10 Of the Best Party Supplies Affiliate Programs

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Hello everybody. Welcome back. My name is Michael and I wioll be your guide through our journey into some of the best party supplies affiliate programs out there right now that you can use to increase the monetization of your passive income niche blog.

Whether you looking for a new partner program for your existing blog or you are just starting out on your first forays into this business I hope there is something here that can help you out. For those just getting started, be sure to check out the best web hosting for your party supply niche blog.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

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Check Out These Party Supply Affiliate Programs

While these affiliate programs work great for party and party supply niche websites they are versatile enough for a larger selection of niches. Baby niche site, parenting niche sites and home and garden niche sites are just a few of the tangential niches that could benefit from these party supplies affiliate programs.

In this day and age having a supplemental income from a Gig economy source is a great hedge against the uncertainty out there. Starting a party supply niche website is a great first step and these party affiliates will help you on your way. For even more guidance check out the link below to get your business of the to the best possible start.

Ziggos Party Affiliate Program

screenshot of the ziggos party website

The Ziggos Party affiliate program is a great option for a wide variety of niches. Whether you operate a general party niche site or something more specific like a toddler birthday blog or a holiday-themed blog this affiliate has something you can promote and would make a great addition to your affiliate lineup.

In addition they have a nice selection of party themes that could fit into even more niche sites. Some of their themes include:

  • Luau
  • Patriotic
  • Fiesta
  • Casino
  • Hollywood
  • Pirate
  • Western
  • The 20s
  • The 50s
  • The 60s

The commission is a nice 10%. It isn’t the largest commission on our list but a 10% commission is always a welcomed sight. The tracking cookie duration weighs in at 60-days giving you a good 2-month window to promote their products and make a commission.

Hoffmaster Affiliate Program

screenshot of hoffmaster website

Hoffmaster is one of the go-to options for just about anything related to utensils, disposable plates, napkins and anything else you need to serve food and drinks at a party. They have an incredible assortment of styles and designs for your themed parties and you can create your own designs which makes it a great option for any occasion.

The versatility of this affiliate program really stands out and anyone in the party supply or party planning niches would do well to have a look at the Hoffmaster affiliate program and see if you can leverage it for your online business.

The commission is a very generous 15% for the Hoffmaster affiliate program. There is nothing at all to criticize about this affiliate commission. A commission this high makes Hoffmaster a great option as a foundational affiliate for your party or party supply niche website.

Not to be outdone by the fantastic commission is the tracking cookie. It drops in at a full 90-days. That give you a full 3 months from the time someone clicks your affiliate link for them to make a purchase and still give you your well-earned commissions.

Amols’ Affiliate Program

Amols' screenshot

Amols’  Is a San Antonio-based Party Supply Company.  They have a wide range of products from standard party supplies to very specific party supplies for a Mexican themed party. And it’s more than just pinatas and the typical fair that you see in some larger party stores.  many of their products are handcrafted and can make for a fun and colorful Mexican themed party.

The commission for this affiliate program is pretty good. They offer a  10% commission on qualifying sales through your affiliate link. Anytime you see a double-digit commission it’s always going to be a decent return on your time invested.

In this case, the affiliate program Falls right about where you would expect it to for the party supply niche. What makes this affiliate program a good option especially given that it has a wide selection of cultural items for parties and celebrations.

 The tracking cookie duration is a solid 30 days. While this isn’t a spectacular number for this affiliate program it should be just fine. Nothing did they offer is really considered a high ticket item and while you can get orders that do get quite pricey 30-day should be plenty of time to make your sales and still get the commission.

Wholesale Party Supplies Affiliate Program

wholesale party supplies screenshot

WholesalePartySupplies.com has any normal selection of party products for just about any type of party thing. They have products for boys birthdays and girls birthdays and holidays And baby showers and graduations and everything else you could possibly throw a party for.

 It is this wide range of products and the diversity of party supplies that really make this an interesting affiliate program to have in your affiliate Arsenal.  It could very well be a foundational affiliate program that you can build your entire marketing strategy around. As long as the affiliate terms are up to good enough…

The tracking cookie for the Wholesale Party Supply affiliate program is a robust 90-day tracking cookie. That gives you a full three months to promote their products to make a sale and still get the commission that you earned.

But it is that commission that really catches the eye with this affiliate program. They offer a 20% commission on all qualifying sales made through your affiliate links. That is probably going to be one of the highest commissions you’re going to find in the party supply Niche.

Between the commission the Great Cookie and the huge selection and variety of products this is a great affiliate program for anyone even tangentially connected to party supplies or the party planning niches in general.

Party City Affiliate Program

screenshot of the party citywebsite

The selection and variety of party supplies are top-notch at Party City. They have everything you can think of to promote on your party supply niche website.

The commission is only 4% for this affiliate program which puts it well behind the double-digit commissions of most of the other affiliate on our list.

It means that you will need to maintain a pretty high conversion rate to make this affiliate worthwhile over some of the other ones.

However, if your audience loves this brand and their products then the 4% commission will work just fine for you and your passive income business. The tracking cookie is a standard 30-days.

For Your Party Affiliate Program

screenshot of the For Your Party website

For Your Party is a great addition to any party supply or event niche site. They have tons of customizable party supplies that should satisfy a wide range of audience members from your blog.

The affiliate terms aren’t half bad etiher. They offer a 90-day tracking cookie duration. 3 full monmths to promote their products and services and get a commission at the end of it. not a bad deal for a little bit of hard work.

Speaking of the commission it weighs in anywhere from 10% to 15%. At the low end it is a good affiliate commission that will serve you well, at the high end that commission can be the foundation for your online business as a whole.

4FunParties.com Affiliate Program

4FunParties.com screenshot

4funparties.com is a general party supply affiliate with a great selection of themed part supplies as well as generic party supplies that could be useful for a whole range of related niches and blogs.

Both the tracking cookie and the commission are Fantastic For this affiliate program.  the tracking cookie weighs in at 45 days. It’s a little bit longer than your standard affiliate tracking cookie but any additional time that you have to make a sale is always welcome.

This gives you a month-and-a-half from the time someone clicks your link to make a purchase and you still get a commission for that purchase.

Speaking of the commission,  This affiliate offers a 14% Commission on qualifying sales made through your affiliate links. It’s a bit of a non-standard commission but anything in double digits is great to see and this one is approaching 15% witch is something that you really need to take advantage of if it fits into your affiliate strategy.

14% commissions don’t come along every day and can really generate a good amount of income for your passive income business.

The Party Works Affiliate Program

The tracking cookie for the Party Works Affiliate program is a solid 60-days. This long of a cookie duration will have a positive impact on your overall conversion rate by giving you plenty of time to promote their products and make a sale while still receiving a commission.

The commission is a generous 10%. You simply cannot argue with a double-digit affiliate commission these days. Take advantage of these affiliate terms if The Party Works fits into your affiliate strategy.

Private Island Party Affiliate Program

screenshot of the Private Island Party website

Private Island Party Offers a wide variety of party supplies. From basic party supplies 2 costume pieces that are themed to the overall party this affiliate program has a little bit of  everything for an affiliate marketer in the party niche.

The affiliate terms offered up by this partner program are some of the best in the entire party supply Niche. The tracking cookie duration is a very generous 90 days. This gives you 3 months to make a sale from the time someone clicks on your affiliate link. 

Long-duration cookies like these are a wonderful sight to see because it ties in directly to your conversion rate when you have more time to promote a product and get a sale from an affiliate click.

Not to be outdone by the great tracking cookie, the affiliate commission is fantastic. They offer a 15% commission on qualifying sales made through your affiliate links.  this is fantastic to see because it really rewards your hard work as an affiliate marketer by making that time you spent very profitable with these high commissions.

Koyal Wholesale Affiliate Program

screenshot of the koyal website

Koyal Wholesale is a little bit different that most of the other partners on our list. They are more of an event and wedding affiliate than a party supply affiliate program. There is enough cross over that I wanted to make sure to add at least one affiliate that was more focused on weddings that genreal parties.

The 5% commission is acceptable but not great. It will do the job if you get the conversion rate high enough. The tracking cookie is great at 60-days. 2 months is plenty of time to earn your commisioins through promoting their products.

Maximize Your Party Affiliate Programs

That just about brings us to the end of our look at these wonderful party supplies affiliate programs.  As you can see many Affiliates in this Niche have very nice commission’s well into the double digits and some of them even up to 20% commissions.

Maximize these partner programs by creating content that will bring in the traffic that is ready and willing to make a purchase and earn you a commission in the process. Being helpful is the best way to make a sale in Affiliate marketing.

Often times these commissions aren’t available in every Niche and if you are even tangentially connected to these types of niches been using these high commission affiliate programs is really going to be worth your while if you can fit them seamlessly into your content.

so whether you’re an old hat just looking for a new affiliate program to add to your Niche site or if you’re trying this business out for the first time I really hope that you found a good affiliate program here that’s going to help you build your online business.

It can be tough out there and even a little bit extra money from a passive income website is going to help a lot in the long run. I wish you all the best and good luck with your business endeavor.

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