Is The Affiliate Program A Good Alternative to Amazon?

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Hello everyone and welcome back. In this episode, we will be taking a look at one of the best diaper affiliate programs out there. Baby and parenting blogs are a very popular niche and while most have at least one baby product affiliate program these very specific affiliate programs often get overlooked.

But having an entire affiliate program dedicated to just diapers can really open up new avenues of monetization if you can fit them into diaper specific content and in this case cloth diaper content

So let us take a look at the Affiliate Program and see if it can help fill the void left by Amazon and increase the profitability of your baby niche blog.

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What Is The Affiliate Program

  • Affiliate Commission: 10%
  • Tracking Cookie: 60-days
  • Niche: Baby Products
  • Application: Join Here
  • Affiliate Network: affiliate program is a baby product based affiliate partner that focuses on cloth diapers and related accessories. Their affiliate partners can receive a commission for promoting their products.

The objective here is to find viable alternatives to Amazon Associates as they are lowering their commissions to such a low point that they become almost unusable as an affiliate partner

The Affiliate Commission Offers its affiliate Partners a 10% Commission on qualifying sales made through your affiliate links. This is a very generous Commission in my opinion. It is especially nice when you look at what Amazon Associates would offer the same types of products.

Amazon has lowered their affiliate commissions to 1% to 3% on almost everything in their store. Those low rates make it very tough to be profitable without an absolute Deluge of traffic day in and day out.

And that’s when it makes sense to start looking for Alternatives. If you need an affiliate program to sell cloth diapers through your website it makes a lot of sense to look at this affiliate program that is going to give you as much as ten times the commission as Amazon.

Your conversion rates for the what program are almost certainly going to be less and they were with Amazon but they don’t need to be at the same rate for you to make the same or even more money just because the commission is so much more generous and better overall for an affiliate marketer.

The Tracking Cookie Duration

The tracking cookie duration for the affiliate program is pretty standard. They offer a 60-day tracking cookie gap for their affiliate partners. And there’s nothing really on the site that can really be considered a high-ticket item so the 60 days is more than enough time to make your sales and still get the commission’s for them during that 60-day tracking duration.

The typical Amazon tracking cookie is around 20-hours. 60-days vs 20-hours. It really shows just how much more desirable this affiliate is over Amazon Associates.

What Makes So Appealing For Affiliate Marketers

The first reason that this is a very good option or alternative to Amazon Associates is the commission outlined above. It makes the time and effort worth it but it is not the end-all of affiliate marketing.

The products and services that you are planning on promoting are the most important aspect of an affiliate program. The great news is that has some great name brands that you can feel comfortable recommending to others.

These include Gerber, Thirsties, And Osocozy as well as a huge selection of other cloth diapers and accessories that are high quality and should be easy to promote.

Always research the products you intend to promote. It is probably unrealistic to get hands-on with each and every product offered by, but you should try and get at least a little hands-on experience with some of their most popular items.

At the very least do extensive research into the popular items and make sure their reputation is acceptable before you promote that product. you don’t want to be promoting products that have tons of 1star reviews or forum full of dissatisfied customers.

When you take the commission, the tracking cookie, and the quality products and put them together you have a great alternative to Amazon for any baby niche or parenting website as well as a great option for a more general “mom blog”. If you can fit this affiliate into your niche then it would be one to definitely consider.

The Bottom Line On The Affiliate Program

If you are looking for a diaper specific affiliate program that can act as an alternative to Amazon Associates then this is one of the best out there. There are certainly others that you can try and I would give as many as I could a test run to see how well they convert with your specific audience.

But you can’t do much better than a solid 10% commission with a good 30-day duration and some great products and brand names that you can promote.

The baby and parenting Niche is incredibly competitive and there are a ton of affiliate programs to choose from. But it’s always nice to digging a little deeper and find these very specific affiliate programs that cater to a  much smaller than the general baby Niche.

It is even conceivable that you could build an entire website around simply cloth diapers. I’m not sure if there’s really enough traffic for but you would certainly have a good opportunity there to start with a very small Niche website and then expand down if you need it to.

Of course, it’s not as simple as simply replacing your Amazon affiliate links with a cloth diaper. Com affiliate link. You will need to build a relationship between your audience and this new affiliate program and it will probably never reach the conversion rate that you got with Amazon.

But with the way things are going, it’s a good idea to start transitioning over to these other affiliate programs to maintain and even increase your profitability over the long-term.

That’s all I have for you today thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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