Build a Profitable Blog with These Boozy Niches

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There will always be profits in booze.  No way around it.  Liquors, wines, beers, and everything in between will be an evergreen opportunity for blogs and affiliate marketers for as long as there are blogs and affiliate marketers.

We are going to look at the way the liquor and spirits industry will supercharge your profits and bring in a lot of traffic. 

You can build a profitable blog with any of these niches and really start raking in the commissions with a little bit of hard work.

And maybe a drink or two.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

A Wine Blog Would Work Well

Wine is one of the best marketing niches around, not just on this list or in this industry but in any niche or industry. 

The major reason for this is the Wine Club.  A wine club is typically a subscription service that sends out wine boxes to their customers periodically.

As an affiliate marketer, you have the benefit of getting a commission for each monthly shipment. 

The recurring nature of wine clubs is something every blogger wants in an affiliate partner.  Add to that, the cost of each bottle of wine and you are looking at quite a hefty commission in many cases.

The variety of wines is also great for generating content within the niche.  You could conceivably make an entire blog focused on nothing but red wines or white wines or even focus on champaign if that’s more to your liking.  The possibilities are endless and there is an audience for each color and type of wine.

The hardest part might be picking the wines that best match your audiences’ needs. 

Developing your blog alongside your growing readership is probably the best way to go about it so that you and your audience can grow together and then perhaps expanding to other types of wine after you have established yourself a bit.

However, the wine niche is also as competitive as it is profitable.  You really have to know your stuff to make it in this niche. 

A blogger who doesn’t know their wines can really get exposed quickly by their knowledgeable audience.  Just something to think about before jumping in.

Affiliate Marketing Programs for the Wine Niche:  You can read our reviews of some of these affiliate programs and a lot more right here.

  • California Wine Club — A great affiliate program.  They offer a multitude of subscription wine clubs.
  • Cellars Wine Club — Hands Down, One of the best wine club affiliate programs around.
  • — The largest online wine supplier on the planet.  A good affiliate program to have but not all-around great.
  • Nocking Point — Another wine club with a twist.  Celebrities select the wines for a given month.

Start A Beer Niche Website

Beer is next up in this list of profitable adult beverage niches.  And who doesn’t love a good beer?  I am sure someone raised their hand, but they are few and far between.  Beer is a huge niche for a blog.  Probably too big to be honest.

The best way to attack the beer niche is to focus on a micro-niche or a microbrew if you will. 

By whittling down the niche into a much narrower market you can really focus your content on that specific brand or type of beer.  Like Dog Fish Head? Focus on their IPA’s.  Or maybe focus on all manner of IPA’s.

Either way, you have taken the enormous beer niche and broken it down to something much more manageable. 

After establishing yourself with one brand you could easily start expanding your content to include other similar brands.  And eventually, start to get into the larger beer niche as your blog grows.

From Craft Beers and small breweries to large beer brewing behemoths, there is so much potential content for a beer blog it can be overwhelming. 

But with the right amount of patience and a good understanding of the beer industry you can really start to make a nice income through some of the associated affiliate programs.

Here is one other thing to keep in mind if you are looking to start a beer blog.  You can always write about your own beer.  Homebrewing is a sizable market in and of itself. 

Blogging about your trials and tribulations as a homebrewer and them monetizing through affiliate programs that supply the parts and ingredients is another very viable way of entering the beer blogging niche.

Affiliate Marketing Programs for the Beer Niche:

  • Craft Beer Club — A subscription beer club specializing in craft beers.  Always great to have these types of clubs for an affiliate marketer.
  • Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club — Another great beer club to look at, this one focusing on microbrews.
  • Brooklyn Brew Shop — A homebrewing affiliate program.  A nice change of pace to have for your audience.
  • Drizly — An online marketplace full of all manner of beers.  They also sell wine and liquor, so it’s a nice affiliate partner to have for any alcohol-based blog.

The Liquor Niche Is A Great Option

The liquor niche encompasses any liquor you can think of and there is an audience for each one of them. 

Regardless of the content, you generate around your liquor of choice you’ll be using the same basic affiliate partners to monetize your blog.

The 3 liquors chosen for this niche are just examples.  If you want to blog about Cognac or Bourbon they are just as viable as these ones listed here. 

Feel free to expand to new liquor types in order to generate new content for your blog and continue to grow.


Gin is one of the more popular types of liquor, depending on the country you live in of course. 

Even though the overall popularity ebbs and flows, Gin went through a large upswing a few years back, there is always a market and a readership for blogs about gin.

Generating content for a gin blog is fairly straightforward.  Any news related to gin and reviews of any brand of gin in addition to any drink recipes you might want to put on your blog. 

Try finding little diamonds in the rough, the gins that no one is talking about or that are new on the scene but don’t neglect reviews of the larger more well-known brands.


Another great alternative is whiskey.  It is much less susceptible to trends and swings and is a classic now and always. 

The only trouble with this niche is you need to really know your stuff and whiskey drinkers tend to know exactly what they like and can smell a fraud a mile away.

Review every kind of whiskey you can get your hands on and write pieces about the historic whiskey producers. 

That will generate more than enough content to sustain a blog for years to come and generate enough interest to make a nice little income for the blogger.


The final hard liquor chosen for this article is Tequila.  Another spirit that is not very susceptible to passing fads. 

It always has an audience and a huge number of fans swear by its great smooth taste and love discussing it with other drinkers.

As an added bonus, holidays like Cinco de Mayo are great times to really promote Tequila and generate content around the holiday as well as generating extra commissions from the affiliate programs related to this niche.

Affiliate Marketing Programs for the Liquor Niche:

  • Saucey — The #1 alcohol delivery service in the United States.  A must-have for any blogger in the liquor niche.
  • Drizly — An online marketplace that sells beer wine and liquor, a nice broad affiliate program to have handy.
  • 1-877-Spirits — A very nice marketplace with some really great spirits and liqueurs.
  • Zachys — Another nice marketplace with an assortment of wines and some great-looking liquors.

The Big Finish

This was an interesting list to put together.  Wine and beer have a ton of affiliate programs specifically designed around them. 

The liquor affiliate programs, on the other hand, are very broad and usually encompass the entire liquor industry.

Therefore,  a blogger will need to make sure that an affiliate program has its chosen liquor available for purchase before they spend time and energy promoting that particular affiliate partner.   

But having done that some of these affiliate partners have great offers.

You can find our reviews of 10 great wine affiliate marketing programs here.  As well as affiliate programs for many other niches in the menu section at the top of the website.  In the end, all of these micro-niches could be very profitable for a blogger.


I would say that the wine niche is probably the most robust with an absolutely remarkable number of great affiliates and wine clubs to choose from. 

It really is the cream of the crop in this industry, in my opinion.  Good luck with whichever you choose and we hope we have helped you find some information on a possible blog niche.

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