The Sneaker Don Affiliate Program Review

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Welcome back to our look at some fantastic affiliate programs that you can use to really help monetize your Niche blog.

In this review, I’m going to be taking a look at the Sneaker Don affiliate program. How does it stack up to some of the other partner programs in the sneaker Niche?

Is this an affiliate for a wide range of sneaker blogs or is it very specific to a small subset of sneaker niches?

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The Sneaker Don Commission

The Commission for sneaker Don is only 5%.   This is not really much more than you would get from Amazon.

Normally in the situation, I would suggest just using Amazon since they’re the much more well-known name and people are very comfortable shopping on their side.

In this case, Sneaker Don has some pretty hard to find sneakers and it is really a sneaker marketplace where people can go to buy and sell old and retro sneakers.

This is something that Amazon really doesn’t do and that’s one of the reasons why this affiliate program is such a great one for a wide variety of sneaker Niche websites.

Still, though the 5% commission is a bit underwhelming and I would ideally like to see a double-digit commission for this type of affiliate program.

The Tracking Cookie For Sneaker Don

As it happens from time to time some of these affiliate programs tend to leave the tracking cookie information out of there partner program promotional material.

It’s not an ideal situation but typically this type of affiliate will have around a 30-day tracking cookie.

However, I was unable to confirm that so for the sake of this review I will simply give it a five out of ten and when I find the actual numbers I will update the review.

Sneaker Don Products To Promote

Sneaker Don Has a wide variety of sneakers to choose from. They seem to focus most on the Jordan brand and some older Nike Styles.

The interesting thing about their products is that they do sell used or previously purchased sneakers.

You can actually sell your old sneakers to them and make a nice little bit of money through their buyback program.

And they certify and verify that the shoes that you’re going to buy our authentic.  Sneaker Don Is really a sneaker marketplace and that makes it an ideal affiliate program for anyone in the Retro sneaker niche.

Popularity Of Sneaker Don

Sneaker Don Is not the most well-known sneaker store on the internet. In fact, it’s probably pretty unknown to a mainstream audience.

People in the sneaker Niche will probably have a working knowledge of it but even then it’s going to be overshadowed by some of the more general retailers in the niche.

That doesn’t mean you should completely avoid this affiliate program. It just means that you need to educate your readers about the qualities that make Sneaker Don a great place to pick up the pair of sneakers they were looking for.

The Ideal Micro Niche For Sneaker Don

The Sneaker Don affiliate program Works best in a retro sneaker micro-niche.   Given the marketplace nature of this partner program and their website they really cater to a very specific sneaker buyer.

So your content is going to need to target those types of buyers. Typically these are going to be people who are very well-versed in sneaker culture and are going to know exactly what they’re looking for.

This means that you were going to have to be on top of your knowledge about the sneaker in question or the reader will see right through your lack of knowledge about that particular product.

Alternatives To Sneaker Don

Given Sneaker Don’s Focus on the Jordan brand and Nike shoes there is very little that can be a direct alternative to this affiliate program.

They have so many types of Jordan brand shoes and Nike sneakers that a lot of the bigger more General retailers are not going to have.

This is because they do sell some retro and out of stock sneakers that the big chains not going to have.

 For a retro sneaker site, Sneaker Don is a great partner program to have on your side.

Here Are some alternatives to consider.

  • Finish Line — A good alternative that has a bit more selection and affiliate terms that are just as good if not better. Check My Review Here.
  • Foot Locker — Another big chain alternative to the more niche Sneaker Don. Footlocker is much more general and has more products to choose from.
  • Amazon Associates — A real competitor to Sneaker Don. If Amazon has it at the same price you are probably better off using Amazon Associates.
Jordan sneaker in grass
Sneaker Don Has A Ton Of Jordan Brand Sneakers

The Bottom Line

Sneaker Don can be a pretty decent affiliate program for a very specific set of niches in the larger sneaker niche.

The terms aren’t fantastic and the products come and go so a specific sneaker that might be there one day won’t be there the next. Which makes targeting their products with your affiliate links a little bit tricky.

That being said they do have a lot of sneakers that you just can’t find anywhere else or at least find a reasonable price.

And that alone makes them a pretty decent partner program to have for some specific micro niches.  The high ticket nature of their sneakers is also a great bonus for this affiliate program.

The really the only thing that matters is whether or not this affiliate converts well with your specific sneaker audience. A decent partner to consider, run some tests and see how they perform for your readership.

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Thanks for stopping by and as always have a wonderful day.