Micro-Niche Insights: The Sports Niche

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So you want to start a sports blog?  You can make a decent profit doing so, but sports is a tricky niche to crack.  It is far too broad on its own, you will have to find a micro-niche to break into the sports blogging niche.

Let’s be clear about what we are talking about here.  You are not going to be taking on ESPN or Sports Illustrated.  You are going to try and avoid those huge sports entities.  A sports blog is much smaller in scale.  Much more focused on a specific micro-niche.

A blog about basketball or association football/soccer skills.  A blog or video channel dedicated to your favorite sports team or your favorite sport.  Jersey collecting.  A Blog about basketball shoes.  These are the micro-niche ideas that you want to approach with a sports blog.

These are but a few ideas.  There are potentially thousands of sports-related micro-niches that can all be very profitable. It is a huge industry and if you can carve out a tiny little spot for yourself you can tap into the passion and love that many people have for sport around the world.

So let’s look at the sports niche.  Let’s find out the best ways to monetize it, what the future looks like, and do a little keyword research into this great evergreen blogging niche.

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Why Start A Sports Blog?

Why a sports blog?  For starters, it is a great evergreen niche.  People love sports.  People will continue to love sports.  People spend a lot of money on their beloved sports.  Passion plus a willingness to spend money on that passion always makes for a great blogging niche.

Truth be told, the sports niche isn’t really a niche.  It is too big for that.  Too broad.  There are too many individual sports and concepts related to sports for anyone to really make a blog that covers it all. Even mega-corporations like ESPN have to pick and choose what sports they want to put front and center.

But for the sake of arguments, we are going to use the sports niche as a broad brush to touch on some of the great things that make finding a micro-niche in sports one of the best places to start a blog. But one of the best reasons to start a sports blog is to connect with other like-minded individuals that share the same love of the specific sport or team or aspect.

It truly is amazing the interaction you can have with your readers when you bond over a shared love of a sport. Whether you are starting a fan blog based around your favorite team.  Turning your love of baseball into a blog about how to throw and catch and hit.  There are endless possibilities for your sports blog.

The search interest on Google Trends is just as consistent as you would expect it to be. When choosing a micro-niche in the sports niche be sure to thoroughly research the micro-niche to make sure there is enough interest and traffic to make it worthwhile.

How Would You Monetize A Sports Blog?

Advertising would be a pretty great way to monetize a sports blog.  Most sports fans are pretty used to seeing advertising all over their favorite sports, even down to the jerseys and uniforms in many cases.

As with any online advertising, you would need to generate a good amount of traffic for it to be worthwhile. But depending on your chosen micro-niche you should be able to generate enough traffic for advertisements to be an effective source of income.

Information products could also be used as a way to generate some income.  Produce a video on basketball or soccer skills if you excel at that and you could sell it to your readers as a premium training module. Granted this takes quite a bit of expertise and is not for everyone.  But for a few bloggers, it could be an option.

Last but certainly not least is affiliate marketing.  Combining this with advertising is probably the best way to go about monetizing your sports blog.  But you will have to match up your affiliate programs with the micro-niche of your blog.  The sports partner programs can get pretty specific.

For example, say you are in the basketball niche and you chose basketball skills as your micro-niche. You are going to want to find very specific basketball affiliate programs.  You could go with broad affiliate programs and put links to stuff on Amazon.

Or to a giant sports store. But is that really the best fit for your readers?  They came to your blog for basketball drills and concepts not to find NBA jerseys or sneakers.  Are there partner programs specific enough to fit your needs in this hypothetical?

You bet there are.  It is one of the reasons the sports niche and all its micro niches are so great. Here is a point guard training system, The Point Guard Academy.  It is the type of program that your audience is looking for.  Almost an exact fit.  You can find the affiliate program sign-up over at ClickBank.

Growth Potential For A Sports Blog?

Sports are going to be around for a good long time.  Generation after generation love their sports and love their teams. They will grow and at times some sports may fade a little bit, but it is highly unlikely that the major sports will disappear completely any time soon.

This gives your blog or video channel a sustained group of potential readers as a younger generation starts to follow their favorite sports.  This makes sports one of the most secure blogging niches around.  It falls into the evergreen category of niches.

Depending on the sport you choose at any rate.  A curling blog would do well in Olympic years and in very specific regions but would not be a great micro-niche for the majority of the world. However, if that is your passion you could absolutely make it into a successful micro-niche.  Just keep your income expectations in check.

It Is Just To Broad

Looking at the keyword “sports” in the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool confirms what I have written about in this article.  Sports is way too broad a niche to even attempt a blog in.  You must break it down into micro-niches.

Jaaxy Sports

And those micro-niches must be very very specific.  A blog about basketball, in general, would probably be too big for one person to create.  Even focusing on just the NBA or college hoops would be daunting.

For a successful sports blog, you have to go deep.  The more specific the better.  Don’t make a basketball blog, make a Basketball Skills Blog.  It needs to be as specific as you can reasonably make it for a niche like this one.

Look at the Jaaxy research below.  “Dribbling A Basketball” is the keyword phrase we are taking a look at.  There is enough volume with this keyword and a few other to generate dozens of high-quality articles that will generate a ton of traffic for your blog.

dribbling jaaxy

This is the mentality you need to have if you want to be successful in the sports niche. Drill down into your favorite sports and focus on small aspects of it.  Then you can, of course, grow your blog and incorporate more of the sport.  But in the beginning, you need to be as focused as possible.

Micro-Niche Ideas For A Sports Blog

Here are a few micro-niche ideas for you to think about when choosing a topic for your sports blog.  We will go in-depth with some of these in our Micro-Niche Insights series.  But here is just a basic list to start things off.

  • Basketball Skills
  • Soccer Skills
  • Blog About Your Favorite Team
  • Blog About lesser Known Sports
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Sneakers and Shoes
  • Tennis Skills
  • YouTube Channel Based Around Your Favorite Team
  • Baseball Skills
  • Proper Fitness and Training For A Specific Sport

This list could go on and on.  The thing is there are blogs and affiliate programs for most of these micro-niches. Here is a great example of a Youtube Channel dedicated to a specific team.  It is called the United Stand and it is all about Manchester United Football Club in the English Premier League.

This just shows the diversity and really the great appeal of the sports niche.  You will almost always find an audience for what you love. The United Stand wasn’t the first blog or channel about this football club, but someone had a passion for the team and decided to start their own.  And it has grown into one of the best channels in the sports niche.

I just use it as an example of what anyone can achieve with a blog or video channel if they have the passion for the niche and they put in a ton of hard work.

Closing It Out

The sports niche is way too big to cover in one blog.  But this niche is one that you can be successful in a micro-niche of a micro-niche.  The topics and subjects that could be used as the foundation for a sports blog are far too numerous to list. Literally, any aspect of a sport could be a potential blog.  And a very successful one.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs to choose from and billions of potential fans to draw from.  Find your micro-niche and start putting in the hard work needed to make a successful sports blog.

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As always, thank you for visiting and have a great day.