How Is The Flaviar Affiliate Program? A Good Alternative For A Liquor Niche Blog?

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Hello everyone and welcome back. Today we are going to be taking a look at a very unique affiliate program that you can use for a variety of niches. The Flaviar Affiliate Program.

This is a liquor club service that can be deployed on a liquor niche blog or any number of lifestyle blogs for both men and women. As long as your audience loves a stiff drink from time to time this affiliate might just work for you. So let us dive into this affiliate partner and see if it adds up to something that you can use in place of Amazon Associates.

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A Look At The Flaviar Affiliate Program

The Flaviar Affiliate Commission

Let’s start with the commission. It is a little bit complicated because there are multiple networks that you can join for this affiliate program. According to their website, they offer a $20 flat fee for gift memberships and a $25 flat fee for regular memberships when using the PepperJam affiliate network.

Their ShareASale Profile, on the other hand, quotes the commission as a $50 flat fee for a new membership. It is possible that this commission has just not been updated but if it is still $50 then ShareASale is the superior place to join Flaviar.

I suspect that it has simply not been updated to reflect the $25 flat fee that you get elsewhere. So for the purposes of this article, I am going with the low-end commission.

If we assume that you will get between a $20-$25 dollar affiliate commission for each new member you refer, that makes Flaviar a pretty good affiliate partner to have.

A $25 flat fee is going to generate a good amount of income on its own and when you pair it with other affiliate programs it won’t take long to make a full-time income with just a few sales a day.

The Tracking Cookie Length

The tracking cookie for the Flaviar affiliate program is a standard 30 days. Given that this is a subscription box type service 30-day should be plenty of time for You to make a sale and still get a commission for it.

The monthly subscription price for Flaviar is not that expensive, it runs around $25, so you don’t need a super long tracking cookie like you would if you were dealing with high-ticket items.

Ideal you want to see as long as a tracking cookie as possible but I don’t see any drawbacks to having a 30-day tracking cookie with this particular affiliate program.  so it’s not something you really need to concern yourself about too much, in my opinion.

What Products Are You Promoting

When you promote the Flaviar partner program you are not promoting specific spirits per se. You are proting their club membership which gives members access to a wide rage of spirits, including tasting boxes every quarter.

This is very similar to a subscription box service but it works on a quarterly basis rather than the typical monthly basis. Each quarter members you refer get a tasting box, a full bottle, and other perks that will make it fairly easy to promote on your liquor niche site.

Their products are very much designed for spirit enthusiasts so they have products you might not find locally, making it an even more valuable affiliate for your niche site.

Conversion Potential Of The Flaviar Brand

Flaviar should be a decent converter mainly because of their products, the fine spirits and craft liquor are going to be the real selling point for this affiliate. The tracking cookie will help the conversion a bit, but should have that much of an impact since it only clocks in at 30-days.

Ultimately the conversion potential of this affiliate is going to depend on the type of content and the quality of the content that you produce. In addition it need to resonate with your audience. There is a psossiblity that your specific audeince will have no use for this affiliate partner and you will need to find others that work.

The products and affiliate you promote are always going to be at the mercy of your audience as a whole. Don’t try and force a low converting affiliate over the long term, you are just leaving money on the table.

My Closing Thoughts On Flaviar

Here Is A Quick Recap

You Can Join The Flaviar Affiliate Program Here

This is an interesting affiliate program. The liquor niche is a tricky area to operate in. You really need to know the niche inside and out or you will have a real problem keeping your audience. You not selling your readers a toaster, these are fine spirits and you must know how to tell a good one from a bad one.

That being said, once you gain the expertise needed for a successful blog dealing with fine liquor, Flaviar is a great option to help monetize that niche website. Everything lines up well for this to be a very profitable affiliate partner.

The commission is pretty good, the tracking cookie is acceptable, but it is the products that really shine here. The products sell themselves to scotch and whiskey aficionados as long as you have a good report with them.

I think that this affiliate partner is going to a great addition to any liquor niche website and could be something to consider for a lifestyle website or even a cigar niche website where you can pair it cigar affiliate programs to help increase your monetization.

It would also fit nicely into a niche website that deals with alcholoh based products. Expanding a beer or wine niche website to include spirits and liquor would be a great opporunity rto use this affiliate program.

Keep in mind that you also need to make sure that you adhere to any regulations in your region about promoting alcohol. That may include disclaimers and age restrictions on who can view your content. It is just something to keep in mind if you decide that the liquor niche is something you want to pursue.

Still, There are plenty of great opportunities to get the most out of the Flaviar affiliate program.

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