10 Of The Best Pillow Affiliate Program Ideas For Your Niche Site

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Welcome welsomce, everyone. In today’s episode we are going to be taking a look at a sub-niche of the bedding niche that is really big enough to be its own category at this point. Of course I am talking about pillows and the pillow affiliate programs that have sprung up around it.

Pillows are actually a pretty broad niche and the type of affiliate partner you choose is going to depend greatly on the type of pillow niche site you are operating.

Is your site focused on orthopedic pillows, home decor pillows, throw pillows, neck support pillows? The list goes on and on and you will need to figure out with pillow micro-niche you want to build your business in and then select the appropriate affiliates to start building that passive income.

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Check Out These Pillow Affiliate Programs

Pillows.com Affiliate Program

pillows.com screenshot

Join The Pillows.com Affiliate Program Here

Pillows.com certainly lives up to its name. They have a huge selection of pillows, many the same styles found in popular hotels. This makes pillows.com a great option for any pillow niche site, bedding site, or even a travel site if you want to promote the hotel conveniences at home.

They have dozens and dozens of pillows from the biggest hotel chains as well as the most popular pillow brands. Here are a few of the pillow brands that you could promote through their affiliate program.

  • 1888 Mills
  • Baltic Linen
  • Blu Sleep Products
  • Encompass Group
  • Gotcha Covered
  • Holy Lamb Organics
  • Invista
  • JS Fiber
  • Kassatex
  • Louisville Bedding Company
  • Mulberry West ® Comforters and Blankets
  • National Sleep Products
  • Pacific Coast Feather Company
  • Peacock Alley

Both the tracking cookie and the affiliate commission are very nice for this affiliate program. The tracking cookie duration is 45-days, while the commission weighs in at 9%. Ideally you want to see a double digit commission but 9% should do quite nicely.

Mediflow Affiliate Program

screenshot of the mediflow website

Join The Mediflow Affiliate Program Here

The main product you will be promoting from Mediflow is its water pillow. They have a half dozen or so varieties of this pillow. Since the product selection is limited this affiliate would be best used alongside a couple of other affiliate partners with a broader range of products.

The prices range from about $35 dollars to around $100, so it will be a great affiliate for a good range of income levels and not exclusive to high wage earners.

I couldn’t find the tracking cookie information, but it should be on their PepperJam profile so you can check that out before you join. I am not a member of PepperJam so I cannot check that out, unfortunately.

The commission offered by Mediflow is a rock-solid 10%. You cannot go wrong with a double-digit commission and this one should work out well if your audience responds to their products.

Xen Pillow Affiliate Program

screenshot of the xen pillow website

Join The Xen Pillow Affiliate Program Here

Xen Pillow offers a line of orthopedic and neck support pillows that you can promote on your niche sites. This affiliate works best iin the sleep niche, health niche, pain maneagement niches as well as any others that might benefit from an orthopedic pillow profuct

They offer a 5% commission which should be decent for generating nice profits and the tracking cookie was not available at the time of publication so be sure to ask about it when you sign up for this partner program.

Lilysilk Affiliate Program

liliysilk screenshot

Join The Lilysilk Affiliate Program Here

Lilysilk has a wide range of silk products for you to promote should you choose to join their affiliate program. For the purposes of this list, we want to focus on the pillowcases that they offer.

Lilysilk doesn’t have a huge selection of pillow products so it should be used alongside another affiliate with a larger selection of pillows. But it can add a nice new revenue stream if you expand your pillow content in a silken direction.

The affiliate terms really stand out for Lilysilk. They offer a better than average 60-day tracking cookie that should help your conversion rate by allowing for more time for your audience to make a decision on purchases from Lilysilk.

The commission is equally impressive weighing in at a very generous 12%. Double-digit affiliate commissions are exactly what you want to see and should not be taken for granted as they are not available in all niches.

Pacific Coast Bedding Affiliate Program

screenshot of the Pacific Coast Bedding website

Join The Pacific Coast Bedding Affiliate Program Here

Pacific Coast Bedding has a wider selection of sleep product than just pillows but for our purposes the pillows are where we want to focus.

Hee are just a few of the types of pillows that you can promote with this affiliate program.


The tracking cookie duration was not readily available so be sure to ask about it when you join. The commission is a solid 8.25%. This should do very well given that some of their products can be quite pricey.

Overall this would make for a good affiliate for home decor or mattress niche site. It could also work for a general sleep or bedding niche as well.

Pillow Decor Ltd. Affiliate Program

pillow decor ltd screenshot

Join The Pillow Decor Ltd. Affiliate Program Here

Pillow Decor Ltd. is a great option for a niche site that is dedicated to throw pillows and home decor moreso that a sleep or bedding affiliate niche site. They claim to be “North America’s largest specialty throw pillow retailer”, and it is easy to see why.

They have a robust selection of just about every concievable style and shape of throw pillow. All there for you to deftly promote on your affiliate niche site.

The commission is decent at 5% but not great and the tracking cookie duration is a standard 30-days. Nothing that will blow your socks off, but solid affiliate terms nonetheless.

I Love My Pillow Affiliate Program

I love My Pillow is a great affiliate option for a general sleeping or pillow specific affiliate niche site and makes a great alternative to Amazon for your promotional needs.

They also known as I Love My Mattress, so this affiliate can work well for pillow specific websites as well as more general sleep and bedding niche sites.

The commission is a solid 7% which should do nicely with a decent stream of traffic rolling through your niche site each day. The tracking cookie is fantastic at 90-days. The longer the duration on the tracking cookie the better chance of a conversion and 3 months is a great duration.

Join The I Love My Pillow Affiliate Program Here

Infinity Pillow Affiliate Program

screenshot of the inifity pillow website featuring a blue infinity pillow

Join The Infinity Pillow Affiliate Program Here

Infinity Pillow has a line of sleep anywhere neck pillows that can easily be incorporated into a pillow or sleep niche site. They also have a few other sleep accessories for you to promote but you will probably want to focus on the pillows themselves.

The affiliate terms for the Infinity Pillow partner program are quite good as well. The tracking cookie duration is a very generous 90-days, more than enough time to make a referral and still get a commission from it.

The affiliate commission is a solid 10% which should do nicely and make your time ivested profitable for this affiliate program.

Luxe Pillow Affiliate Program

luxe pillow website screenshot

Join The Luxe Pillow Affiliate Program Here

Luxe Pillow is a high-end pillow company that would fit nicely into a sleep or home decor niche site as well as a more pillow specific or “good night sleep” niche site.

The commission and cookie are both pretty good for this affiliate program. The tracking cookie duration weighs in at 90-days giving you a full 3 months to make a referral and still get a commission.

The commission is 10% this should translate into some pretty good commissions each day if you can get a good amount of traffic running through your site.

Flawless Face Pillow Affiliate Program

Join The Flawless Face Pillow Affiliate Program Here

The Flawless Face Pillow is a beauty pillow product. The pillow is quite unique and is designed to be an anti-wrinkle pillow. This affiliate is a little different than the others on our list. Not only could this work as a pillow affiliate but it would also be a great addition to a beauty niche site.

The affiliate terms are pretty good as well. The 90-day tracking cookie should do well with a good stream of traffic and the $10 flat fee can make for a nice daily income with only a handful or 2 of sales.

The Wrap Up

That brings us to the end of our look at these pillow affiliate programs. Pillows are an interesting niche in their own right and can be a part of a more general home decor or bedding niche site as well. Which niche your site falls into is going to help determine what type of affiliate program you want to use in order to promote pillows.

If you a larger bedding or mattress sight you might not need a specialized pillow partner program. But if you focus on throw pillows, for example, you are going to want multiple affiliate program for the specifically pillows and home decor.

Only you know what is best for your business and I hope you have found some options for your niche site with these affiliate rogram on our list. Good luck building for online business in the pillows niche.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.

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