Scale Your Profits With These 4 Reptile Affiliate Programs

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There are niches and then there are micro-niches. Some tiny little corners of large industries like the pet industry are the ideal places to start your own online business.

In this case, we are going to look at general reptile blogs and smaller species-specific blogs. A Ball Python blog would be a good example of a micro-niche reptile blog.

Since we are targeted a smaller subset of the pets niche there are only going to be a few reptile specific partner programs. I added in a couple of general pet affiliates to help round out the list a little bit.

One thing to note. I found a few more reptile affiliate programs in my research but I didn’t feel comfortable putting them on the list.

Normally I present them and let the readers decide if they are going to be of any use but the ones I left off didn’t have enough information about their affiliate program for me to add them to the list.

So we are left with only 4 reptile affiliate programs but you can use general pet affiliate to fill in the gaps. Hopefully, you find this useful, if a bit short.

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Check Out These Reptile Affiliates

CB Reptiles Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 10%
  • Tracking Cookie: 45-days
CB Reptiles screenshot

CB Reptiles has a wide array of reptiles for your readers to consider if they are looking to purchase one as a pet. The stock turtles, snakes geckos, Iguanas and many other species of reptiles.

In addition, they have a nice selection of supplies specifically for reptiles. This is one of the benefits of using a primarily reptile product vendor for your affiliates.

They will have more specific products than a general pet retailer. Although those are very useful as well.

The Commission and The Cookie

The commission is very nice at 10% for this affiliate. Given the high prices of some of the reptiles on sale here, this commission is going to generate a good amount of income for your reptile niche blog.

The cookie is also outstanding at 45-days. This is above average for a tracking cookie, especially for a retail vendor.

Closing Out CB Reptiles

This is a good reptile affiliate partner with a wide variety of reptiles for just about anyone interested in them. You could make this your primary affiliate, given their good commission and above-average cookie.

You will have to promote them heavily since people won’t be as comfortable with this online store as they would be with Amazon for example.

Herper Pro Affiliate Program

  • Sales Commission: 10%
  • Tracking Cookie: 15-days
herper pro screenshot

*Update This Program Appears To Be Abandonware at this point* I removed the link to the affiliate page but will leave the article up in case something changes.

This is a very interesting affiliate program. The product that Herp[er Pro sells is a reptile husbandry suite.

This software suite tracks a variety of things for your reptiles. These include feeding, breeding and shedding cycles.

The product is available for both PC and Mac and they have a mobile app so you can keep track of your reptiles on the go.

There are also management tools for selling your reptiles and modules for popular species like ball pythons and leopard geckos.

The Herper Pro Commissions

The commission is decent at 10%. However, you would like to see it a little bit higher since this is a software product. But double digits are never a bad thing.

The tracking cookie is a little low at 15-days. Again this is not a huge problem since the product only costs around $40 as is not a high-ticket item.

Why Promote Herper Pro

Promoting this partner on your reptile blog is a no brainer really. It is separate from all the other affiliates in the products it offers so there is no overlap between affiliates.

You can create a nice little content campaign around this affiliate with reviews of the product and informational posts detailer how husbandry works for each species and what morphs are popular for them as well.

PetCo Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 4%
  • Tracking Cookie: 7-days

PetCo is a household name for the pet industry. It is one of the largest warehouse pet stores in the United States. They carry a good amount of reptile related products.

You need to have at least one of the general partners as part of your affiliate strategy. They will fill in any gaps left by your more specific reptile partners. Amazon Associates also fits the bill and the commissions are about the same.

Speaking of the commissions.

The Commissions For PetCo

The commission is only 4%. It is not great but it is to be expected by such a large pet retailer. You will only want to promote products from this affiliate when you cannot find them through your reptile specific partner program.

The tracking cookie is 7-days which is low as well. however, this is a much better tracking cookie duration than Amazon, which would be another option for this type of partner program.

The Wrap-Up For PetCo

Average but necessary is how I would describe the PetCo Affiliate Program. The commission is low and the cookie is not that long either.

However, they are a necessary partner to have in your affiliate arsenal and one that should not be overlooked.

You must have a general pet partner to catch any potential customer. 4% is still better than nothing when you make a sale through them. Affiliate Program

  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Sales Commission: 8%
  • Tracking Cookie: 60-days
TCSpets screenshot

TSCPetscom is a general pet partner program. They do carry a good amount of reptile supplies including bedding, food, heaters, and lamps. Everything you need to make your terrarium feel like home sweet home for your reptile.

The added bonus of this being a more general pet store is that you will get credit for anything your readers buy through your affiliate links and not just reptile related goods.

This affiliate partner is part of the ShareASale affiliate network so you will need to sign up for it before you can apply to this partner program.

The Affiliate Terms For TSCPets has a very generous commission structure for their affiliate partners. The commission is a stellar 8% on all qualifying sales. It is one of the better commissions for reptile based blogs.

The tracking cookie is outstanding as well. They offer a full 60-days for you to get credit for making a sale through your affiliate links

Why Promote

While they have a smallish selection of reptile-related items and products, they have enough for you to use some of their product selection in your promotional material. The commission is great and the cookie is fantastic.

There is really nothing no tot like about this partner program other than the limited items for reptiles.

Final Thoughts On These Reptile Affiliate Programs

That brings us to the end of this shortlist of reptile friendly affiliate partners that you can deploy for your reptile blog.

You are going to want to pick up a general pet partner program because there are just not enough reptile specific affiliates to really meet your needs.

Amazon will work ok for this but be prepared to deal with their low commissions and poor tracking cookie duration.

Don’t let the lack of reptile affiliate programs deter you from building your reptile blog. There is real money to be made in this sector and the competition is manageable.

Whether you are writing about Ball pythons or iguanas there is a place for you to build your own online business in the reptile niche.

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

Until Next Time, thanks for visiting and as always have a wonderful day.