Can You Make Money With The Saucey Affiliate Program?

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Hello everyone and welcome back. Today we have for your consideration one of the most popular liquor affiliate programs currently avaialble.

The Saucey affiliate program allows you to monetize you liquor niche website with spirits delivered right to the door of your audience members. In some regions you can get a delivery in just 30-minutes.

The quick turnaround makes this a pretty unique affiliate program and one that can be used in a ton of different content and mediums.

So let us dive into this partner program and see if the commission is up to par as well as some of the best niches to use Saucey with. Let’s get to it.

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What Is The Saucey Affiliate Program?

The Saucey affiliate program is a referral program that allows content creators to monetize their content but including Saucey affiliate links in that content.

When someone uses their affiliate links and makes a purchase from Saucey, the affiliate gets a small commission for their promotional work.

Affiliate marketing is among the most productive way to make money online and most businesses have an affiliate program to utilize.

The 4% Affiliate Commission

The 4% commission quoted on the Saucey Profile on ShareASale is pretty solid. Its nothing extraordinary but it will provide you with a solid income if you can get a good conversion rate and some decent traffic flow.

I think the 4% commission is pretty fair even if it is on the low side. This is a pretty unique affiliate partner given that they are delivering their products in half an hour in some regions and a standard 2 day shipping range for others.

I imagine there is a bit of overhead with that type of service and it is the reason that the commission is where it is, in my opinion.

But don’t let that get you down. Their average order is just over $50 according to their affiliate page. With enough orders a day, that 4% commission can work wonders for your niche site on its own or as part of a larger affiliate strategy.

The Tracking Cookie Duration

The tracking cookie duration for the Saucey partner program is a standard 30-days. You have a month from the time someone clicks your link to the time they make a purchase.

30-days is the most popular duration among affiliate programs and it works well for most of them. It is a solid duration for Saucey, given that most people aren’t going to take a long time to decide on whether or not to have their liquor delivered.

In fact in some US cities you can have your liquor delivered n just 30 minutes so the 30-day tracking cookie is going to be great for this affiliate program.

What To Expect From Saucey

There are very few affiliate programs like Saucey. Your expectations of what to expect are going to need to be tempered.

It is a little tough to describe, they offer a delivery service for spirits and liquor. In some regions that delivery can be received in 30 minutes.

To have an affiliate program attached to that type of service is pretty spectacular. Think of it as a food delivery service for liquor.

It interesting to think of the pssibe ways to promote this affiliate program. You can promote the delivery service as a whole. Or you can get a little creative and promote a brand of liquor with a Saucey affiliate link to get it delivered asap.

It is not something you see from most delivery seriveces as they tend to stick to the 2 or 3 day delivery service that is the backbone of online shopping these days.

Don’t get me wrong, Saucey still has the option to delivery in a couple of days like any other product but the almost instant 30- minute delivery is one that can really be a game changer if you audience is a region that supports it.

I think the bottom like here is that you can use this as a great way for your audience to have spirits delivered right to their door through normal shipping with the bonus of having same-day rapid shipping in some areas.

Best Niches For Saucey

There is only a narrow band of niches that would be ideal for Saucey. Your niche site or channel should really have something to do with liquor at least in general terms to maximize this partner program.

I think it would work well on a wine niche website if you chose to expand it into liquor, although make sure your audience is ok with that direction. Wine drinkers aren’t always liquor drinkers.

General lifestyle niches might also work. Adding a liquor section onto your cigar niche website is a good option to incorporate Saucey onto your niche site. They do have some tobacco products that you can promote as well.

Saucey works well for both men and women centric lifestyle blogs Don’t overlook Saucey just because you have a large female audience.

One thing I will add is that you are going to need to have disclaimers in place that coincide with the alcohol laws in your specific region.

And there are some regions where delivery is not available. All things to keep in mind when setting up an alcohol-based niche site.

Closing Thoughts

That brings us to the end of our look at the Saucey affiliate program. Overall it is a solid partner program that can translate into a niche new income stream for your affiliate marketing business.

Any regulated niche, like alcohol, is going to have its own challenges above and beyond those of a typical niche website. Once you sort those out, however, it should function just like any other affiliate niche blog or website.

In the end this os one of the premiere liquor affiliate programs, especially if you audience in in one of the regions with 30-minute delivery. It opens up some interesting new possibilities for content.

Quick relevant content that is designed to take advantage of the quick delivery is something that not a lot of affiliates can offer.

It is up to you to make it work with your audience but all the tools are there.

The last thing I would add is that a niche like alchohol is not for a new affiliate marketer.

I would not recommend this niche as your first website, but for experienced marketers with a good knowledge of the rules and laws surrounding alcohol in their region this niche and the Saucey Affiliate program are going to be great options for a successful niche site.

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