these products for the first time and looking at them to see if they might hold any value for me if I’m looking for that type of product.

That’s basically how I approach the product section here. With the 3dcart affiliate program, I see a lot of very good products for anyone looking to start a drop-shipping or e-commerce business.

If I were looking to get into the e-commerce business or the e-commerce training niche then these are the types of products that would appeal to me.

Now it is your job to promote them and convince me to make a purchase through your affiliate link. But it all starts with useful quality products.

There are quite a few of this software as a services e-commerce companies out there and they all have similar products that only someone who is nuanced in the niche really is able to distinguish between. 

But as someone who is simply looking at these products from the outside looking in, I think that these look like great products that could have some very good use for people in the e-commerce training niche or people looking to start their own dropshipping e-commerce business.

The whole point of the 3D car products is to make starting your e-commerce business as quickly and painlessly as possible.

So they have dozens of templates for your website as well as loads of features that are going to help people new to e-commerce. As well as enterprise and B@B solutions for established e-commerce entrepreneurs.

This all translates into some great content potential for an affiliate marketer who is trying to promote the 3dcart brand.  The more relatable and easy to understand the products that you’re promoting are, the better your conversions are going to be.

One special note I want to make is that the actual shopping cart software from 3dcart is probably going to be the biggest seller for anyone that goes and promotes this affiliate program.

When you’re looking at the overall product line of any business you intend to promote, you want to pick out products that you think are going to be the biggest earners for you. It’s not always the ones with the biggest price tag.

In fact a lot of times it can be one of the lower price options because it invites more people to try it and spend money on that particular product.

As mentioned for 3dcart affiliates, the shopping cart software is going to be one of your biggest sellers, I believe.

Product Score – 90/100

Popularity Of The 3dcart Brand

This is probably the only score for the 3dcart affiliate program that is going to be just a little above average, the other scores are phenomenal.  The reason for this is 3dcart is not the most well-known e-commerce solution out there, at least in the mainstream consciousness.

That would probably be Shopify although there are others like Volusion and Bigcommerce. 

You might have to invest a little more time in explaining the types of software as services products and services that 3dcart provides and why they may be a better solution than some of the other names in the industry.

The popularity is section of these reviews is always a bit nebulous. It doesn’t really affect the program directly what it affects is how much time and effort you’re going to have to put into promoting the brand instead of the actual products.

As an affiliate marketer, you simply have to decide whether the time invested in promoting the brand is worth it over just picking a more recognizable brand.

 Most of the time it is worth the extra content and time invested in building up a brand that you want to promote especially if it’s popular with your audience. 

3dcart is definitely one that you want to inform your audience about and as a result, the initial popularity of the 3dcart service is probably not going to play a huge role in whether or not you decide to promote their products.

Popularity Score – 80/100

Conversion Potential For 3dcart

The overall potential for the 3dcart  affiliate program is ready impressive.  Their affiliate terms are probably the best out of any e-commerce affiliate program.  A Great Commission and a Great Cookie is only going to take you so far.

You really need to have the affiliate program convert at a decent rate for you to really make the type of passive income that you want to.

The conversion potential of any affiliate program is going to fluctuate depending on the price of the product that you’re promoting.  High ticket items will convert last but you will make more money per sale so it balances out.

The great thing about the conversion potential of 3dcart  is that they have products and services for a whole range of income levels for individuals and for business and Enterprise Solutions as well.

You’re not going to convert a lot of the Enterprise packages but you only need to convert a few of those a year to make a decent amount of passive income.

When you add it to the cheaper monthly fees of some of their individual plans you can really see the potential of this affiliate program for your passive income blog or website.

In fact, if you are in the eCommerce niche and you’re teaching people how to dropship or build online stores than 3D cart stands up very well with some of the other big names in this niche, names like Shopify or Bigcommerce. 

The potential for 3dcart is absolutely there. It’s just a matter of matching up that potential with your specific audience and seeing how well it converts.

Potential Score – 90/100

The Verdict On The 3dcart Affiliate Program

This is a truly remarkable affiliate program. The affiliate terms themselves are some of the best you’re going to find in the eCommerce or  Software-as-a-service niches.

There’s really nothing not to like about this partner program. They may not be the most popular e-commerce solution out there but you can overcome that with a little bit of clever content promoting the brand as opposed to just their individual products.

A great way to do this would be comparison reviews with the other big hitters in the e-commerce SAAS industry. but you’ll need to figure out what works best for your audience in order to get the most out of this affiliate program.

If you are in the make money online or Drop Shipping training niches then you really owe it to yourself to consider promoting a 3dcart if it converts with your specific readership.

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