How To Make Money With E-sports Using Affiliate Marketing

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Esports Are like any other sport. Only a select few will ever make it to the top of the game and really make a living actually playing the games at the highest level.

The harsh reality is a lot of gamers that aspired to be E-sport professionals have to face.

But just because you can’t participate in the biggest tournaments doesn’t mean you have to give up your passion and love for E-sports.

There are ways that you can build a business around these e-sports without actually participating in it.

The key is to find your micro-niche. It’s a little area of the internet that you can call your own and start building the foundations of a passive income business built around the E-sports Niche.

And you can do this with a passive income blog.

There is going to be a little crossover between regular gaming and E-sports but they are two very different niches with different needs and different audiences in many cases.

Your goal is to figure out exactly what your audience needs. What kind of content they want.

What types of products they’re interested in purchasing and then you want to promote those products on your blog and in your content.

By doing that you can build an E-sports business using affiliate marketing. 

So if you want to know how to make money with E-sports using content marketing, read on because I’m going to tell you all about it.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

content marketing infographic
Content Marketing Is Where It All Begins

Starting An E-sports Blog

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We are going to use a blog as our main way to make money with Esports.  There are a lot of advantages to using a Blog as your primary content platform.

One of the biggest advantages is that over time your blog will become a source of passive income.

What that means is you won’t have to put in as much work as time goes on and still you’ll reap a lot of the benefits.

If you were to start an Esports channel on twitch you would need to constantly update the content in order to maintain your business.

With a Blog, your content will stay on the search engines for years to come if you created properly and use the correct keywords for your given Niche.

You certainly want to supplement your written blog with some video content on Twitch or on YouTube, but your content focus should be on the written blog at the start.

Once you get it set up and get 30 to 40 pieces of content on your blog then you can start expanding into the video realm and working on a YouTube channel to help compliment your written blog and create an ecosystem for your business.

The first thing you need to do when starting a Content blog is to find that micro-niche or sub-niche that is going to give you a place to start your passive income blog.

You want to build the foundation while trying to avoid as much of the big competition as you can until your site is ready to take on all comers.

If you look at the Google trend for Esports it’s a little bit erratic right now. That is not uncommon for something as new as Esports.

It’s just starting to get some television exposure and that is still on some of the secondary channels.

It’s very popular on the internet with a certain audience but not really mainstream yet.

There’s going to be spikes and lows and its popularity and it clearly shows that in the Google Trend graph above.

The even better news is that global E-sports topped a billion dollars for the first time in 2019(source). There is no better time than now to jump in.

Micro-Niche Focus For E-sports

Esports is a really huge Niche and it’s probably too big to start your own blog by focusing on the entire Esports business.

It’s certainly possible and I’ll include it in the Micro Niche suggestions but chances are you were going to need more than one person to write the content or produce the videos if you’re going to go with a general Esports blog.

In the meantime, there are some other sub-niches that you can investigate to find the little micro niches that would be perfect for you to start your passive income blog with.

 These are just the sub-niches, micro-niche are going to be even smaller but there are far too many to list in a single article so I’ll go with the general idea and explain a little bit so that you understand where I’m coming from.

PC Or Console. There Are E-sports For Both

#1 E-sport Team Fan Page

The first sub-niche I am going to take a look at is an Esports team fan page. It works the same as a professional football or soccer team fansite or fan YouTube channel.

People might scoff at the idea that an e-sport team and a professional soccer team might be on the same level in terms of how you would go about creating a fansite for each one of them. They are very similar in structure and in the tone of the content.

The Micro Niche of this would be picking a single Esports team and following them with your website.

Creating content around the events that they enter, the events that they win, and every other aspect of that team.

#2 Game-Specific E-sport Blog

Next up is creating an Esports blog about a specific game. Now you’re going to want to pick one of the more popular games out right now and one that you’re interested in.

Keep in mind that e-sports games come and go at a certain rate. So what might be really popular right now might be usurped by something in the next 6 months.

So it’s best to try and pick a game that has some longevity or try and catch up the next big thing that’s up and coming and ride that wave as long as you can.

Some popular games that you could choose it include Fortnite, CSgo, and League of Legends.

These might be a little bit crowded but pick one that you really like writing about and you can certainly start your passive income blog in one of these Esports arenas.

#3 General E-sports Blog

A general e-sports blog might be more of a team project. If you and some collaborators want to create content for it then it’s certainly a viable way to go.

However, it might be a little tough for a single person to create enough content to really stand out from the crowd in this particular sub-niche.

#4 E-sport Apparel Website

This is a product-based micro-niche. Basically, you want to create a blog based around branded E-sports apparel.

You can start with a single team and then expand out or you can try and capture a larger market of East sports apparel and be a more general e-sports clothing blog.

Sports apparel works the same way as any other sports team. They have jerseys and hats and jackets and all kinds of apparel that are very popular among the fans of E-sports.

gaming controller
Promote The Gear The Pro’s Use

#5 E-sport Gear Website

The final micro-niche that I want to talk about is another product based website. In this case, you want to take a look at the gear and equipment that professional gamers are using in their Esports tournaments.

You want to review and create content around the Esports gear and then promote it to the fans of Esports.

It works the same as any other product based website. You want your “best-of” lists and your reviews to be the bulk of your money pages.

You want some informational content on the E-sports tournaments, the competitors, and the games to support those money pages.

Choosing A Domain For Your eSport Blog

The domain is basically your address on the Internet. It’s where people can find your website or blog. But it’s also your brand. It’s going to be the first thing that people see when they go to your website.

Ideally, you want the name of your blog and the domain to be the same or very similar. You always want to get the. .com domain if at all possible.

It’s worth it to even change the name to something that may not be your first choice if you can get it with the .com suffix.  it really is that important.

When deciding on a name for your website and domain it’s better to focus on a more General Esports name, because that’ll give you more room to grow as you move on.

Your content can be in a certain micro-niche but you want your domain to be as broad as possible without getting outside the overall Niche.

I always advise people to go with something that is memorable and pretty easy to remember. Long complicated domain names are just not great.

And you never want to put hyphens or underscores in your domain name. Just avoid it if it’s possible at all.

Other than that just pick something you like, but keep in mind you cannot change it once you have bought your domain name.

You would need to buy a whole new one if you want to change it. It is a different address completely.

It is typically easiest to buy your domain through your hosting company, but there are plenty of places on the internet to pick one up. They cost around ~$15 dollars a year for a new domain.

Fight stick controller
Fighting Games Are Huge In E-sports

E-Sports Content

Now that we got our micro-niche said and are done my name picked we have to figure out what type of content you want to put out on your E-sports blog.

There’s a wide variety of content options that you could consider for your Esports blog. If you decide to do Recaps of E-sports tournaments or competitions then that content is going to be pretty temporal.

This means it’s not going to be evergreen. It’s going to be relevant for a couple of weeks or months and then slowly fade away as people forget about that specific tournament.

So you have to keep constantly turning out new content based on whatever tournament is coming up to stay relevant.

This is all right for some of your content but the bulk of your content you want to be Evergreen so that it will continue to bring in traffic long after you’ve written it or produce a video about it.

Evergreen content could be reviews of Esports apparel or Esports gear. It could be a profile on an E-sports team or player.

It could be informational content on the games behind the Esports. Any of these old will be Evergreen content that will continuously draw in traffic for years to come provided those games remain popular.

Catering your content to the region where most of the searches are coming from is another opportunity to grab some traffic for your content. Check out the google trends regional interest chart below for some ideas.

Monetize Your E-Sports Blog

This might be the section you’ve all been waiting for. How do you monetize your Esports blog?  Where to take a look at three different ways that you can monetize it.

If you can find other ways to do it then that is fantastic and there are few other ways that you can monetize blogs, although for Esports I’m not sure how many of those are actually going to be viable really.

Advertising On Your E-sports Blog

The first way to monetize your Esports blog is with advertisements. This is probably the most basic way to monetize any blog.

It’s simply adding ads to the content of your block. You sign up with an ad Network and then Place Those ads on your website.

When people view or click on the ad you get a small fee. The fee depends on the niche and where the traffic comes from and a whole host of other factors but in general, you can expect to get around $10 per thousand page views for your ads.

That’s a pretty low estimate and it can’t go much higher depending on some of those other factors. But $10 is a good place to start for an ad Revenue cost per thousand.

An E-Sports Info Product?

The next way to monetize a blog is with an information product. This doesn’t always lend itself while to every niche, however.

In my opinion, info products are going to be a little bit limited in the E-sports Niche. It probably can be done you could make a strategy guide for a specific game for example.

But in general, this is going to be something that you look at way down the road a year maybe two after you’ve created your website and got it some authority.

And then you can think about what type of pay product you would like to create for your specific audience.

And it may just not be feasible or maybe not be something you really want to do but if you can manage to create a good informational product then it can really boost the earnings of your entire website.

Earn With Affiliate Marketing

The third and in my opinion the best way to monetize any sports blog or any blog for that matter is with affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is simple in concept.

You draw traffic to your content they click on your affiliate link which takes them to a third-party website where they make purchases and you receive a commission for those purchases.

It’s simple but not easy. Because you’re going to need to get that traffic which will get into in a minute. 

In order to make affiliate marketing work, you got to find great affiliate programs for your specific Niche.

The good news is I put together a list of 10 E-sports affiliate programs that will really get you going on the right foot for your E-sports blog. You can check out that list right here.

Get Traffic To Your E-sports Blog

Now comes the hard part.

The concept of affiliate marketing is very simple. Get traffic to your website, get that traffic to click on your affiliate links, get that traffic buy something and you get a commission.

Simple right?

Did you notice the common factor between that whole line of events?


You have to get the traffic to your blog or to your YouTube channel in order for affiliate marketing to work.

Without that traffic, the whole business model falls apart. So how do you get traffic to your website?

I’m going to give you five ways that you can generate a little bit of traffic but the major source of your traffic will be free organic traffic from search engines.

That’s the goal.

But on your way to getting to that goal you, can build a little bit of traffic through some other sources. Here are the 5 that I use the most.

quora screenshot
Quora Is A Great Place To Find Some Traffic


 The first alternative traffic source is a website called Quora.  

This is a question and answer website where you can go and answer other people’s questions and a helpful and thorough Manner and then leave a link to your website at the end of your answer.

You need to be helpful when you need to be thorough though on Quora. That’s the important part to remember.

If you just go in there and start spamming your website URL then you are going to get banned and it’s going to be useless to you.

Go answer questions make them helpful answers make them useful answers and you can generate a little bit of traffic especially for a new website.


Forums are another great place to generate a little bit of traffic for a brand new e-sports website. Forums work a lot like Quora.

You need to be helpful and provide useful information and then add your URL to the end of your Forum post.

Again, spamming your URL is just going to get you banned from the forms so make sure you provide useful information and be active in the forum community and build a good name for yourself.


Pinterest is a great place to get traffic from for any niche. 7 inches are more popular than others on Pinterest.

But almost any Niche including Esports can find a little space to generate some traffic from this visual search engine.

And that’s the key thing about Pinterest. It is a visual search engine more so than a social network.

So with every article that you write you want to create a pin or an image that you can put on to Pinterest and draw traffic to that article.

You should be doing this for every single piece of content that you create. And you can even create multiple pins for a single piece of content just to get traffic from Pinterest.

This is one of my favorite sources of additional traffic. At the end of this article, you’ll find my Pinterest pin for this specific article.


Another excellent source of traffic is YouTube. The interesting thing about YouTube is that you can send traffic both ways.

You can take traffic that goes to your blog and you can send them to your YouTube channel for more content.

Or you can take traffic to go to your YouTube channel and send it to your blog and you created your own little content ecosystem.

This is invaluable for an affiliate marketer. Basically, you get multiple chances to promote and sell products to your Audience by keeping them in your ecosystem.

I would urge you to start a YouTube channel after you’ve got your blog established. 30 to 40 pieces of written content and then start adding in some video content to build out your ecosystem.

Your brand is what you really want to build here with your blog and your YouTube channel. And then, of course, adding other things like Pinterest to build the ecosystem even larger.

This is the ultimate goal and what you should be building towards with your e-sports business.

seo graphic
Google Is The Main Source Of Search Traffic

Organic Search Traffic

I purposely save this method of getting traffic for the last section.   the reason for that is this is the main source of traffic for your E-sports blog.

Traffic from search engines is the ideal traffic for your affiliate marketing business.

People who are searching for the keywords and topics that you’re going to be writing about are actively looking for those specific topics.

So you have a captive audience from the get-go. You weren’t slamming paid advertisements in front of people who may or may not be interested in what you’re selling.

You are targeting people who are actively searching for your content.

And if you can rank your content on the first page of the search engines then those people that are actively searching for that content are going to find your content click on it and ultimately start to bring in affiliate marketing dollars for your  Esports blog.

The big issue with search engine traffic is that it takes a long time to start ranking. It can take six months to a year depending on your niche and competition before your articles reached the high point that they’re going to reach.

So getting traffic from search engines is a process.

The other traffic models that I mentioned are good in the interim while you’re waiting on your search engine traffic to get to Full Steam. But nothing can replace search engine traffic right now.

Love it or hate it this is where we have to make our stand when it comes to traffic.

We have to play by the rules at Google and being set no matter how ridiculous they are and hopefully not run afoul of any of those rules even though they are constantly changing.

Once you do harness the power of organic search results your business is going to expand at an exponential rate. It’s a Snowball Effect.

Each little piece of content is a tiny snowball and it starts rolling downhill and if you give it enough time it’s going to turn into a huge boulder of snow that’s just going to generate passive income for your e-sports blog for years to come.

The Grand Final

And that brings our look at the Esports Niche to a close. Affiliate marketing works perfectly with this particular niche.

There are so many products that you can promote for E-sports. From controllers and gaming Gear to branded E-sports team merchandise, the E-sports Niche has incredible and popular products. 

Now it’s up to you though. Now it’s up to you to take action and start your E-sports blog.   You can do it.

But you have to start and start as soon as you can. The only way you’re going to get better at writing a blog or creating videos about E-sports is to start doing it.

Your first content is probably going to be awful. Almost everyone’s is.

The mics are bad and the lighting’s terrible for new YouTube channels.

Blog articles are too short and have keywords that are too competitive.

This is all calm and stuff. But the only way you get better at this stuff is to just do it. You have to take action. 

That is the number one thing that’s keeping most people from achieving their dreams of a passive income online. They simply do not take action.

That’s really the question you have to ask yourself.

 Are you in action taker?

Are you ready to hustle to work hard and to build your own online business? That’s a question that only you can answer.

What’s it going to be?

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

Thanks For Visiting and have a wonderful day

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