How To Start Building A Successful Guitar Niche Blog

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Hello one and all, welcome back. Today we are going to be taking a look at how to build a successful affiliate marketing business in the guitar niche. From where to publish your content and how to monetize it, all the way up to what type of content will work best for this popular and competitive blogging niche.

We will get you started with the foundational knowledge you are going to need to get your business up and running and with a lot of hard work and a little bit of time you can build your own passive income business that can become a full-time income in the future.

And all you need is a good idea, some web hosting, and a little affiliate marketing training to really start building the foundation of your very own online business. Being your own boss has never been this simple.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

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How To Make Money With A Guitar Niche Blog

There is so much more to learn to make your guitar business a success. Building your content and your brand is going to take some time but the end result is an income source that can thrive in any environment and help you through those tough times to come.

Start With A Traditional Blog

A traditional blog is a great place to get started for a guitar niche website. Creating articles and content designed to appeal to your audience is always going to be a great idea for the foreseeable future.

Finding those relevant keywords and positioning your guitar blog in a way that will generate free search traffic and ultimately a nice passive income is a wonderful way to start an online business and prepare for any economic downturns we may be facing in the future.

Get A Domain And Webhosting

Starting a traditional blog does come with some expenses. You will need to get a domain, about $15 per year, and web hosting for your website, around $5 a month. When you add it all up you can expect to spend less than $100 to start your own business that will provide passive income down the road a bit.

For your domain and web hosting, I recommend Bluehost, especially for beginners. They are cheap and effective and pretty reliable. Once you grow your business you will have to move onto other hosting solutions but Bluehost will provide a great platform to get started with.

Or A Youtube Channel

Another option is to start a Youtube channel. Unlike a blog, there is no need for web hosting or a domain but you will need to have at least a smartphone to film with and if you want to really maximize this platform you will need to invest quite a bit into microphones and editing software and cameras.

But you can get started with just a smartphone. That makes Youtube accessible to just about anyone. The downside is that many people do not want to be on camera and would rather keep some of their privacy. Privacy is becoming a rare commodity these days so it is understandable.

You can create videos without being on film for some niches but that is going to be a tough sell for the guitar niche where people want to see you playing the song or teaching the guitar concepts.

Both Is The Best Option

Ultimately the best option is to start both a traditional blog and a Youtube channel for a guitar niche-based business. The idea behind this two-pronged approach is to build yourself a branded ecosystem that you can use to keep people consuming your content as long as possible.

Sending traffic from your Youtube videos to your blog and vice versa is going to increase your conversion rates for your overall business and increase ad revenue for both your blog and videos.

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Develop Your Content Strategy

For a guitar niche website, you are going to want a broad content strategy. A guitar site based solely on reviews is not going to do very well. But you don’t want your site to be full of unmonetized informational pages. A good mix of content is your best strategy.

How-to Articles

How to articles is a great place to start your content for a guitar niche blog. How to string a guitar, how to tune a guitar are a couple of examples. The latter has dozens of opportunities for how to articles just due to the amount of popular tunings for guitars.

In addition to written how-to articles, you can simply redo them as how-to videos using the article as the script for your videos so you get the most out of your time invested.

Reviews Are An Important Part Of Your Content

Reviews are an essential part of any good niche blog. Single item reviews are decent but have been fading in their effectivness for a while now. “Top 10” reviews or “Best Of” are the most effective way to monetize reviews at this point and should make up the bulk of your monetized pages that you will link to throughout your other content.

These resource pages are a great way to incorporate internal linking into all of your informational content and direct your visitors to a monetized page and ultimately conversions and commissions.

Training Articles And Videos

Training articles and videos are very similar to “how-to” articles but they tend to touch on broader subjects that incorporate a few ideas. An example would be teaching someone how to play a song. Starting with the proper tuning all the way up to providing them with tabs or a place to get a proper guitar tab for learning the music.

Where a how-to article would show you how to tune the guitar for that particular song the training video is much larger and broader for your audience but they are similar in structure and effect.

How To Monetize Your Guitar Niche Site

This is probably the section that you are most interested in. How to make money with your guitar niche website. And it is incredibly important for the success of your business it is only a function of the usefulness and helpfulness of your content.

You can have all the monetization in the world but if no one likes your content it will not make you money. With that said let’s dive into some monetization options for your guitar blog.

Advertising Is The Easiest Monetization Strategy

Advertising is the simplest strategy for monetizing both a both or a Youtube channel. You simples place ads from an ad network, like Adsense, into your content and get paid for impressions and clicks of those advertisements.

Premium networks will even place the ads in the most advantageous positions on your blog, but these services tend to require certain levels of traffic before they will accept you into their service.

The more accessible ad services, like Adsense and, tend to pay out lower earnings per thousand than the premium ad networks.

The best way to incorporate these ads is to start with a basic service like Adsense then move on to Ezoic or Adthrive once you hit the traffic numbers required.

Informational Products

Info products are one of the more advanced methods of monetizing your guitar blog. An information product is a course or training product above and beyond what you put on your blog or Youtube channel. This is a product that people would be willing to pay extra for.

The issue with info products is that you need to have a relatively large and established user base in order to make them worthwhile since they do require quite a bit of investment upfront.

For example, if you were going to create a professionally produced guitar training product for the blues, then you would need to invest quite a bit of time and money into making better than what is currently out there.

Info products are something you will want to look at a year or 2 down the road and don’t always make sense for everyone because of their upfront cost and difficulty in making them. They flip side to that is that they can be the most lucrative monetization option for many a niche site.

Affiliate Marketing Is One Of The Best Options

The last, and certainly not least, popular monetization option for a blog or Youtube channel is affiliate marketing. This is the most versatile and potentially most lucrative for of monetization out there.

Essentially you are promoting someone else’s’ product and taking a percentage commission from the sales you refer to that particular business. It is a simple process and one that can see commissions of 50% or more for some niches.

In order for affiliate marketing to work you need to find affiliate programs that fit into your niche. In the case of the guitar niche, there is plenty to choose from.

Here is a list of 10 of the best guitar affiliate programs that I put together. The trick is finding ones that suit your audience the best and working with them.

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Wrapping Up The Guitar Niche Site

That brings us to the end of our look at how to build a guitar niche website and the foundation for an online business. This is just the beginning. What comes next is going to be very specific to your website and business and unltimately you will want to tailor everything to your specific audience.

The type of content that is popular with your audience might differ from someone else in the guitar niche. You must create everything with the audience in mind and service what they want and not what you want to tell them.

Find the topics and keywords that are underserved in the guitar niche and build your brand around great content for these smaller concepts and ideas until you get a good foothold in the guitar niche and can expand out to encompass a large section of guitar-related content.

The most important thing I can tell you as someone who makes a living iin this business is to start now. Even if it is only an hour a day. Start creating that guitar content and building your own business.

You never know when trouble is on the horizon and a passive income that is not tied to the old world economies is going to be the most valuable asset you have going forward.

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