10 Of The Best e-Book Affiliate Programs

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the website. Today we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best e-book affiliate programs to promote on your Niche website.

Ebook affiliate programs are not limited to just niches about creating ebooks or selling eBooks. As long as there is an ebook written about your Niche than you have a ready-made promotional opportunity and one that’s going to be relatively inexpensive for most of your audience.

Ebooks are also one of the main sources of informational products that many website owners end up selling as they grow their business. So you might find an affiliate program on our list that is going to help people write those ebooks or maybe even write one yourself.

So let’s take a look at these ebook affiliate programs and see if we can’t find one that’s going to help make your business that much more successful.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

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Check Out These E-Book Affiliate Programs

Sqribble Affiliate Program

scribble screenshot

Sqribble is a bit different from the other entries on our list as it is not about promoting ebooks but promoting the software and skills needed to write your own e-books. Sqribble proclaims itself the number #1 ebook creator in the world.

The appeal of this affiliate will be pretty broad as it is essentially a product that teaches people how to create their own e-books and make money online with them. The niches for this type of affiliate are make money online and passive income websites as well as ebook websites that may have audience members who wish to learn how to write their own.

As a digital only product the terms are fantastic. You can earn up to 75% commissions on the sales of their products and there are upsells that you can promote as well. The cookie is not specifically listed but most Clickbank products have about a 60-day tracking cookie.

You can join the Sqribble affiliate program through ClickBank.

E-books.com Affiliate Program

Ebooks.com is one of the largest online retailers of ebooks. If there is something in the ebook format then chances are they have it in their collection. The great thing about this affiliate is that is can be used for just about any niche. As long as they have an ebook in your chosenniche this is a great affiliate program to promote on your website.

The commission ranges from 8% all the way to 15% depending on the amount of sales you make. The more sales the more potential commission you can make maxing out at 15%. The tracking cookie is very good weighing in at 45-days. This gives you plenty of time to make a sale and get credit for the commissions.

You Can join the ebooks.com affiliate program here.

Ebook Maestro Affiliate Program

screenshot of the ebook maestro website

Ebook Maestro is a versatile universal software compiler suite designed to help you get your ebooks or other digital information products of the ground and written as efficiently as possible.

The tracking cookie is not listed so be sure to ask about it upon signing up. The commission is a fantastic 40% for all sales made through your affiliate links. This type of high commission is expected since this is digital software which reduces the overhead.

However, I have found digital-only products to be a little bit more difficult to sell than your typical physical product, but the commission should more than makeup for it.

You can join the Ebook Maestro Affiliate Program Here.

Free-Ebooks.net Affiliate Program

screenshot of the free-ebooks.net affiliate program website

Free-Ebooks.net has a huge selection of e-books that you can read once you join. The pricing is interesting in that you can choose from a range of prices for many of the bundles. It works like a donation for the books in practice. It is something quite different and it might be worth your time to check it out for your blog. You can also read up to 5 books free per month and there are other subscription tiers that you can promote as well.

The tracking cookie information was not available on their affiliate page so be sure to ask about it when you join their partner program. The commission is an outstanding 25%. The commission alone makes it worthwhile to consider this affiliate as part of your overall affiliate portfolio.

You can join the Free-Ebooks.net affiliate program here.

Writer’s Helper Affiliate Program

screenshot of the writers helper website

Writers Helper is designed to teach you how to effectively edit your books or ebooks as well as provide editing services for self-publishing authors’ books. You can promote many of the e-books on sale here as well.

The commission is a very generous 50%. Given that this is a digital product this is not that surprising, but welcome all the same. The tracking cookie is equally generous weighing in at 60-days, leaving plenty of time between clicks and sales.

You can join the Writer’s Helper Affiliate Program here.

Books A Million Affiliate Program

  • Commission: 5%
  • Tracking Cookie: 30-days
  • Auto-Approval: No
  • Learn More About Books A Million
books a million screenshot

Books A Million is a large retailer of books both online and off. They have brick and mortar stores all over the United States. This is not a specific e-book affiliate and would probably be most at home in a general book-related niche website over a strict ebook related one.

The affiliate terms for this partner program are pretty standard. And they are for a 30-day tracking cookie for their affiliate partners. This should do just fine for the Books A Million partner program since many of their products are not overly expensive and certainly not high-ticket items that would need a super long tracking cookie.

The commission is 5%. This is about what you’d expect from these larger affiliate programs. 5% is about as low as I like to go with some exceptions and ultimately it depends on how well the conversion rates go that’s going to determine whether the 5% commission is going to be enough to earn a good living.

You can join the Books A Million Affiliate Program here.

BookBaby Affiliate Program

screenshot of the bookbaby affiliate program

BookBaby is designed to help anyone get their ebook published as well as services for book printing binding and other related services.

Since you will be promoting it this affiliate to other people who are trying to get their book published it’s going to fall into a much narrower band of  potential customers.  I think an affiliate like this would work perfectly for a niche blog about writing or self-publishing for some related Niche.

The tracking cookie information was not readily available so be sure to ask about it once you are accepted into this affiliate program. I suspect it’s probably a standard tracking cookie duration but you always want to make sure so you know exactly how much time you have between a click and a sale.

The affiliate commission is 5%. As I mentioned in one of the previous sections 5% is about as low as I like to go for an affiliate commission. If the conversion rate is great and your audience really loves a specific affiliate program products than going even lower than 5% is perfectly fine.

The bottom line is that you want to find a commission rate that supplies you with a good amount of profit while also being very popular with your audience.

You can join the BookBaby affiliate program here

Emanual Online Affiliate Program

emanual online screenshot

This is an interesting affiliate program. Emanuelonline.com  doesn’t really fit into a general ebook or even a book Niche website. This one is all about getting manuals for just about any type of product out there. 

It’s a pretty interesting setup but it doesn’t lend itself to anyone Niche. This would be a great option for an affiliate program for an automotive website because they have hundreds of Automotive manuals that might be of some use to that website, for example.  

Here are just a few of the categories of manuals that you can expect to promote when you join this affiliate program. Any of these related niches would benefit from this partner program.

  • Cars
  • Agriculture
  • Business and Industrial
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Engines
  • Home and Garden
  • Marines
  • Material Handling
  • Motorbikes
  • Other Vehicles
  • Powersports
  • Trucks

The tracking cookie is a standard 30-day duration which should be plenty of time for this affiliate program. The commission is a generous 25%.  You really can’t go wrong with a commission well into the 20% range.  The only issue with this for the program is finding exactly the manual you need that fits perfectly into your chosen niche.

You can join the Emanual Online Affiliate Program Here.

PLR Products Affiliate Program

PLR Products is a fantastic affiliate program for anyone who needs ebooks to sell as their own without having to write them. When you buy a PLR ebook you are buying the rights to resell them making this a great option for a make money online, network or affiliate marketing, and general business niche sites.

The affiliate terms are some of the best on our list. Starting off with the tracking cookie duration, you get a full 3 months or 90 days tracking gap in order to make a referral and still get credit for the commission.

 The commission is what you’d expect for a digital-only product. They offer a 50% commission on qualifying sales made it to your affiliate link. The commissions can really add up when the right is this high but keep in mind that digital-only products do tend to be a little bit more difficult to sell and promote.

You can join the PLR Products Affiliate Program here.

Blue Rocket Books Affiliate Program

blue rocket books  affiliate program

At Blue Rocket Books, consumers can buy or sell used books and you can get a small commission for referring them to the site. It is an interesting affiliate but one that will have limited appeal, I think.

The tracking cookie is great at 60-days but the overall commission is a little bit low. At 2% you need to have a very good conversion rate to make it worth your while to promote this partner program.

I added it to the list as an option to buy and sell books and while it doesn’t fit into an ebook niche website perfectly is does give you options for your general book niche website.

You can join the Blue Rocket Books Affiliate Program here.

Wrapping Up Ebook Affiliate Programs

That brings us to the end of our look at these ebook affiliate programs.  The great thing about ebook affiliate programs is that they can be used in a huge number of blogging niches.

Basically if there’s any book written  in your Niche then you can promote it on that Niche website. It’s a great relatively inexpensive option to promote to your audience. It gives you another level of monetization.

You can certainly make your entire website about ebooks Books but you were going to have to generate a lot of traffic given that these types of ebooks really are relatively inexpensive. So I think they work best as a complementary affiliate program in your overall affiliate strategy. 

I hope you found something that you can use to help increase your profits and help build your affiliate marketing business even further.

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Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.