Can You Make Money With A Quinoa Niche Market Blog?

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Hello everybody, welcome back. I though tit would be interesting to take a look at an incredibly small blogging niche and just see if we can pull together enough research to show that it might be viable. I decided to pick the quinoa niche market.

This would make it a micro-niche in the food and beverage industry but we would focus on one food as the basis for the entire niche site. So we are going to go through setting up your quinoa blog, look at ways to monetize it, and do a little keyword research to see if it is even a viable niche to begin with.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

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Building A Blog In The Quinoa Niche

The Building Blocks Of Your Quinoa Blog

The first step for your quinoa on this blog, or any blog for that matter is to set up your website. I recommend using a WordPress website over something like a Wix website because I think WordPress is a little bit easier to use and a little more versatile for most people.

However, Wix is a very popular and perfectly viable alternative when setting up your website for the first time.  So it’s really going to come down to personal preference. You are going to need to find Webhosting and a domain for your WordPress website. There are hundreds of options that you can choose. I personally start all my website projects on Bluehost and usually pick a domain from there as well.

The domain is basically your address online so you want to pick something relevant and memorable for your Quinoa niche blog. A second option is to build your content for Youtube. For a Youtube channel, you won’t need to get Webhosting but you will need to invest in cameras and microphones and editing software to get your videos into a professional condition for publication.

The other issue with Youtube is that some of your quinoa informational content might be a little dry in video form. A 15-minute video about the history of Quinoa might not be as effective as a nice article on the subject. Ideally, both would work great with the cooking and recipes being videos and the informational content being better suited for your written blog.

Monetizing Your Quinoa Niche Market Blog

There are a few ways to monetize your quinoa niche blog. I tend to use these 3 options for more of my niche projects.

  • Advertisements
  • Informational Products
  • Affiliate Marketing

There are certainly other ways to make money with a quinoa website, selling a white label brand through your website might be an option for example, but in general you will probably want to stick to one or more of the 3 above options. Lets look at advertising first.

Advertising On A Quinoa Blog

Advertisements are going to be the most basic way to generate a little bit of income for your quinoa on Niche blog.  V rates that you get for advertising are going to depend on the niche that you’ve chosen and will vary from day to day most likely.  So it’s really impossible to give you an accurate amount that you can make from advertising but with a decent amount of traffic in goodness you can generate a very nice amount of income just from advertisements alone.

With all that said I don’t think that quinoa it’s going to be one of the higher learning advertising niches. It’s just way too focused and food niches don’t make nearly as much ad Revenue as most other blogging niches out there. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still money to be made through advertising. And you are going to want to set up an advertising network on your website.  Most people are simply going to go with AdSense because it is the largest and one of the best out there.

I would recommend waiting a month or two before trying to sign up to make sure that you have enough traffic so that you’re not constantly being rejected by AdSense. once you start building your traffic even higher than you can start moving on to the more premium ad networks like Ezoic or Adthrive which are going to produce even better results as far as your income goes. Another option is but I have had very little luck with them thus far.

Information Products For A Quinoa Website

The second monetization option for a quinoa niche website is an informational product based around quinoa.  I think this is going to be very limited to basically either a video series about quinoa recipes and how to make them or an ebook of quinoa recipes.

That being said once you immerse yourself into this and that you might see other opportunities to create some additional valuable content that people will want to buy from you but strictly from an outsider’s view, there doesn’t look to be a whole lot of options when trying to build an informational product in this niche.

Affiliate Marketing For A Quinoa Niche Website

affiliate marketing is going to be the mainstay for your quinoa niche market blog.  Essentially you are going to promote other people’s products through your content and when someone uses your affiliate link and buys a product that you referred them to you will get a commission. That’s the simplest explanation of how affiliate marketing works.  and it can be incredibly effective at generating a passive income online. In fact, affiliate marketing is probably the best way to make money online going right now.

For the quinoa Niche affiliate marketing is going to be a little bit dicier than for other niches. The main reason for that is because quinoa and such a specific food that there are not a whole lot of affiliate programs designed specifically for quinoa. As a result, you’re going to need to find affiliate programs that have quinoa products and recipes as part of a larger food and beverage website.

Amazon Associates would be a very good affiliate program for this Niche website however you’re only going to get about 1% on every sale that you make. Which is not great and is going to take a lot of traffic to generate a decent amount of income.

That being said if you use Amazon Associates and pair it with something like the Simply Quinoa affiliate program you can start to build an affiliate strategy that is going to work for you and one that is comprised of both High commission and low commission affiliate programs. There are only a few quinoa affiliate program options that you could use to help monetize your Quinoa niche market blog. In general, I would recommend looking for more general food affiliates that have quinoa options available.

Some Keyword Research And Trends

You will want to find low competetition keywords and lower traffic keywords to begin with. However, in this day and age it is far better to focus on questions people have about quinoa than to be laser focused on a given keyword.

Here are some good examples of a basic questions that are going to have a decent amount of search volume

  • Where Is Quinoa Grown?
  • Are There Different Types Of Quinoa?
  • Is Quinoa A Type Of Rice?
  • What Is a Goosefoot Plant?
  • Does Quinoa Have Carbs?

These are just five quick questions that I had about quinoa and decided to do a little bit of research on. Most of them are Autocomplete queries in Google which is always a good sign when looking for topics to write about. It took me 5 minutes to come up with five of these article topics from someone who doesn’t really know anything about quinoa. If you are thinking about starting quinoa website then you already have a basic amount of knowledge about this food and could come up with dozens if not hundreds of topics that you could write a single article about.

If you can get 30 or 40 or 50 articles just out of your initial research then you are going to have one heck of a website once you start getting the ball rolling. As long as you have a little bit of patience then you will start seeing results once your article starts to rank in Google and other search engines. One thing I will add about keyword research is that there are other options that don’t include search engines. You can do your own keyword research on something like Pinterest which is probably going to be a great additional source of traffic for your Niche website because food niches tend to do very well on Pinterest.

It’s simply another option to bring in more and more traffic to your Niche website. I would try and diversify my traffic sources as much as possible although you do hear stories about people focusing simply on Pinterest and having incredible Success With It. I think a balance of search engine, Pinterest, forearm traffic, quora traffic,  and any other sources that you can think of is going to be the best way moving forward to make sure that your traffic sources are safe and not susceptible to algorithm updates that search engines tend to push out from time to time.

Closing Thoughts On A Quinoa Blog

Do I think that a quinoa blog could be profitable? Yes but with some caveats.  The first issue that I think is going to pop up is not having enough informational content to put on your website. You can go through the history of quinoa and how it’s produced and everything about it but eventually, you’re going to run out of ideas.

Here are a couple of quinoa blogs that you can reference to see if this niche is something you would like to pursue.

This might be enough content to get you started and start building a good website but eventually, you’re going to want to expand and grow your website a little bit. At that point, I think you have a couple of options when you go into the larger food and beverage niche And expand that way. If you choose to stay solely with quinoa then you are probably going to have to delve into recipes which is an incredibly competitive area for any food but especially one as popular as quinoa happens to be right now. You can certainly thrive with recipes but you will want to try and continually mix it with great informational content.

There is potential for the snitch but I don’t think it suits itself well for a New Philly at Market or. I think it’s like this is something you want to try or maybe you’re a third or fourth blog when you start to expand and build out your online business. But if you are very passionate about quinoa and love it and eat it at almost every meal then even as a beginning of affiliate marketer you were going to have a great opportunity to build a Blog around something that you enjoy and something that is popular and has some growth potential and profit potential going forward.

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