Grab A Wealthy Affiliate Discount

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If you have been looking for the perfect time to join one of the best affiliate marketing training programs on the planet. Now might be the perfect time to sign up.

The starter membership is free, as always. But there are a bunch of ways to get a discount to this service. Even at the regular price Wealthy Affiliate is a steal.

The starter membership is great but just look at the awesome tools and resources that come with a premium membership.

starter vs premium weathly affiliate chart

But we all love to get those discounts. To grab those little deals that are going to save us a little money now and a lot of money in the long run.

If there is one thing that you need to have for affiliate marketing it is patience so planning for the long-term and saving a little bit of money along the way is always a great idea.

There are 3 major ways to save some cash and I will take a look at each one of them. I will also give you a brief glimpse of what you can expect from your membership.

The perks themselves would cost 10+ times the monthly cost of Wealthy Affiliate. The best part is everything, except a domain, is included in the price. There are no upsells at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can claim your 20%, 39%, even a 59% discount on a premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership. Read on to find out how.

Wealthy affiliate payment

So let’s have a look at these Wealthy Affiliate discounts and see if we can find one that suits your budget. Let’s get you started on your road to financial freedom.

What Comes With A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

Here is just a taste. The highlights if you will on exactly what you get with a premium membership.

These services and tools would cost hundreds on their own. With Wealthy Affiliate, they are just part of the great package you get when you go premium.

Siterubix Web hosting

A shared hosting solution is available to every premium member here at Wealthy Affiliate. Included in your monthly fee.

A basic hosting service would cost 5-$10 dollars per month if you bought on elsewhere. That’s per domain.

2 Websites? Double the cost. 3? Triple.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get managed web hosting for up to 50 domains. 25 for any domain you choose to buy and 25 domains.

Find a domain for yourself right now.

That many domains would cost you hundreds if you bought them individually. And its all included in a single place at a single price.

Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

It is crazy. It really is. You get a fully featured keyword research tool included with your premium membership. Jaaxy. One of the most advanced keyword tools around. It is included.

Wanna know what else is included? Dozens of hours of training on how to use Jaaxy. It is an incredible deal. Keyword tools cost more than the entire premium membership here at Wealthy Affiliate.

And one of the bosses at Wealthy Affiliate just decided to add a ton of value to your membership by dropping in a great keyword research tool included with the price.

Try Jaaxy Right Now and see what you think.

100’s Of Hours Of Training

It might even be thousands at this point. You see not only do you get 50 training modules that get you started there are hours of additional training modules.

An entire boot camp for the Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate program.

User-created training from the community. These are in-depth looks at what has actually worked in the real world for some of the most successful Wealthy Affiliate members. All included in your one price.

wealthy affiliate training screenshot

First Month 59% Discount

That’s right, if you upgrade to the premium membership in the first week of your starter membership then you can get a cool 59% discount off the monthly subscription cost.

The regular cost is $49 dollars a month but with this discount, you can get access to some of the finest affiliate marketing training available anywhere for only $19 dollars. A full 30 dollars off the original price.

Nearly 60% off your first month. That is a huge discount that cannot be overstated. And remember all the great tools and resources that you get for signing up for a premium membership.

If it doesn’t work out just cancel your subscription before the next billing period and you can be on your way and never look back.

But after you get a taste of what is possible with wealthy affiliate I think you will grow to love it just like many of the current members.

The Wealthy Affiliate Family Looks Forward to Having you join us.

The 6-Month Discount

The next discount is the 6-month flat fee. With this great deal, you save 20% over the monthly membership price. Instead of paying $49 dollars a month your monthly equivalent fee is only 39 dollars. And you still get all the great perks, tools and resources that come with a premium membership.

Nothing is left out. Nothing is shorted. It is just cheaper because you pay the entire 6-month cost up front. It is a remarkable deal for anyone who is determined to give this business for at least 6 months.

But it is not the best deal. That is reserved for our next discount. Read on…

The Yearly Discount

Last but not least is the yearly discount. This is the most upfront cash but it is by far the best deal in the long term. A one-time payment gets you 20 dollars off per month.

Instead of paying $49 dollars a month your get each month for the incredible price of just $29.92. All of it for just under 30 dollars.

All the web hosting. The Jaaxy keyword research tool. All the hours upon hours of training. Everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for under 30 dollars a month. There might not be a better deal on the internet.

For 30 bucks a month. A dollar a day. You can build a business to provide you and your family with residual passive income for years to come. For just a dollar a day. Opportunities don’t come along like this all the time.

Just remember Wealthy Affiliate is work. Hard Work. You have to put in the work to get your money’s worth.

But it can be done. Success stories grow every single day. Planted like a seed and then grown over months and years into a truly wonderful business that can make you money while you sleep.

The Big Finish

If you need more information about Wealthy Affiliate before you make this life-changing decision. Please check out my full review on everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. It is a long read but I think one that is well worth it given the huge amount of resources and tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides to its members.

So that’s it. If you are thinking about jumping into Wealthy Affiliate then there is no better time than now. Every minute you wait is a minute you could be using to build your blog or online store, or website.

It is one minute that you are not spending building a Youtube channel or a Pinterest presence. It is one more minute that you are not creating a better future for yourself. Time is the enemy.

Build a business today so that you have more free time in the future. You trade hours for dollars now so that you earn those dollars passively in the future. Good luck to you with whatever you choose. I hope to see you over at Wealthy Affiliate.