Affiliate Research: Weight Loss Niche Ideas

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A good way to choose a niche is to just look around.  What are the commercials on television?  In magazines?  Chances are if you look for any length of time you will come across an ad trying to sell you something to lose weight.

Weight loss is one of the great evergreen niches for blogging.  As a part of the health and fitness niche, Weight loss is something that millions of people are looking to get help with on a daily basis.  One of the biggest draws about the weight loss sub-niche is the huge number of ways to break your blog into it.  And break into it is exactly what you want to do.  Weight Loss as an industry is absolutely huge. 

I am going to show you why a weight loss blog is so good and hopefully give you some weight loss niche ideas.

According to this Marketdata LLC study, the revenue for the weight loss market was 66 billion dollars in the U.S. alone in 2017.

Those kinds of numbers are tough to ignore.  Trying to get a small piece of that won’t be easy as weight loss is a competitive niche.

But it is possible.

I am going to show you why a weight loss blog is so good and hopefully give you some weight loss niche ideas.  You just need to know where to start.  Hopefully, this article will point you in the right direction.

In this article we will help you discover some of the best ways to start out in the weight loss niche, some of the best micro niches to start with.

Why it is so important that you have a weight loss blog with pictures.  You own pictures, especially at the start.

We also take a look at what you need in an affiliate program and some suggestions on what type of domain you need to look for.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

Why A Weight Loss Blog?

The biggest reason to start a blog in the weight loss niche is the sheer size of the weight loss industry. 

As I mentioned in the intro, $66 billion in 2017 is an enormous business.  The number of money people spends on health and weight loss-related products is staggering.

This is a reason why weight loss is one of the most suggested niches on the internet.  The profit potential is there.  Always one of the biggest criteria for starting a niche site. 

No one wants to spend months putting together a site that makes no money because the niche was not profitable.  Not something you need to worry about weight loss and dieting.

The second reason why a blog centered around weight loss products is so appealing is the variety of products you can base your niche blog around. 

I have come across micro-niches in the weight loss niche that seemed like they would not make a dime. 

And yet they turn out to be pretty profitable.  Largely because someone decided to take a chance and start a niche blog around it.

This variety of smaller micro niches also makes it very easy to expand your blog into the larger weight loss niche. 

You can start out blogging about a single exercise routine or program.  Then expand into the larger weight loss niche.  Meal plans, diet plans, supplements, workout routines.

They are all viable ways to get into the weight loss niche and turn it into a reliable income source.

How Do You Monetize A Weight Loss Blog?

I usually suggest 2 ways to monetize a weight loss blog. One is advertising.  If your site is mostly informational this might seem like a decent way to go about monetizing your site. 

You can definitely make a good amount of income using something like Google Adsense to earn income.

However, you will need to generate a good amount of traffic and it is very easy to run afoul of Google’s rules and regulations. 

A quick search returns thousands of horror stories from people kicked out of Adsense or other ad programs.

When you throw in Adblockers, site slowdown from the ads, and the general annoyance of the ads, they become less and less appealing for a blogger.  But give them a look and see if you like what they have to offer.

The second way to monetize a weight loss blog is, of course, affiliate marketing. 

This is definitely my preferred way to monetize almost any niche website.  You want to be an Amazon Associate for sure, it is one of the easiest partners to start with.

However, Amazon is not the only option.  And in many cases, it is not the best option. 

There are thousands of weight loss affiliates that offer much better terms and some unique products. 

You should always give them a look and maybe promote them alongside your typical Amazon affiliate links.

The reason I tend to look elsewhere is you can usually find some great commissions and much better tracking cookies at some of the smaller affiliate programs.

You always want to research alternative affiliate programs just to find new products to write about if nothing else. Some of these partners have their own brands, that you can only buy from their site.

This is a potential gold mine of underserved keywords and products that you could turn into content.  If you are interested in some weight loss affiliate programs you can find 10 great ideas right here.

Is The Future Bright For Weight Loss?

I think the weight loss niche will be ok.  It certainly seems like it has taken a little bit of a hit in recent years.  But that is just my opinion viewing it from the outside. 

The reason I think this might be the case is that people have a better image of their own bodies than maybe they did in the past.

That doesn’t mean it is not profitable.  It is and will continue to be.  It just means that the goals of the people looking to lose weight will be different and in many ways they will be more realistic.  Instead of losing 50 pounds maybe they will set a goal to lose 5 or 10.

The weight loss is still there but you will need to tailor your message a little bit. 

I think the ultra-extreme diets and fads may take a back seat for a while and some of the more sensible diets and weight loss plans will rise to the top.

Your blog might simply need to take a different approach to solve your reader’s weight loss issues than it might have 3 or 4 years ago. 

But the weight loss niche will always have money to be made by enterprising entrepreneurs like yourself.

Weight Loss Popularity

The popularity of the niche is huge.  But with popularity comes potential income and with income comes competition. 

The weight loss niche is incredibly competitive.  You will need to carefully select your keywords if you want to have any chance of breaking into the niche.

And then you will need to have patience as it will take time to rank for those keywords and build your site’s authority.  But don’t let that deter you. 

Competition means people are interested in spending money in that niche.  There is a reason why some niches have no competition.  They don’t make money.  The competition is good.  Popularity is good.

weight loss jaaxy search
Weight Loss Keyword Search in Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Some Micro-Niche Ideas

Here are a few micro-niche ideas you can use to get a foot in the door of the larger weight loss niche. 

Starting small is typically the best way to break into a niche.  At least until you have some experience.  You’ll be able to target low competition keywords easily once you get the hang of it.

  • Diet Plans
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Workout Routines
  • Supplements
  • Fitness Clothing

The ideal thing to do is to break down one of these suggestions into an even smaller niche and start from there. 

Instead of fitness equipment start with treadmills for example.  Then expand to rowing machines or whatever you think your audience will enjoy.

The weight-loss niche is incredibly competitive.  Finding that small micro-niche is the best way to make your blog profitable in this arena.

Affiliate Programs To Earn Even More Income

There are 1000’s of affiliate programs to choose from for this niche.  You will want to diversify your affiliate partner strategy somewhat. 

But don’t try and promote everything.  Pick a warehouse store and a couple of smaller partners to begin with.

If you are a diet plan blog.  Amazon and a couple of meal plan affiliates might do the trick to start out with. 

You always want to have a large affiliate program like Amazon as a catch-all for your readers.  Even if you never focus on it or promote it that much.

Strategy for Choosing a Domain Name
Weight loss Domain Ideas

A good strategy for picking a domain name is simple to make it something you enjoy and make sure it is not too long. 

There is a school of thought that you should put your keywords in your domain.  But I don’t think it really matters that much.

I feel a better way of handling a domain is to make it memorable and make it a brand.

But overall I don’t think it makes that much of a difference.  Just be sure you like it because changing it means buying a new domain and moving your entire site over to it.

Closing the Book on The Weight Loss Niche

A great blogging niche.  An evergreen blogging niche.  Weight loss is one of the most productive niches you could possibly get into. 

With so many options to start with.  Workouts or diets.  Pills or treadmills.  There is a way in for anyone willing to put in the work and create the content.

But it is a lot of work.  You can just wander into it blindly.  And this is just a quick overview of the niche. 

A great deal more research on each product you plan to promote and each piece of content you plan to publish will be needed to make the most out of your weight loss blog.

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