5 Micro-Niche Insights For A Fresh Coffee Blog

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The coffee niche is a great place to blog.  There are so many coffee drinkers and so many types and flavors of coffee.  But where do you start?  Trying to take on the entire coffee niche when you are just starting out is going to be an exercise in frustration.

You have to start small and build up.  This is why we have micro-niches.  These small sub-niches give a blogger the chance to establish their brand and blog.  At the same time, you will be earning a little bit of income.  These micro-niches may be small but they are still profitable.

I have put together these 5 micro-niche ideas.  You can use them to start out and create a fresh coffee blog or incorporate them into an existing blog to help it grow and prosper.  Either way, they are ripe for the taking.

Many of these micro-niches have affiliate programs tailored to them.  You can find a comprehensive list of coffee partner programs right here.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

coffee machine micro niche

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines might seem like an obvious micro-niche to break into.  It has everything you need for a successful blog.  It is tied into the larger coffee niche and it provides you with tons of content in the form of reviews, how-to’s, and background on the various types of coffee machines.

Most coffee blogs use this micro-niche as an afterthought.  Which I feel is a mistake.  You see, coffee machines are not cheap.  They can be promoted for a very good commission and are great to write long-form reviews about.

Whether you are starting in the coffee machine micro-niche or expanding into it.  Just about every coffee blog should have at least a section or category devoted to coffee machines.  And enough content to make it worthwhile.

How Do You Monetize A Coffee Machine Blog?

You can always put advertising on your blog.  But you would need to generate a good amount of traffic to make it worthwhile.  The best way to monetize a coffee machine blog is to use affiliate marketing.  You will want to add advertisements carefully and respectfully after you have established your blog a bit.

You don’t need as much traffic to make a profit with affiliate marketing.  This is important for a micro-niche blog as you will have far less traffic when your blog is new.  But affiliate marketing is also far less intrusive than having advertising in most cases.

Reviews will be your real money maker, but it is important not to be just a review website.  A 50/50 split between reviews and fact-based editorial content is a good breakdown for a blogger.  Background stories on the companies that build the coffee makers are a great way to achieve this balance.

Affiliate Programs for a Coffee Machine Blog.

There are plenty of coffee affiliate programs to choose from for a coffee maker blog.  You’ll want to pick up Amazon Associates, but don’t focus on it.  Why?  Because there are some really great affiliate programs for coffee makers.

A few are specific to this micro-niche.  Mr. Coffee is a coffee maker manufacturer with a great affiliate program, for example.  Find the Affiliates that work best for your blog and promote them.  Don’t simply rely on Amazon for everything when it comes to partner programs.

What is the Potential For a Coffee Machine Blog?

You could conceivably keep your blog about coffee machines and never venture outside of this micro-niche.  If you put enough content behind it you can make a very nice income with a coffee machine blog.

However, the best way to maximize the potential of this micro-niche is to expand it into some other coffee-related niches.  The great thing about it is you can take it in any direction you wish.  Pick another micro-niche in the coffee business that you are passionate about and expand away.

A Little Keyword Research For Coffee Machines

Keywords are important to any niche, but they must be taken with a grain of salt.  No keyword research is 100% accurate. 

That being said when we take a look at the search numbers for coffee makers in Jaaxy we find some impressive results for a narrow micro-niche.

These are just general keywords.  When you get into the longtail keywords and the brand-specific keywords the picture of just how popular this micro-niche is, becomes much more clear.

  Each brand, each individual coffee machine is a potential traffic generating keyword for you to use.  A lot of possibilities with this micro-niche.

coffee machine keywords
Keyword Volumes For Coffee Machines Using The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The Wrap Up

A profitable micro-niche bordering on a full niche in its own right.  Coffee Machines give a blogger everything they need to start a great blog in the coffee niche. 

All while avoiding a lot of the competition that comes from the competitive larger coffee blogs.

Great search numbers, great affiliate partners to choose from.  A ton of potential content including the ability to write the all-important long-form reviews for the coffee machines themselves. 

If you love coffee and need to start a blog about it.  Coffee Machines is a great place to start.

Coffee Presses

This micro-niche is a little bit narrower compared to coffee machines.  It can definitely be a blog on its own, however. 

You would almost certainly want to expand this micro-niche when your blog gets to be a little more established.

Coffee Presses can certainly make you some income, but I doubt it can be a huge profit maker just do to the narrowly focused nature of the micro-niche. 

All that being said, there is plenty of room to create content and generate traffic with a blog focused on coffee presses.

As a general rule, I like to create 20-30 pieces of content for any micro-niche.  If you can generate that much content, then you can be successful and your blog can generate some income. 

There is more than enough potential content in coffee presses to generate that amount of content.

Making Money With A Coffee Press Blog

Affiliate marketing is really the only way I can really see monetizing a blog specific to coffee presses.  You most likely won’t generate enough traffic to support an ad network. 

But choosing the right partner programs can go a long way in generating enough income to sustain the blog.

There are plenty of affiliate programs in the coffee niche that have extensive coffee press selections.  Finding one with a great commission is the key to maximizing this particular micro-niche.

Is There Any Growth Potential of A Coffee Press Blog?

The potential growth of a coffee press blog is pretty limited, I think.  It is a great place to start but you will almost certainly want to expand into other areas of the coffee niche as the site ages.  Starting with coffee presses and then venturing into the coffee machine micro-niche might be a great way to go about it.

Or expanding into which coffee brands or coffee types are the best to use with a coffee press might be an even better way to expand your initial blog. 

The opportunities are endless.  Just focus on creating 20-30 pieces of good content for your initial coffee press blog and work from there.

A Look At Keywords

As you would expect the keyword search volume is quite a bit lower than it was for coffee machines. 

However, it is still a very nice volume for such a small and focused micro-niche.  There are plenty of opportunities to create reviews and how-to content from these keywords.

The goal of this type of micro-niche is to generate focused traffic not huge amounts of general traffic.

coffee press jaaxy
Keyword Search For Coffee Presses Using The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The Wrap Up

Coffee presses are the definition of a micro-niche.  We drilled down into the large coffee niche and found a great little micro-niche to start a blog about.  Less competition when you are just starting out is a must.  Trying to fight the big boys for the front page of a search result can be frustrating when you are new.

Don’t go through the competition go around them and give yourself time to grow.

Single Origin Coffee

Why is single-origin coffee a good micro-niche to start a coffee blog in? One is the growing popularity of single-source coffee.  Another is the premium price for this type of coffee.  The commissions can really rack up when promoting single-source coffee on your blog.

Single-origin coffee is coffee grown in a single region.  This can include coffees grown on a single farm or estate.  This type of premium coffee commands a much higher fee than larger chain coffees.  It is used by many smaller affiliate programs to help them stand out from the pack.

How to Make Money From a Single Source Coffee Blog

Affiliate marketing is really the best way to monetize this micro-niche.  The traffic will probably be too small for advertising to really make a difference.  Although you will want to add them if you think they can generate a little more income.

Finding affiliate programs that prioritize single-source coffee will be a little more difficult than some of the other micro-niches.  But they do exist.  This one specializes in single-source Hawaiin Kona coffee.

Future Potential for This Micro-Niche

There is a great deal of potential for the single-origin coffee micro-niche.  Starting your blog in this micro-niche is a great way to get your feet wet in the coffee niche. 

You can easily expand into the larger coffee niche by adding in other micro niches.

The bonus of starting out in this niche is that you get a readership willing to pay a little extra for premium coffee.  So you can expand into other premium areas. 

High-end coffee makers and other premium and gourmet coffees are a natural extension of this micro-niche.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research shows just how micro this micro-niche is.  You will want to target these keywords and try to generate enough traffic to make a decent income.

Fortunately, the price of these premium coffees helps negate the low traffic potential of this micro-niche.

The Wrap Up

This micro-niche is a tricky one to start out in.  You are going to need to target some very specific long-tail keywords in order to generate some decent traffic. 

You will also need to expand into other micro-niches after a few months.  You can get 20 pieces of great content out of the single-origin coffee niche.

This will get you a great start for your blog.  But it will not be an easy ride as you wait for your blog and domain to start getting recognition in the search results.

Coffee By Region

This is another great way to get into the coffee niche.  Choose a region renowned for its coffee and create content around that one region. 

Or pick a few and focus on those regions.  Create 10 or so pieces of content for Hawaiin coffee, Columbian Coffee, and Peruvian coffee.

That will give you the 30 pieces of content you need to start a coffee blog.  You can then add other regions to your stable and grow your blog without ever leaving this micro-niche. 

There are dozens of different regions that produce popular coffee.

Monetizing A Regional Coffee Blog

Affiliate marketing will be the primary means of income from this type of blog.  However, as you grow, advertisements will become a viable source of income. 

You will want to create campaigns around each region and pair them with specific affiliate programs in order to maximize their impact.

For example, If you want to write about coffee grown in Hawaii then you will want to get a few affiliates specializing in that regional coffee. 

Hawaii Coffee Company and Koa Coffee are two great Hawaiin affiliate partners that you could build your region coffee campaign around.

Potential For A Regional Coffee Blog

There is great potential for expanding a coffee blog based on specific regions.  You can easily compartmentalize each region and then add new coffee regions as needed to increase traffic whenever you feel the need.

The price of the gourmet coffees from many of these regions will help generate a good amount of income while you grow your blog and eventually expand it into the larger coffee niche.  A great place to start.

A Look At Keywords

The amount of keywords for the micro-niche is magnified due to each individual region being a great source for them.  As you can see in the Jaaxy keyword research below.  There are a number of opportunities for Kona and Colombian coffee in this example.

And that is only 2 of the regions available to your blog.  There are dozens of regions in Africa, the Carribean, South America, and many other coffee farming regions.  The expansion will be as easy as finding a new region and crafting content around that particular area.

The Wrap Up

A great micro-niche by itself, but it might be a good idea to pair it with another micro-niche.  Combining this and the single-origin coffee niche might be the best way to go about it. 

This will give you enough keywords to generate a good deal of traffic.  All while avoiding the larger competition of more established coffee blogs.

You’ll be able to challenge the bigger blogs later in your blog’s life cycle.  But you want to try and avoid them for the first 6 months to a year of the existence of your blog. 

This will give you the best opportunity to maximize these micro-niches for the future.  While still generating a decent amount of income in the process.

Coffee Mugs

Finding great blogging micro-niches sometimes requires you to think outside the box.  So you want to break into the coffee niche?  But maybe you feel it is too crowded, too competitive to dive right into coffee brands or coffee machines.

So why not a blog about coffee mugs and cups.  It may sound ridiculous but it is actually a very clever way to break into a few different niches all at once. 

Obviously, there is the coffee niche.  But there are also niches based around home and kitchen that you could use coffee mugs as a gateway to break into.

Another potential avenue is the arts and crafts niche.  You can create your own coffee mugs or have them made for you with your own personalized messages or art on them.

This means you could potentially open up a new line of monetization by selling your own products.

Can You Monetize This Niche?

Speaking of monetizing this little micro-niche.  Affiliate marketing would be the best fit for making money with a blog built around coffee cups and mugs.  You can use your old standby’s like Amazon as a partner program.

But another great one to take a look at is Etsy.  It is a large affiliate that is centered around arts and crafts and hand-made items.  They have hundreds of unique and interesting coffee mugs that you can promote and build content around.

The 10 most original coffee mugs.  How to customize your personal coffee mug.  The opportunities for generating content are quite expansive. 

You only need to think outside the box a little bit.  In addition to the actual coffee mugs, you can put a select amount of coffee on your blog.

This is the groundwork for the inevitable expansion into the larger coffee niche after your blog gets its foundation set.

Is There A lot Of Potential For This Niche?

While you can make a decent amount of income from a niche centered around coffee mugs, you are really using this as a low-competition way of entering the larger coffee niche.

For that, it is a great idea.  For the long term, a blog focused only on coffee mugs?  Maybe not the most profitable but still a viable blog.

You would need to be very active in your content generation for it to maximize profits.

It is certainly doable but you would need to really generate a lot of content to drive enough traffic. 

But it could be set up very easily as a side blog that can generate some passive income with very little maintenance required.

Keywords Galore

There are a ton of keyword opportunities for this micro-niche.  Coffee mugs and custom mugs and that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you can generate the content the keywords will be there ready and waiting to bring in the traffic.

This is a micro-niche that I was hesitant about putting in this list.  Then I started researching it and it is really turning into one of the most interesting I have found in quite some time. 

The versatility of this niche is one of its biggest selling points and the keywords really reflect that.

The Wrap Up

This is really what micro-niches should be about.  Finding something that a lot of people are searching for and then meeting their needs with your blog.  Coffee mugs may seem like a silly niche but it is actually a great one.

You can use the same affiliate programs as a regular coffee blog.  You can add in crafting and handmade affiliate programs like Etsy. 

You really have a wide swath of potential readers since the person buying the coffee mug is probably a coffee drinker as well.

As long as you pick longtail keywords that keep you away from some of the authority and e-commerce websites you will have a great deal of freedom when it comes to promoting your blog’s content and ranking in the search results.

The Big Finish

Five micro-niche ideas.  This diverse list of micro-niches is all situated squarely in the incredibly profitable coffee industry.  And these are only 5 ideas. 

There are probably dozens more just in the coffee niche alone.  As we find new and potentially profitable micro-niches I will pass them along to you.

These micro-niches can be as profitable as you want them to be.  It all depends on the content.  Can you create enough quality content to build up the traffic needed for some serious income?  Just keep this in mind.  It will take some time at the start of your blog.

Many people get discouraged because the results are not fast enough.  You might not make any money for the first 6 months. 

That is perfectly normal.  You won’t see much traffic at that time either.  You need time for Google to trust your blog and give your content the proper search ranking it deserves.

All of that takes time.

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit And as always have a wonderful day.

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