The Freedom Formula Review

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To my review of The Freedom Formula. This affiliate marketing training program is going to get put under the microscope to see if it really lives up to its claims that you can build an affiliate marketing business quickly and easily with a done for you program that will have you earning incredible amounts of money in no time.

Man does that sound great.

Too great maybe?

I mean that is the question really.

Can you make a full-time income using only the training supplied by The Freedom Formula?

The answer, unfortunately, is probably not. Products like this are designed to continuously bring in new customers that feed the upper tier of members and make them money. The people at the bottom are going to have a much more difficult time breaking through. It is certainly possible but very unlikely for most people.

There are great utilities and resources that you can find to really learn affiliate marketing. Check out one of my best resources for real affiliate marketing training and see for yourself.

But in the meantime, let’s get into why The Freedom Formula falls so short of the mark with its training and claims of success.

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The Freedom Formula Review

  • Company Name: The Freedom Formula
  • Business Niche: Make Money Online
  • Owners: Unknown
  • Cost To Join: $27 Plus Upsells
  • Best For?: No One

This product is designed around recruiting others to join the program and buy into the overall product. It certainly resembles a type of Multi-Level Marketing product but does enough to differentiate itself from that.

It makes The Freedom Formula fit into a bit of a grey area as to exactly what it is and how it works. What is certain is that the amount of referrals you would need to make any real money is astronomical.

There is no real value to the product. It seems to exist to sell itself to new members with the hopes that they can reach the high referrals needed to earn a decent income.

Overall Rating: 18/100

Recommended?: No

What is The Freedom Formula?

The Freedom Formula is an online marketing product designed to generate full-time income through affiliate marketing.

The idea is that after you purchase this product and join the community you then go out and advertise it to others using a variety of marketing techniques to promote The Freedom Formula.

What it is, in reality, is affiliate marketing 101. The product teaches you a variety of ways to draw in potential customers.

These include your old standby’s like email marketing, PPC ads to get people to your landing pages or sales funnels and some basic traffic generation techniques. Here is the thing about the training, it does work.

But not in the way that they make it out to in their promotion video. Email marketing can be very lucrative and you could probably sell The Freedom Formula thought your email list.

Wait, you don’t have an email list of 100s of thousands of people?

Yea, that’s the part that they left out. This is typical for these types of done for your, cut and paste type products.

They tell you about the results but rarely explain how much time and effort it takes to get those results.

Email marketing takes years of building trust with your audience before you can start to push a lot of products through your funnels.

And, frankly, if the level of product you are promoting to your list is the quality level of The Freedom Formula then you are not going to have that list for very long.

And that’s just one aspect of the training. If you want to get organic traffic to a website promoting The Freedom Formula you are going to need to spend months building a portfolio of well-researched and useful content in order to start getting search traffic.

And it is the same thing all the way down the affiliate marketing line. PPC ads can be a disaster if you don’t know what you are doing.

Social media takes time and effort as well in order to get traffic. The training offered here is simply not up to the task of producing the results they claim.

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For most people.

And that is the key. It is spelled out in their income disclaimer that you can find on their promotional website. Results are not typical and should not be expected.

Someone made money off of this program and that’s all you need to claim that money can be made. It is just the way these things work.

One interesting thing to note is that this product appears to be a front end for The Super Affiliate Network.

It is never really mentioned but the creator of that product shows up in the promo video and there are some other hints in the testimonial.

The big issue here is just how much effort The Freedom Formula goes to obscure this fact.

It is almost like they are trying to rebrand The SAC for this product. I suspect that this is a SAC member info product that they are using to try and get people on board the Super Affiliate Network. At least that is what it looks like in my opinion.

However, I am reviewing what is offered by the Freedom Formula only on this review. So while it may funnel you towards SAC, I am treating this a separate product. The training, however, is common among both of those programs.

Who is it Targeted At?

This is really targeted at beginners in the affiliate marketing arena. The training supplied looks great to someone who is new to this business. It is laid out well and looks like it will work.

Because it does work with some time and proper training. The unfortunate part is that this is not really that great of training for a new marketer.

The promotional video is specifically designed to prey on the anxieties of many working-class families around the world.

There is a real problem with wage gaps and stagnant wages and this product’s promotional videos really play that up to get you to jump in with the hopes of getting out of the rat race.

It is really designed to find those people who are desperate to try anything that might work.

Even worse is that there are real affiliate marketing training programs out there that do work and are honest about the hard work and time it takes to build an online business.

But if a person new to the business chooses something like Freedom Formula to try first they are going to be left with the idea that all of these training programs are worthless or worse and never give this business a fair chance.

How Does Freedom Formula Work?

Basically, The Freedom Formula works like this. You sign up for their basic introductory price of 37 dollars.

Once you join they teach you some basic affiliate marketing techniques that you can use to promote The Freedom Formula to other people. If those people sign up you get a commission from there initial fee.

There is no real product other than to keep promoting and selling The Freedom Formula. It is a bit of a circular process. If it was on the initial $37 dollars then that would be one thing.

It is still not very good but its not a huge amount. What happens after you join is that you are bombarded with upsells.

Now if you are the referrer then you get a commission on the upsells, so it is in your interest to keep bringing people in. These upsells can easily run into the 1000’s of dollars.

They are worthless. They provide you with information and training about promoting The Freedom Formula, but it is in no way worth the cost.

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It All Seems So Simple…

Freedom Formula Features

There are not a lot of discernable features for this product. It seems to go along to get along. The entire product seems to exist simply to sell itself to new people and then start the upsell process anew. Calling these features is a bit of a stretch but this is all that it offers.

Basic Affiliate Marketing Training

The Freedom Formula does give you some very basic training into general affiliate marketing.

It is designed, of course, to focus on selling itself. But it can be used for other referral type partner programs. The issue is that the training is easily found at a number of other places on the web.

There is nothing really special about it other than its singular focus on selling The Freedom Formula to other people. It is very standard email marketing and traffic generation techniques that are very common for any affiliate marketing program.

Refund Policy Of Freedom Formula

If your refund policy is making your list of features then your product is really subpar. And that is the case here. You can get a refund on the initial $37 dollars, but not on any of the upsells if you choose to buy them. At least that is what it sounds like.

They are purposefully vague on exactly what their refund policy is.

The best course of action is to just not buy this at all. That way their refund policy is a moot point. These types of products only work when there is a steady supply of new “customers” coming through.

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Results Not Typical

Support For Freedom Formula

Support is limited for the Freedom Formula. There is not much in the way of contact information.

My guess is that once you purchase this product they simply send you over to the Super Affiliate Network and then that product handles all of the support issues. It is not ideal.

The only other bit of support is the money-back guarantee which is always great to see.

There are only a couple of cases where I would recommend a product without a refund policy, free trial or free starter membership. Be sure to always look for some type of guarantee.

Ther Cost Of Freedom Formula

The base price that I was offered when I went to purchase this product was $27 plus tax.

It came out to be $28.32 in total. So it is not a huge expenditure to start The Freedom Formula, but it is still a considerable amount especially if you are just scraping by day today.

The upsells are where the real money comes in. There are thousands of dollars in upsells.

That is also where the commission is made so if you join expect to be bombarded with a sales funnel that will try and sell you on every upsell that they can come up with.

The upsells are the reason the initial price is relatively low. It is the first taste that is “free” (or cheap) mentality.

Issues With The Freedom Formula

Well, where do we start with the issues for this product? The red flags are flying high and they are so numerous that they may very well blot out the sun. It is a red flag bonanza for The Freedom Formula. So strap in, this might take a while.

No Owner

The only person identified in the promo video is the spokesperson and that was simply a pen name. This red flag is the first one I look for. And it is rampant among these types of make money online products.

If you can’t stand by your product then why should I spend my hard-earned money on it? Always look for the owner and how invested they are in their creation.

Upsells, Upsells, Upsells

So many upsells. There are very few upsells that are worth it. Very few. It does happen occasionally but it is so rare that most upsells simply fall into the red flag category.

Give me the whole product for a fair price and let’s leave it at that. The trend of a low intro price then thousands of dollars in upsells is horrible. I recommend trying to find a training program that has no upsells.

Not Sure What You Are Buying

As I mentioned, The Freedom Formula looks like simply a new front end for The Super Affiliate Challenge. This is not something you see to often, most of the time the entire product is repackaged not just the landing page.

It makes it confusing to know exactly what you are purchasing so that is why it makes the red flag list.

Quick and Easy

Affiliate marketing is not easy and it is not quick.


Anyone who tries to claim otherwise is trying to sell you on a dream. Building a website takes time, building a youtube channel takes time. Instagram? Takes Time. Email marketing list? It takes time.

Quick and easy is a red flag in this business. In any business really.

Done for You Product

Cut and paste products are usually big red flags. It is important to understand the difference between following methods and concepts that work and simply taking someone else’s work and throwing an advertisement up somewhere that links to it.

There are some great training programs that will take you step by step through affiliate marketing but you still have to do all the work. It is a big distinction.

Is The Freedom Formula Worth the Cost?

This is the classic value proposition conundrum. The price is relatively cheap, at least the initial price, but is there any real value? I would argue that there is not. Even at the $27 dollar price point the information you receive and the limited training you get is simply not worth the cost. And we have not even gotten to the upsells yet.

Their value proposition is much much worse. You can write off a $27 dollar expenditure but the 1000’s you could potentially spend on the upsells could really hurt your financial future.

A lot of people always ask a question like Is The Freedom Formula a scam? It is not, but I think it is the wrong question to ask.

You see the people who put together these products know how to skirt any legal issues.

There are disclaimers on top of disclaimers about how nothing is guaranteed. There is a money-back guarantee as well. So you really have no excuses if you don’t make money. At least in their eyes.

And that is the twisted brilliance of products like this. If you fail it is because you didn’t work hard enough or buy enough upsells or any number of other excuses that the creators of a product like this will throw at you.

The reality is that you can work your butt off and never see any income from The Freedom Formula because it is just a poor training program. But poor products are not scams, they are just bad products.

If I buy an off-brand box of Macaroni and cheese and it is nowhere near as good as Kraft. That macaroni isn’t a scam it is just a cheap product that doesn’t taste good.

Freedom Formula is just a bad product. There is nothing scammy or nefarious about it. Most people will simply not make any money using this program.

Some will, of course, and that could be you. You could also win the lottery. I would say you have about the same chance of making money doing either.

The Freedom Formula Review Summary

$27 Plus Upsells












  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Decent Marketing Training


  • Vague Product
  • Feels Like An MLM
  • No Visible Owner
  • Huge Upsells

There are Alternatives

There is great affiliate marketing training out there. Dozens of programs that you could use to build a real sustainable income for yourself and your family. The one thing all the good ones have in common is simple.

They are upfront with just how hard and how long it will be for you to really make the income you want. You will need hard work and patience. And you will need to work each and every day at building your business into exactly what you want it to be.

So research every product you are thinking about buying. Thoroughly. Look for red flags. Look for the advice of people you trust, look for a community that can help you on your journey.

People that have been right where you are and made it. Through sheer force of will.

This is what I used to get the training I need. To build multiple websites, some micro-niches with 25 articles sites, some larger sites that have hundreds of articles. There is no one way to go about it.

I used Savage Affiliates to get my start. Is it right for you? Only you can answer that. But if you do decide to join us, know this.

There are thousands of people here who can help you the way they helped me and set you on the path to your financial goals. All the work is up to you though. This is not a “done for your” program.

You learn.

You take action.

And you Succeed. You are the conductor of your own future.

The Big Finish

It is soul-crushing sometimes. This affiliate marketing business. There are so many bad products and programs that you have to wade through to even get a glimpse of something decent.

All the training programs that don’t live up to the hype are the ones that really stick with you. You always remember that 50 bucks you threw away trying one of these terrible products.

No matter how much time and how much real income you have earned in the time since it happened. It always sticks with you.

The whole reason that I do these reviews is to try and help people not make the same mistakes I did when I was starting out. And to hopefully inform you of some great alternatives that can actually work and have worked for me and many others.

Thank you for stopping by and, as always, have a wonderful day.