10 Of The Best Birthday Affiliate Programs

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Hello everyone and welcome to our look at 10 of the best birthday affiliate programs for your niche website or YouTube channel.

Incorporating some of the affiliate programs into your birthday or party planning content is going to monetize that content in new and exciting ways and help you build up more monetization streams in addition to standard advertising revenue.

Birthdays are big business and finding the right affiliate programs that are going to resonate with your audience will go along way to making your online business a success.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

Birthday In A Box Affiliate Program

screenshot of the birthday in a box website
Birthday In A Box Is A Great Place To Start For A Birthday Niche Site

Birthday In A Box is a huge retailer of all things birthday. The biggest draw is their themed birthday products that cover a huge rage of popular brands and concepts. From Baby Shark to Avengers they have something for everyone.

There are plenty of different themes for birthday parties available from Birthday In A Box. The have themes for girls and boys, infants and adults.

There is a lot of versatility in their product line, giving you a great opportunity to use this affiliate program across a wide variety of birthday content or niches as you need to.

In addition to ther egreat themes and birthday products this affiliate offers a fantqastic set of terms for their affiliate partners.

They offer up to a 20% commission on qualifying sales made through you affiliate links. Never underestimate the power of a 20% commission. It can really form the foundation of your entire online business.

The tracking cookie is equally as good as the commission weighing in at 90-days. Thats 3-months to make a sale and get return days.

All the way around this is a fantastic birthday partner program for your niche site. It is also a great alternative to Amazon Associates offering a much larger commission and tracking cookie duration.

If you can fit this affiliate into your niche site in even small bits of content then it might be worth it if you can get it converting at a reasonable rate. It is that solid an affiliate program.

Greeting Card Universe Affiliate Program

screenshot of the greetings card universe website
Greeting Cards Are An Important Part Of A Birthday Niche Website

No birthday party  Niche website would be complete without at least one green card affiliate program at the ready.

Greeting Card Universe Fits the bill to a T. They have an enormous collection of greeting cards for all your birthday needs as well as holidays special events and just about anything else you would need a greeting card for. 

This means that you can use it across a wide range of niches.  It’s not just a birthday affiliate program you can use it as a Christmas or Halloween affiliate program.

It would also work well on a niche site dedicated to any type of special event like graduations and like.

In addition to all those great greeting cards they have a fine commission and cookie to boot.

The tracking cookie duration is 180 days. That is a full 6 months for you to make a sale when someone clicks through your affiliate Link.

It means that once somebody clicks your link they’ve got a long time to decide whether or not to make a purchase or two and still give you credit for that commission.

Speaking of that commission it is fantastic.  They offer you a 12% Commission on qualifying cells made through your affiliate link.

This type of double-digit commission is a great option to have for your Niche site.  it’s far more than Amazon associate offers and it’s one of the better affiliate commissions you’re going to find in the birthday niche.

Prime Party Affiliate Program

It Might Be A Little Out Of The Ordinary But Prime Party Is A Nice Solid Affiliate Program

Prime Party is a party supply company that focuses on more adult accessories and decorations for a variety of events including birthdays.

They offer a solid 8% commission which should translate into a nice profitable affiliate partner for your niche site.

The 90-day tracking cookie will also help keep the conversion rate high by giving your audience ample time to make a purchase and still give you credit for the commission.

This is a solid affiliate program that has a more narrow focus and might not work for every birthday niche site but if you can get it to work for you then you have a wonderful affiliate to rely on.

For Your Party Affiliate Program

for your party screenshot

Parties are ForYourParty.com specialty. They are not solely focused on birthdays so you can use this affiliate for a variety of party related products.

While they may bend towards more formal gatherings there is still a nice potential for birthday parties if you want personalized party accessories for your birthday party.

ForYourParty.com offers a fantastic commission range for their affiliate partners. The commission is 10% to 15% and even at the low end you can do quite well for yourself given the double-digit commission on offer.

The tracking cookie duration is a robust 90-days. This gives you 3 months to make a sale and keep your audience coming back for more. The longer the tracking cookie the better the conversion rates should be.

Ziggos Party Affiliate Program

ziggos party screenshot
Ziggos Is A Great Option For A Birthday Niche Site

Ziggos Party has a great selection of party accessories from the 1st birthday on up. They have themes for a wide range of birthdays and events.

They also have some accessories for other holidays and occasions so you could use this for a Halloween or Christmas niche site as well.

The commission is a rock-solid 10%. Anytime you get a double did you commission for one of these affiliate programs you’re doing well for yourself.

If you can fit this affiliate program into your Niche site then that 10% commission can earn you quite a bit of income.

The 60-day tracking cookie is also very good. This gives you two full months to promote their products and still get credit for the commission at the end of the day.

Ziggos Party Is there a more traditional birthday affiliate program that is going to give you a lot of options to promote on your Niche site.  give it a look and see how well it does for you.

Personalized Friendly Songs Affiliate Program

Personalized Friendly Songs offers personalized music and singing stuffed animals as well as other music-related gifts that will fit right into a birthday or music niche site.

Personalized Friendly Songs offers a wonderful 90-day tracking cookie and a 20% commission. This makes it one of the best affiliate programs on our list.

The personalized music niche is probably a little bit to small to have this as your only birthday affiliate partner but as part of an affiliate ensemble this would be great.

It is these smaller outside the box affiliates that can really surprise you and become a huge benefit to your business.

Birthdate Candles Affiliate Program

screenshot of the birthdate candles website

Here is an interesting birthday affiliate that you might want to look into. Birthdate Candles has a wonderful selection of personalized candles based around your birthdate.

They have one for each day of the years customized on astrology and numerology. It is an interesting concept and one that would work as an astrological affiliate as well as a birthday affiliate program.

The 8% commission is pretty good and should work well with a decennt amount of traffic and a solid conversion rate. The 30-day cookie rounds out this affiliate program nicely.

If you are looking for an outside the box birthday partner program then Birthdate Candles might just be up your alley.

Brookhollow Cards Affiliate Program

Brookhollow Cards is a great place to stop for customized cards of all types. They have a wide selection of birthday cards that will fit right into your niche site.

The tracking cookie is a little on the low side and the 5% commission is decent if unspectacular. But it should be ok given that most of the sales are going to be bulk orders.

A decent affiliate program that can work in a variety of niches from birthdays to stationary niches. Give it a look if you are in the market for personalized cards for all occasions.

Amols’ Affiliate Program

screenshot of the Amols website
  • Affiliate Commission: 10%
  • Tracking Cookie Duration: 30-days
  • Join The Amols’ Affiliate Program Here

Amol’s is a great addition to just about any birthday niche site. It is a Mexican themed party supply store so it would also work as a Mexican affiliate program.

In addition to birthdays they have plenty of gear for just about any celebration from Mardi Gras to Christmas.

The 10% commission and the 30-day tracking cookie should be pretty good for just about any affiliate out there and should help drive profits on your niche site or YouTube channel.

Amols’ is a a great place to get all the part gear you need for a wide variety of occasions and an excellent birthday affiliate in its own right.

Wonderbly Affiliate Program

screenshot of the wonderbly affiliate webpage

Wonderbly is a great place to get personalized birthday gifts as well as personalized books and other toys and items for kids.

These personalized books are a great gift idea and one that you can build quite a bit of content around on a birthday niche site or a more general site for child development.

The 10% commission and 30-day tracking cookie ensure that your efforts will be handsomely rewarded for your hard work.

A great affiliate program if you need gift ideas for your niche site. Partner this up with a birthday party supply affiliate program and you have got the niche pretty much covered.

A Quick Look At the Birthday Niche

The ideal spot for any of these birthday affiliate programs is on a niche site or Youtube channel that is dedicated to birthdays. That much is obvious.

What you need to decide is how you are going to approach your content within the niche. This is really where you can make or break your niche site.

Choosing topics that are toocompetetive withint the birthday nicche means you are going to have to spend a lot of time building trust and authority.

Make no mistake, birthdays are big business and you need to develope good solid content in order to build a successful site within this niche.

So I though I would put together a few sub or micro niche ideas that you can try in order to bulld your site and start getting traffic to these great affiliate programs.

  • Party Planner Niche Site (Focused On Birthdays)
  • Children Focused Niche Site With Birthday Ideas For Parents
  • General Birthday Niche Sites
  • Birthday Gifts Niche Site (Best Gifts For XYZ etc.)
  • Cake Baking And Decorating Niche Site (Focusing On Birthdays)

Let’s take the cake niche site example for a second. You can use some of these birthday affiliates and combine them with a cake decorating affiliate program to really build a solid foundation that straddles a couple of different niches.

There are dozens of other niches that would work well with many of these affiliates. If you feel like one would benefit your niche site then sign up and go for it.

If you don’t fall exactly into the birthday niche you might find some value anyway. It never hurts to experiment and affiliate programs are free to join in the first place. So it is a win-win.

The Big Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at these wonderful birthday affiliate programs.  Some of these programs are going to be the Cornerstone of your entire online business.

It’s important that you pick affiliate programs that are going to resonate with your specific audience and not necessarily the ones with the biggest Commission.

 You always want to try and get a nice commission for yourself but not at the expense of everything else with regard to the affiliate program.

 If you pick an affiliate program that your audience hates and doesn’t respond to then you were going to get a terrible conversion rate and it doesn’t matter how big that commission is.

So just remember to keep the audience members 1st in your mind when you are selecting one of these birthday affiliate programs and make sure that it’s going to work well for your audience.

The great thing is you don’t lose anything by signing up for multiple birthday affiliate programs.  They are free to join and you can run tests with him to see how well they’re going to produce for you.

If they don’t produce over a decent amount of time then you’re going to want to move on to a different one and run some tests with it.

I would give each affiliate program at least a month to try and see how it’s going to work out for you. Sometimes that’s not possible so give it as much time as you can reasonably give.

After that, it’s just up to you you and your knowledge of this Niche. Being the boss means you have to make the decisions on which Affiliates to choose and what direction you want your business to go in.

It’s not easy being the boss but it’s a lot better than having a boss. You are the determining factor of your own success.

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

 Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.