11 Of The Best Resume Writing Affiliate Programs

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Sometimes affiliate programs don’t fall neatly into any one niche. That is the situation we find ourselves in today with our look at resume affiliate programs.

Resume writing could work as its own standalone blogging niche but you would probably want to charge for your own services rather than promote someone else and only get a percentage of the sale.

So the question is where do these affiliate programs fit it? The answer is just about anywhere. You see resume writing is incredibly important for anyone seeking a job, so you could deploy these partners on a variety of different blogs in a variety of niches.

General business blogs, How to get hired blogs, Finding the best job blogs. The list goes on and on. Any blog that is even tangentially related to jobs or job hunting could be a great place to promote these partner programs.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

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Check Out These Great Resume Writing Affiliate Programs

Resume Writing affiliate programs are designed to allow individuals to earn a commission when they refer potential clients to these resume writing services. The commissions can be flat fees or percentages of the successful sale.

Commissions are earned from the affiliate programs when a customer clicks on an affiliate link and then makes a purchase at the website being promoted.

Careers Booster LTD Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 20%
  • Tracking Cookie: 45-days
careers booster screenshot

Careers Boosters Is a resume writing and editing service that you can promote to your readers in case they need any of you these types of services.

These resume writing services are becoming a crucial part of any affiliate strategy for any kind of business or job type blog.

And this is one of the biggest and the best resume writing services out there.  Pricing on a lot of these resume services are well into the hundreds of dollars and can really constitute a high-ticket affiliate I am.

You just have to look at the prices compared with the commission’s and you can see that the earning potential for these Affiliates is huge.

So it’s a good one to try and get into your affiliate rotation. The best is to see if it converts with your specific audience and go from there. Because it has some great affiliate terms.

 The commission is an outstanding 20% for this affiliate partner. As I mentioned before the price of this Services coupled with this 20% Commission is going to make for an outstanding affiliate marketing opportunity.

The tracking cookie is outstanding as well. They offer a full 45-day tracking cookie for their affiliate partners.

This will give you more than enough time to make the sale through your affiliate link and have your audience member make the purchase if a going to and you’ll still get a commission for it.

Why Promote Careers Booster

Why should you promote this affiliate partner? Well, there are a number of reasons. The products they offer outstanding their top-notch resume writing services.

The commission is outstanding it’s one of the best in the space. The tracking cookie is pretty good as well. There’s really nothing about this affiliate program that isn’t great.

This could easily be your primary and your only resume writing affiliate partner for your blog.  Give it a try and see how it converts for your specific audience.

Resume Writers Affiliate Program

resume writers screenshot

Resume Writers An outstanding resume service for you to promote on your business or jobs blog. They offer a variety of services.

These include resume writing and editing as you would expect. But they break down all their resumes into various categories and job titles.

So for example, you could get a resume specifically designed for an executive or design for a career change or design for a student just out of college looking for his first job.

This wide array of resume options makes us affiliate really easy to promote to a wide variety of your audience.

The prices of their products are in line with other services of the time. They range from around $170 all the way up to about $300. So these products can be considered high ticket items for the purposes of affiliate marketing.

To go along with these great High ticket prices you get a great High commission rate. Resume writers offer a very robust 20% Commission for all qualifying purchases through you are affiliate links.

Double-digit commissions with these high-priced products go to show just how popular and in-demand fees resume writing services.

The Cookie is a little bit disappointing. The tracking cookie for this affiliate is only 15 days. Ideally, you’d like to see it around 30 days that’s pretty much the standard. But it’s not the end of the world 15 days is still reasonable for a tracking cookie.

Resume Writers Wrap-Up

Wrapping up the Resume Writers Affiliate program, This is another decent option for your business entrepreneurship or jobs blog. The commission is great the cookie is decent and the products are well priced for an affiliate marketer.

The problem I have been having with this affiliate is that they have reversed a few referrals. Your mileage may vary with them.

Resumes Planet Affiliate Program

resumes planet screenshot

Resumes Planet offers a wide variety of products that you can promote to your readers. The other full resume writing, as well as touching up your existing resume to make it really pop for potential employers.

This partner also offers a number of other related products such as cover letter writing and cv writing and editing. The pricing is reasonable for this type of service.

It typically ranges from $90 dollars up to around $300 depending on the package. This will make for some great commissions when you promote this partner.

The commission for the Resumes Planet partner program is outstanding. They offer a full 25% for any sales made through your affiliate link. You cannot go wrong with a commission that high. Just don’t try and force it on your readers. If it doesn’t convert then the commission is pointless.

The cookie is very good as well from this vendor. They offer a 45-day tracking cookie to their affiliate partners. This is plenty of time to get credit for your promotional efforts.

Wrapping Up Resumes Planet

There is very little not to like about this partner program. The commission is outstanding and the tracking cookie is well above average.

Their products are top-notch. This is exactly the type of resume business that you can build an entire content campaign around. See if it converts for your audience and off you go.

Resume Corner Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: $30
  • Tracking Cookie: 365-days
resume corner screenshot

A great thing about Resume Corner is that, in addition to their wonderful resume writing services, they offer you a 30-day interview guarantee.  You can use this guarantee as part of your promotional material to really help sell this service.

 I have all the resume services that you would expect. resume writing, resume editing, Cover letters, and Linkedin profile creation and editing.

This is yet another solid option for any blog that needs a resume service as part of their affiliate marketing strategy.

Affiliate terms for Resume Corner are pretty decent. You get a flat fee $30 for all sales made through your affiliate links.

While ideally, we’d like to see a percentage like some of the other ones on this list. $30 is actually a very high flat-rate fee and one that’s really going to make it easy for you to promote this affiliate partner without worrying about missing out on the higher commissions.

The tracking cookie, however,  is truly remarkable. They offer a full 365-day tracking cookie for their affiliate partners.

That means that any time during the next year actually click on your link as long as they don’t clear their cookies you will get the credit for the sale and ultimately the commission.

Why Promote Resume Corner?

Promoting Resume Corner is a no-brainer really. As long as it converts with your specific audience then you should have no trouble making this part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

The big thing here is the conversion rate as with any of these other affiliate programs on the last year.

You need a good conversion rate to really make one of these affiliate programs better than the other. Run some tests find the one that suits you best and more portly suits your audience best.

Ultimate Resume Bootcamp Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 20%
  • Tracking Cookie: 30-days

This affiliate program is more about the entire job search,  As opposed to just resume writing. Ultimate Resume Boot Camp Is a series of apps and workbooks A complete system designed to get you hired into your next job.

The program’s range in price from around $20 all the way up to $200 for the entire system.

If you can get the highest priced program, the entire Suite, to convert for you then it’ll make for some nice income because the commission offered up by this affiliate partner is a robust 20% on all qualifying sales.

Double-digit commissions are great when you start hitting the 20% Mark you get into real special territory when it comes to affiliate marketing.

As best I could find the track and cookie was 30 days. However, I saw some conflicting information about it so be sure to ask when you sign up just to be sure what type of tracking cookie you’re going to get.

Final Thoughts On Ulitmate Resume Bootcamp

This is a job-hunting software suite. The commission is good, the tracking cookies good.  but, this is a product listed on ClickBank.

That can be tricky sometimes because some of the products that people list there are very very poor.

So do your due diligence and put in a lot of research into this specific product and make sure that it’s one that your readers are going to like and ultimately going to buy from you.

Great Resumes Fast Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 15%
  • Tracking Cookie: 180-days
greatreumesfast screenshot

Great Resumes Fast offers a wonderful selection of resume writing services for your readers to take advantage of.

They offer resumes in executive-level jobs, professional-level jobs,  C Level jobs, and just about everything else that you can think of when it comes to writing resumes.

They also have other services like LinkedIn profile writing services as well as cover letters and networking letters.

The commission for this affiliate partner is very good. They offer a 15% commission on all qualifying sales. It’s always great to see double-digit commissions for these high ticket affiliate programs.

The tracking cookie is absolutely fantastic.

They offer you a 180-day  tracking cooking. This gives you plenty of time to make you a sale through your affiliate link and still get the commissioned for it. A full 6-month cookie is one of the best in the entire niche.

Why Promote Great Resumes Fast?

This is another great option to use as your primary resume writing affiliate partner for your business blog.  

Ultimately it’s going to come down to how well they convert to your specific audience so did run some tests and pick the one that works best for you.

Resume Yard Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 15-30%
  • Tracking Cookie: Variable
resume yard screenshot

Resume Yards resume writing services start at $99 dollars. This gives you a good baseline for some great commissions, we’ll get to those in a minute.

For now, though, this partner has a great selection of top-notch products as well as an interview guarantee for people who purchase their service. A great little addon to promote to your audience.

The affiliate terms for this partner are a little up in the air. They offer a 15% commission to start with but you can get it up to 30% if you hit a variety of criteria.

The tracking cookie seems to be variable but I couldn’t get a solid number, so be sure to ask about it when you sign up for this partner program.

Why Promote Resume Yard?

Resume Yard is another top-notch option for your business blog. They have a competitive commission and the cookie should be ok once you get it nailed down.

Ultimately it will come down to conversions for your specific audience. Try them out and see how they work for you.

Job Stars USA Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 10%
  • Tracking Cookie: N/A
job stars screen shot

Job Stars USA goes above and beyond simply offering a resume writing service. Although they do I have a great resume writing service.

Some of these other services include Career coaching, interview prep, a personal website, and  Linkedin optimization.

This helps give this particular after the program a little bitter variation from some of the other ones on this list.

The personal website building is particularly interesting given that you really need one in this day and age to really set yourself apart from some of the other candidates out there. So it’s nice to see that offer from this affiliate partner.

The commission is a very nice 10%. As I always say, you can never go wrong with a double-digit commission.

While it might be a little bit lower than some of the other current programs on this list it will suffice just fine. And the conversion rate in this instance is probably much more important than just raw commission percentage.

 I was unable to find the cookie information for this partner program. So be sure to ask about it when you sign up for the program to make sure you’re getting an appropriate tracking cookie duration.

Final Thoughts On Job Stars USA

As to why you should promote this affiliate program. Well, the commission is good and the products are very nice.

The big draw for this particular partner is that they do offer some other potential products that could be very useful to someone looking to get a resume written or working on a resume on their own.

Run some tests see how it converts start raking in those big bucks from this great affiliate partner.

Resumonk Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: $6 Flat Fee
  • Tracking Cookie: 120-days
resumonk screenshot

Resumonk Offers a pretty good selection of various resume templates, CV templates, and other products related to creating your own. 

This affiliate program is a little bit different than the other ones on this list in that it’s not technically a writing service.

That might make it a little bit more difficult to promote but she can get some conversions out of and it’s a nice little bonus that you can run alongside the resume writing services.

The flat-fee commission of $6 dollars per sale could be a little bit more generous given the other options on this list. They do have a great cookie, however. They offer a full120-day tracking cookie for their affiliate partners.

Why Promote Resumonk?

This program is a little different. Since they offer templates and other items related to building a resume they could be promoted alongside some of the writing services.

The commission isn’t great but the cookie is. You’ll have to give this one a long look to see if it is worth it for your blog to promote.

The Write Resume Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 20%
  • Tracking Cookie: N/A
writers resume screenshot

The right resume is an overall program designed to get you hired. It’s a suite of various products from resume writing And cover letters for the investment banking profession.

But it’s much more than that. They offer a huge array of services that are included in their products.

These range from a 1-hour mock interview that you can pay for and really get a feel of what it’s going to be like in the interview room.

They also give you an option for career coaching and their largest plan gives you a year of resume Updates. This is the most expensive product or service on our list here today.

The cheapest plan is $995.  

Their biggest plan is about $4,500.

Given their huge commission, this is going to really bring in giant income if you can get it to convert for you. But making a $4,500 sale is not easy and it’s going to take some time and Trust to get it to convert with any audience

The Write Resume offers an outstanding 20% commission for their affiliate partners. This puts them in line with some of the other tops partner programs in the resume writing niche.

The tracking cookie information was unavailable at the time of publication so be sure to ask about it when you join this partner program.

Wrapping Up The Write Resume

Another fine resume writing affiliate program for you to consider for your business or resume writing blog.

The commission is outstanding and their products are very good and really worth your time to promote. The prices are definitely high-ticket and you will need to really have your readers ear to make sales with this partner.

There’s really nothing not to like about this particular partner program. the only thing that could be a problem is that it might not convert for your specific audience.

Run some tests and find out if it’s something that your audience is interested in. If it is and you have yourself a fine partner program and one that’ll earn you a good deal of money for a good long time.

Find My Profession Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 10%
  • Tracking Cookie: 30-days
screenshot of the find my profession affiliate webpage

Find My Profession is a new addition to our list of resume affiliate programs. They offer a wide range of employment realted services above and beyond just resume writing.

Here is a look at what you can expect to rpomote if you join their affiliate program.

  • Resume Writing
    • C-Level
    • IT
    • Entry Level Government
    • Executive
    • Professional
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Career Coaching
  • And More

You will always have something to promote from their diverse services and products. In addition, the website is clean and well laid out. You would be shocked at how a nice looking website can really improve conversions for an affiliate marketer and it is something you should always check when promoting any affiliate.

The affiliate terms are pretty good for this partner program. They offer a relatively standard 30-day tracking cookie. You always want to see a longer tracking cookie but 30-days should be sufficient to generate a good conversion rate.

And when you do get those conversions you will see some pretty good profits due to their 10% commission on qualifying sales. It all adds up to a good looking affiliate program and one that anyone in the business, employment or resume niches would want to consider for their affiliate portfolio.

Final Thoughts On These 10 Resume Affiliate Programs

It might not be overwhelmingly obvious that resume writing would make for a good blog or part of a larger job and business blog. But just look at the partner programs. The commissions are great and the cookies are fantastic for a good many of them.

When someone is willing to pay you 10, 20, 25% for sending business their way you know business is booming. Great affiliate programs are one more way to validate a great blogging niche.

So find a way to fit them into your blogging strategy and build a content campaign around the outstanding affiliates. I think you will be very glad you did.

If you still need some direction or training to help you build your blog then check out my head to head review of two great training programs for building a profitable online business. See if either one meets your needs and take action. Good Luck.

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

Thanks for visiting and as always have a wonderful day.